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Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, October 6, 2009 3 comments

Imagine yourself in the year 2009. Wait, it's 2009. Ok, Ok, change of scenery. Imagine yourself in the best Parisian outfits in the year 2009. Well, I can. I have a passion for daydreaming because sometimes I do not want to feel bored or lost in a world of this magnitude. Earlier, I've shown you just a screen shot of the New York and London designer clothes that I would rock on the runway if I had the money, the confidence, and the time of day.

Now, imagine that I am a Parisian aristocratic princess who sat front row at Karl Legerfeld's show next to RiRi and Katy Perry. I demand attention!  In this dream world, I am that it girl and with the spectacular and eloquent taste in fashion. Yet growing up from humble beginnings, I offer my spring style to the masses. I love splashes of deep, vibrant colors with the classic black demeanor. In this dream world of mine, I made an appearance at every Parisian fashion show because I am awesome. After hours of close examination, I blog about my favorite designers duds to the blogosphere. You want to know what and who I will wear at every Hollywood and European function this spring? Here is a sneak peek to what I will wear. Come and get it.

Sonia Rykiel 
Back to reality. Personally, I have some fashion experience. I worked at StyleCaster last year and I follow up on fashion trends quite often. But there are so many fashion blogs, websites, models, designers, and shows every season, it can be a little overwhelming for someone who is new to the game. Anyway, this year I have been eying this spring season and I knew the French would not let me down.

Sonia Rykiel. You see, I am a picky person. I have looked at countless runway shows online and I see the same thing; bland colors, lots of black and gray tones, lack of originality. Fashion is suppose to be original and phenomenal. I know this is a recession, but I do not want to look like a walking one. Fashion can be serious,but it has to be fashion-forward and effortless at the same time. The House of Sonia Rykiel channeled that energy perfectly. Even the models smiled. You don't get that in most fashion shows nowadays. It's always the demure, "strike a pose", emo look.  I like that the models were enjoying themselves. It's French chic like you see  it all the time in fashion magazines and in movies. LiLo, if you are out there, learn a thing or two from my alter ego, LadyGaga. Go back to your acting career. Oh wait, you don't have one. Go somewhere.

Jean Paul Gaultier 
I will finish with French designer Jean Paul Gaultier's collection. I was quite surprised that this collection had an American urban feeling to it. Does anyone know if he is known to portray that sense of style within the fashion hierarchy or was the lead designer just experimenting with different patterns and ideas? Anyway, I like that he placed emphasis on color, street smarts, and layers and that there were many black models. So, these are the clothes I will wear along with a few adjustments here and there. What you receive is what you get. Salut.


Rianna Bethany said...

I love how the models smile at Sonia Rykiels show, they look like they have the most fun at her shows!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista Riihimaki said...

DOOD What tha fuk is with Lilo's clothes anyways

LadyGaga said...

Lilo is still on drugs....