Picture of the Week: A Stephanie Grace Haiku

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I'm "black" and smarter
Than You WILL EVER BE. Good
luck after Harvard. 

It's My Party and I Can Party if I Want To

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Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and Girls. I have an announcement to make. I have an interview....with... *drum roll please*......Apple Retail!!!! Tuesday night, I was checking my Gmail account and I came across this email like it was a Willy Wonka bar. I could not believe my eyes. I will be attending an Apple hiring event at Times Squares next Tuesday afternoon for a possible chance at a retail position at one of Apple's Manhattan stores! Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Until then, I will be preparing non-stop, researching more online and connecting with Apple representatives and insiders about their experiences. I am proud of myself because I am finally getting some recognition by the higher powers that be (Sorry Buffy & Angel). I hope to help others and learn what Apple Inc. is all about. If not, it will be a learning experience to remember. The biggest challenge is how I will balance this out with my recent Buzzfeed interview, but when the times comes, I will weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. That is a part of growing up, right?

By late tomorrow or Saturday, I will post next month's blogging schedule and for the rest of this week and next week, I will be busy so bear with me. Other than this, I am going to do my little dance in my chair *wiggles* and be the busy bumblebee that I am. Woot!

P.S- Post your best wishes and high praises in the comment box below.

Everyone has been blogging about the iPhone 4GS prototype investigation for over a week now. R.E.A.C.T's possession of Gizmodo's editor Jason Chen's Internet property adds another dimension to the case. I do not need to summarize the whole situation for you. The above links has all the background information you need to form your own opinions. I am here to provide you, the blogger, with some meaningful advice that you can take away from this dispute. I am the neutral party and Devil's Advocate in this post. I do not favor Gizmodo's or Apple's actions over the other.

1. Be prepared and responsible for your own actions. When bloggers generate ideas and research blog topics for their blog posts, bloggers must give acknowledgement to the blogger, organization, or entity they took those ideas from if the content is not originally theirs. All bloggers must take responsibility for any possible backlashes or consequences when information is posted on their blogs.

Jason Chen took a risk when he posted his observations of the lost iPhone 4GS prototype on Gizmodo.com. Whether or not he knew that his findings would get him into legal trouble, Mr. Chen should have known that Apple Inc. will not act quietly to retrieve back its merchandise because it does not play when it comes to safeguarding its secrets and products. All bloggers must be accountable for every aspect of their personal brands, including the validity and potential value of your content. The First Amendment has its limitations you know.

2. The product is only one part of the brand. So what if someone leaked the next generation iPhone? If Apple was not as notoriously secretive as it is, Apple could have used this dispute as an excellent PR move to connect with its fanbase. Whether you detest Apple or not, Apple has created some amazing, trend-setting products. Apple generates Internet buzz whenever it launches a new product or updated version of its products. However, it seems that Apple does not even incorporate the customer in the product-marketing process.

For a multi-billion dollar company that strongly emphasizes on individuality and innovation, it seems one-minded when it comes to you, the consumer. Does Apple allow public relations representatives or engineers to tweet or use other social media outlets to engage current and future Apple customers about their projects or the company's status on these projects like Intel and Google? No. Apple frankly does not even have an official Facebook page.

If Apple desires bloggers and new media publications to discuss its products, it should embrace social media to communicate with its costumers and strengthen its cultural leverage and reputation. When Apple found out that Gizmodo possessed the missing iPhone, Apple's spokesperson could have made a public statement similar to this: "Yes, this is the prototype. We at Apple are at the initial stages of the new iPhone. We will deal with Gawker Media privately, but we encourage our supporters to add their output and suggestions about improving this device. We would be more than willing to reach out to them via [email, mail, social media, phone,etc.] Thank you for your time." Done.

Steve Jobs, if you are out there, have your supporters be a part of the beta-testing process and your social media campaign (if you decide to form one). When it comes to social media and social marketing, it should be a two-way street for the organization (or business) and its followers. I do not know what will happen next in this ordeal, but I will say is that bloggers should be more careful when things gets political.

What are your views about this ordeal? What should bloggers and the new media community do next? What should happen to Jason Chen or Gizmodo legally?

From Academia to the Workplace, From Blogger to WordPress

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Times are changing. I'm growing up. It's been 11 months since I graduated from college. I have moved mountains, spent my days blogging, and enjoyed the last bit of freedom I had before I start to take the real world by storm. Now it is time to be a grown-up. Starting this Friday, I will start my volunteer work at UMDNJ's Marketing Department. This Saturday, I am heading to the Meadowlands with a good friend to attend the 2010 Bamboozle Music Festival. Within two weeks, I will know whether I will intern at BuzzFeed in June or not.

