Dear Mr. President

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, October 10, 2009 0 comments

I voted my first time in the 2008 November presidential elections. I voted for you and I could never be happier. But, when I found out that you won the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday afternoon, I was a bit puzzled. You have done a tremendous job on changing America's global image overseas, but now is the time to act on your principles and promises from your presidential campaign. Be more aggressive on passing health care, gay rights, and Iraq/Afghanistan measures. No more gregarious talk. We need action.

I salute you for your diplomacy and maturity as a president. I have not seen that in years, but now is the time for change. You promised change. I want it. So, with your prestigious prize and your big speech to the Human Rights Campaign tonight in Washington, D.C, please promise the changes that this country needs to survive in this recession. For all Americans; Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Independents, Communists, Libertarians, Socialists, non-believers, pessimists, optimists, rich, poor, alike. I believe in you.

Lady Mel