Murder at The Million Dollar Halloween Party, Part II

Posted by Lady Mel On Friday, October 30, 2009 0 comments

 Is this the end of LadyMel's Hollywood career? Why did this had to happen on her most anticipated night of the year? Some force of nature was brewing underneath the surface and she was willing to get to the bottom of things.We may be a NY socialite and TV personality, but she has a Yale law degree.

 It has been 10 minutes since the ending of the first installment of this story and Lady Mel, along with her celebrity guests, stand by the side of the road as several police vehicles, a black SUV, and several ambulances parked in front of the rented Miami mansion. Exiting the black, unmarked SUV were no other than Horatio Caine and his partner Cailleigh Duqueque, supervisors of Miami's most badass and highly-assembled forensic team in the known galaxy. Horatio Caine walks up to LadyMel with his cool demeanor and signature dark shades.

Horatio: (In his badass voice). LadyMel, I want you to come over here. (Calleigh walks over to Horatio). My colleague Ms.Duqueque (Calleigh grins at LadyMel) will present her findings, while I will ask you a couple of questions.

LadyMel: Of course. (Horatio leads LadyMel to one of the ambulances with the bodies of Richard Heenes and Jon Gosselin inside).

Horatio: (Takes shades off, looks directly at LadyMel). Miss, I would like your complete guest list and full access to the cameras inside this mansion. I will tell the public that every guest will be fully interrogated in several rounds of questioning including you and your security team. We will get to the bottom of this and I will assure you that your guests will not leave this country until a thorough investigation has been executed. Since, you are the prime suspect in this case, you will be one of the first person that I will interview. Do you understand?

LadyMel: (smirks). Yes, I do. But, I will have my lawyer flown here before you can say "I'm innocent".

Horatio: (stern voice). You better make sure of that.

Calleigh: (Opens up body bags, small pause). I examined Mr. Heenes's body first. It seemed that there was no sign of resistance or struggle. Someone from behind stabbed him with two butler knives repeatedly in the back. I saw large, deep cuts near the pelvis area, the lower and upper back area, and near the neckline. (points to Gosselin). Mr. Gosselin seemed like someone pushed him into the pool and forced his head into the water with extreme force until he ran out of oxygen. From the looks of it, Mr. West was pushed from the balcony to his death. There was a lot of internal bleeding and when he hit the cement floor, his skull was crushed into a thousand pieces.

Now, these are just preliminary examinations. Within the next month, we will reexamine the bodies and the murder scene and talk with witnesses and close associates of the suspects until we have substantial forensic evidence to convict someone or a group of people with three accounts of first-degree murder.

Horatio: LadyMel, when are you avaliable to talk with me and my team?

Lady Mel: I will be at your office by one o'clock.

Horatio: Alright then. Judging from these three men and their common douche bag reputations (puts his signature black shades on), I guess karma is a bitch. (Walks away from the left side, the Who's Won't Be Fooled Again (CSI: Miami theme song) plays in the background).

To Be Continued................