Real IPhone Costumes and Updates

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, October 29, 2009 0 comments

Hi, everyone. I am taking a mini break from writing today. I hope you guys enjoyed my intense Halloween drama. I am in the works of planning the last (several as 10/30/09) installment right now. It will be posted by tomorrow afternoon. Please comment on yesterday's blog post and tell what you think so far. For those who do not know, my alter ego is LadyMel and I channel her energy in my blog. I also have some nice, unpredictable things in store for the ending. Or is there an ending to this horror story? Muahahahaha.

In the meanwhile, watch this cool video below. I was snooping on last night and I came across it. These two guys are wearing fabulous IPhone costumes that they actually built. They look very creative and usable like real IPhones in the market. I wonder if I can press their buttons. ^.^  I am such a flirt.