Do you know what that means? Less time blogging, more time working, networking, and building my skills outside this damn house FINALLY! Am I nervous? Of course. Will I become the best intern I can be? Of course. I will try my best to fit the most appropriate blogging schedule before I start working.

By this week, I will decide whether or not to transfer this blog to the WordPress platform, after consulting with others on Twitter about it last night. I thought about leaving Blogger, but the new template designer caught my eye and dissolved all previous thoughts about joining WordPress. Now I want to expand my community with other bloggers online. Blogger is not giving me that community leverage and commitment I need and its new FTP changes). I love Google, but I need a change.

I have two important questions to ask you:

1. What advice would you give someone who is reentering the workforce/corporate America after being unemployed for several months?

2. Now that I know that importing my blog to WordPress is a good strategic move to expand my personal brand, if I do leave Blogger, will you follow me onto my new platform? Do you think I am making the right decision?

Picture of the Week

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They Call Me Hit-Girl. What do You Cunts Want?

My Kick-Ass WoW Cataclysm Proposal

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Last October, I confessed that I am a female WOW player. Today, I come as a WOW fan, video gamer, and Blizzard Entertainment customer. You don't have to play World of Warcraft to know about the culture, you only need to know someone who lives inside the game. I have not played since February 4th, but that has not stopped me from writing about the game's third and possible final expansion installment, Cataclysm.

Cataclysm is coming soon everyone. Blizzard will probably launch it in late summer/early fall of this year. The volcanic ash incident in Iceland alone is a sure testament of modern-day Azeroth's willingness to change into the drastically, unrecognizable world depicted in Cataclysm. For the last three weeks, I have been analyzing the new Cataclysm preview class changes with exhilaration and worry. I love video games that challenge the mind and transcends the imagination, similarly to what Hollywood mega blockbusters are suppose to do when you enter the movie theaters.

But with the new influx of new WOW players and the stupidly easiness in leveling toons and professions in the game, I have created this proposal to help Blizzard developers out there through the process of this expansion pack in order to regain the trust and satisfaction of its customers and innovate and improve beyond the first two expansion packs: Burning Crusade and the Wrath of the Lich KingDeclaimer: If you are not a WOW fan and is reading this, try to catch up!

1. Make sure Tree of Life is efficient in PVE and PVP. In WOW, you can play characters from ten different classes. One of the classes that you can play is a druid. I have a level 72 druid. In the preview, Tree of Life is a passive ability, meaning that if you were to spec in the restoration druid talent spec, you can play as a tree. Now Blizzard wants to make the ability into a cool-down based talent. If this happens, please have TOL last between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, longer than the deep demonology warlock's Metamorphosis talent. Also, I encourage Blizzard to provide resto druids with some, if not all of the Tree of Life buffs when not in form. If not, resto druids will be more susceptible to polymorph effects (mages) and stuns in pvp and arena.

2. Give warlock players a reason to PVP again. I have a level 80 warlock main and I cannot tell you how many times I was defeated in arena and battlegrounds by rogues, paladins, and pretty much every other class other than a priest. We are know that warlocks are still at the bottom of the PVP (Player vs. Player) totem pole. Even if a warlock has a 1,000+ resilience rating and knows his/her class, he/she will still have problems with most classes fifty percent of the time. The lock's closest relative, the mage, makes a more formidable than the warlock because of its various defensive and offensive spells (ice shield, crowd control, etc.). I am excited about the new changes for the warlock class, but they are more geared towards PvE and raiding. Grant warlocks more useful pvp survivability abilities!

3. Give rogues a reason to kill. I also have a level 80 rogue. Rogues are probably one of the only classes to be gear and Cool-down dependent. Their skill comes from the mastering of its several defensive and offensive cool-down based abilities such as cheap shot and gouge. When all the CDs are down, they are useless and swishy. Rogues are fortunate to receive the Smoke Bomb ability, but what happens when a rogue activates it and cannot use its spells because the cool-downs are up? Is 10 seconds enough? Also, fix Vanish and Cloak of Shadows. I did not played WOW during the Vanilla days (2004-2006), but I will tell you is that if you are suppose to vanish within the naked eye, you are suppose to not be seen.

4. Nerf the paladin class. This statement is very self-explanatory. Blizzard made this hybrid class almost unbeatable in every form of combat sequence in the WOTLK expansion pack. When beta testing PTR realms are opened to the public soon, I hope Blizzard keeps in mind that the balance of all classes should be the most important goal in the game. Otherwise, there will be another influx of paladins or your customers will lose interest in the game and quit.

