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Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, October 8, 2009 0 comments

I have some exciting news! I have a laundry list of things I have on my mind that I want to share to the rest of the world, especially my loyal followers. Let's find out:

  • Early April, I applied to Google's Associate Product Manager position. I did not the position.  Hundreds, maybe thousands of computer science majors applied to the job and I do not have that major, I did not get that job. However, I think I have my calling. I went on the website yesterday and discovered Google's 2010 Start Program. Interviews start next month and rolling applications are accepted throughout the end of the year. 
  • I am very excited because the three positions Google is trying to fill: Associates, Associate Manager, and Analysts are positions that I am eligible to apply to because they do not necessarily require engineering or computer science backgrounds! Woot! I was so excited that I spent ALL day yesterday working on the cover letter and researching the company again. I am applying to the Associate Manager position this time and I am more confident and determined than ever! *Flexes muscles* I have completed third drafts already and I will have a professional look at the cover letter before I sent it out. Hopefully, it should be done before Tuesday of next week. To all the Google recruiters out there, bring it on!

Secondly, I have a confession to make. I am in Love with British designer John Galliano. His 2010 spring collection was the most brilliant line that I have seen this season. His brings originality, theater, dreaminess, drama, and passion to his clothes. Even his models are  under his spell. I think he is caught in the Marie Antoinette era, but that is a good thing. His brand tell rich stories other fashion labels can only dream of. He is a magical storyteller who understands that fashion must be playful and fun.

 Although, I think TV host and former prescetor Nancy Grace is a bit loco at times, she was right on the money about the Jon vs Kate Gosselin media frenzy war. Last week, Jon Gosselin took out $200,000 from the family's bank account after sources confirmed that he was not coming back on the hit TRL show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. He now demands that TRL producers to not film his children anymore. But Jon Gosselin, just because you are not making money anymore and your ego is crushed, you cannot just change your mind about the whole "15 minutes of fame" ordeal and try to prevent the media from filming your children's daily lives. If you did not want your kids to be exposed to the media in the first place, you should have not signed that TRL contract! Your ex-wife Kate is stupider for deciding to continue with the show. Personally, I think she just wants the $$$. She does not really care about the welfare of her children. Oh, and you and your ex-wife's "15 minutes of fame" are up. I want my tax payer $$ back.