Houston, We Have A Problem

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 1 comments

To The American People:

I hate media hoards. I hate average people who are willing to do anything, I mean anything to become famous for 15 minutes. I've talked about the Kardashians. I've talked about the Gosselins. Now, I will talk about the Balloon Boy Hoax only for the remainder of this post. I hope the Hellen family is charged with a felony or two because you guys wasted thousands of our tax-payer money to look for a child that was not even lost. He was inside a box at his house for 5 hours before he was found. The Denver police could have used that money to find a real kidnapped child in need. They should be ashamed of themselves. How could the parents want their 15 minutes of fame when they already wasted it on being on the reality-TV show Wife Swap?

I also hate CNN and all the other cable networks that continue to sensationalize this story like they were reporting on the September 11th terrorist attacks all over again. This publicity stunt and 9/11 should not be on the same level. I would rather jog around my neighborhood 100 times than than watch these people act like media gold diggers. There I said it. And this is the last time I will talk about them. I advise the media to quit with this story so you can stop giving this family media attention and publicity. They are aliens. Don't give your time of day to beings that are not even from this god-freaking planet. To the American people, continue to challenge your government on the real issues that matter to this country.



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