I'm a Female Gamer!

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, October 11, 2009 6 comments

There, I said it. I am a female gamer and I am proud of it. I am a female geek who plays video games. No, I did not become a gamer after the Nintendo Wii came out in the American market a couple of years ago. I've been playing computer interactive games before the Windows 95 operating system. I used to play Doom on my mega nerdy uncle 's PC computer back in the day.

By age 8, I was playing Super Mario Brothers 3 and Mortal Kombat during my spare time. Even my mother played alongside me. Isn't that awesome? Yeah, those were the times. My favorite video game of all time hands down is Dynasty Warriors 3 by Konami. It has an great storyline and I love kicking massive butt in it. The computer graphics are pretty good, but at long as I can kill armies of soldiers and military officials (^.^), I am fine.

Nowadays, I don't play as often as I used to when I was younger unless you consider World of Warcraft a game at all. WOW is life for many addicted players. Trust me, I know some. At times, I thought it was but overall it's not. It consumes your life once you are addicted to it, but it is not life to me. It combines technology, communication, epic pwnage, noobs, and guild drama into one whole package. I started playing January 2008 after watching the legendary Leeroy Jenkins video in a "History of Video Games" class my junior year at Smith College. I played the 10-day trial version and I was hooked ever since.

Two years later, I have invested my time in two avatars, a level 80 duel specced rogue and warlock, hundreds of quest lines, and hundreds of hours in fun dungeons. You don't want to know how many times I have gotten myself into REALLY bad pugged raids. It is a shame. WOW may seem worthless to the non-WOW user, but for people who are into technology and connecting with hundreds of peoples across the world to level your players, the ganking of other players in player vs players territories, and obtaining the best pve and pvp gear around, it may be worth it. But be aware of the addiction. I had to check myself a couple of times because I was getting so consumed into the game. So, don't let it take over your soul.

Now, I have stopped playing to do more productive things during my leisure time. Once in a while, I might pop out of nowhere to reconnect with friends and former guild members I have met since joining the WOW phenomenon two years ago.  But more importantly, I have far better things to do with my life like pursuing my career and leaving the "nest" (God parents these days) on my own. :D


Krista Riihimaki said...

Yes I agree WOW eats your soul - what is up with that?? I lost my brother to it many years ago have you seen him lol

LadyGaga said...

XD. He is somewhere in cyberspace. lol.

WOW is just WOW. it eats your soul and does not leave any prisoners. It's like trying to leave an bipolar, codependent BF. =/

Krista Riihimaki said...

Um. Wow. lol WOW the reference to the bipolar codependent BF may be completely relevant to my life right now hahahahaha u are awesome.. PS Maya made fun of us for having blogs lol

LadyGaga said...

Omg, hey Krista! You were like Maya, and I was like not Maya, Maya :P. Wow how are you doing these days? Where did she make fun of us. On Facebook? Maya and Rachel could have like the best blog in existence if they wanted too lmao.

Krista Riihimaki said...

YES THEY WOULD omg I am going to encourage it - you can do group blogs right ?? They would secretly love it... Yeah I just started this today hehe 1st try lets see what evolves from it. Yeah she didnt really make fun of us just "noticed" that we both have blogs. I was like PFFFF yeah and thats not all we have and u don't!! Haha I donno what I meant but whatevs good to hear from you I hope ur gig at GOOGLE pulls through the west side of the country is such a trip!!!

LadyGaga said...

thank you. same here!! :D