Youtube Gold

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, October 1, 2009 0 comments

Hi everyone. I love comedy. I love watching funny and inspirational YouTube videos. It is my guilty pleasure. I need laughter to bring me out of the bad times and make me smile and feel that I have a purpose in life. Laughter is the best medicine. Like music, comedy is universal and so, today I want to show you some YouTube videos that I thought were raunchy, hilarious, and bluntly honest about popular culture, politics, social interactions, and anything that tries to define us as individuals in this paradoxical world. I think no matter where we all come from, we all need to smile and forgot our troubles and hardships for just one minute. Here we go!

Kevin's 2009 VMA Review:
If you are not a subscriber of The Skorpion Show on Youtube or not into Youtube for that matter, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Skorpion (aka Kevin) is hilarious in this video as he puts into perspective  the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift and Janet/Beyonce/Lady Gaga controversies at this year's VMA Awards in NYC. Did I say he was a little tipsy?!

MadTV Teased Us Apple Style:
Now, back in the day I was a pretty big Mad TV fan and now that the show is cancelled (tear), I want to show you guys what made Mad TV 100% better than SNL. In this skit, Michael McDonalds mocks Apple CEO's Steve Jobs, the Apple brand, and the former Bush administration in less than 5 minutes!! Now, that is comedy gold in my opinion.                                  

Katt Williams Does It Again!
The first several minutes of Katt Williams's 2008 comedy performance brought tears to my eyes when I saw it last year. And you will laugh your butt off. I guarantee that! Sometimes our hustles have to be poke fun at in order to help us get through the day.