Hollywood's New Fake Couple

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, October 4, 2009 0 comments

I was quite busy with personal matters yesterday, so I did not get the chance to write any posts. So lets get back with the program! I have "the ugly truth" on the most recent celebrity gossip around. You know the things you wished did not come from David Letterman's big mouth. Let's start with the show:

When I first heard the news about two weeks ago, I was speechless. Remind you, I still am. Khloe and her Lakers hubby Lamar Odom were only dating for a month before somehow Lamar popped the question. I, like with many entertainment journalists and enthusiasts believed that Khloe was jealous that Kourthey was getting all this not much needed attention for his sudden pregnancy that Khloe had to top that off with a million- dollar wedding. Trust me, I have seen enough Khloe and Kourthey, Take Miami and Meet the Kardashians episodes to realize that these three sisters are competitive with one another.

Plus, judging by the body language in the pre-marriage photos between Lamar and Khloe, it does not seem like Lamar or Khloe was ready to get marry. This is just a publicity stunt because at the end Khloe received millions of dollars from tabloids like Life and Style Magazine that took pictures of her wedding day. Now Kim is back with Reggie Bush. Why do I feel Kim will outshine her sisters with a double shotgun wedding and a pregnancy announcement soon? Kim, you are a shrewd business woman.