5. Make sure the new level 85 dungeons and other content are challenging. Blizzard has more than 10 million customers worldwide and counting. Your customers should work for the $15 monthly subscription. Do not make leveling their toons to level 85 like a walk in the park. Currently, a new player can easily level to 80 in less than a month and farm level 80 heroic dungeons for level 200-232 gear in less than a week. If you want to keep your customers, make sure the heroic and raiding dungeons are harder to play as a group. As a result, it will allow players to actually think about the content, the group dynamics, and their avatar abilities more intimately than easily defeating bosses and mobs.

6. Finally, Skill is more important than gear. Bring back Vanilla. When a recruiter or internship coordinator analyzes job applications, he/she is looking for potential candidates with some level of experience and personality. When I play WOW, I intend to play with skill. I may not have the best available gear, but I as least have the dps (damage per second) or heals or tanking abilities to defeat any foe in my way. You can always get gear, but skill takes practice. Unfortunately, most WOW players only care more about the shiny new level 277 gear you got from Heroic Icecrown Citadel 25-man than the level of skill it takes to master your particular class(es).

This is the reason why I do not like the current gear score system or Blizzard's call to eliminate the gear score system: The Equipment Potency Equivalence Number System. Either way, guilds and groups will still  use gear ratings to discriminate against others that have below-average or decent gear. Blizzard wants WOW players to manage their toons' mana and energy more efficiently than ever before in Cataclysm with the new stat changes, but how does that filter into the current gear vs. skill politics? With skill comes great responsibility. To become a great player with the best gear and skill is rare, but should be one of the most ultimate goals of any WOW end-game player.

Other than this, I look forward to the new expansion pack and more hours of epic leetness!

Do you play WOW or know someone who plays it? If so, what do you think Blizzard has in store for us in Cataclysm? What do you agree or disagree about my proposal?  If not, what did you not understand about this blog post? I can clarify some points via comments below.

Dial 911, The Final Season of 'The Boondocks' is Here!

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Before I talk about my main topic, I would like to promote a good online friend of mine, Ron Calonje. He helped me promote my Alice in Twitterland article for the 2010 Talent Buzz Contest and I want to turn the favor by promoting his two Oakland rock bands, Dial 911 and Shinoco. If you are into indie rock and alternative rock music, these are bands for you. Sign up on those websites, listen to the songs, and help spread the word!

Anyway, let's get back to the program.

I am very excited for two particular TV shows this summer. The first one that I will discuss first is Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks. Many people do not like the show because of its excessive use of the n-word, violence, and its stereotypical portrayal of African-American urban culture. But if you were smart enough, you can pass the superficial imagery and get the real messages McGruder tries to convey in his show such as race, racism, and political/social satire. I personally take some meaningful philosophies from the cartoon, although I sometimes do not agree with him. Everyone has their own opinion about race, including myself.

On one hand, May 2th starts the end of the controversial cartoon series. On the other hand, I am particularly enthusiastic for this season because the last season aired before the 2008 U.S presidential elections, so I want to see how McGruder fits President Obama's controversial win into the discourse. Uncle Ruckus, the self-hating "black" male character on the TV series hates "black people" period, so it would be amazing to hear what he has to say about electing our first "black" president.

I also want to learn what McGruder thinks of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, the health care and financial reform debates, Wall Street's involvement with the economic recession, the GOP, and the Tea Party movement. I know he will address and attack some of these issues creatively and constructively. So, if you love political engagement, amazing martial-arts fights, Japanese anime, and leetness, watch the final season starting May 2, 2010 at 11:30pm on Cartoon Network. The trailer itself is so mind-bottling that McGruder will leave TV programming with a bang!

Tech Diva: The First 5 Things I Would Do With an iPad

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As you may not know, you have to shell out a load of cash to get an iPad or any of Apple's amazing products. I also know that us poor folks can only dream of getting our hands on one....maybe two to three years down the road... but as least we get one, right?! Now, if an iPad magically arrived at my doorstep this morning, here are the five things I would instantly do on my iPad:

1. Play World of Warcraft. I would intently use the iPad's touch-screen keyboard to miraculously keybind all my toons's spells and special attacks, so I can finally raid Icecrown Citadel and kill the Lich King. I do not care if it is not humanly possible yet, I want a freaking iPad!

2. Watch my favorite shows and movies during my spare time. What is more relaxing than to watch the Legend of the Seekers or Glee with the touch of my index finger? The pixels of each screenshot emits so much holy light, that I would feel like I was witnessing IMAX resolution without playing the extra $20.00.

3. Create posts and articles for my blog and connect with friends on social media. I would tell my blog followers that I blogged my new posts using the iPad, then continue to brag that I was chosen to be given a gift from the Greek gods of Mount Olympics. Bragging rights is equivalent to street credibility in the tech world. To be the cool cat with an iPad among millions of Twitterers will only get you so far. That is why you must bring along your iPad everywhere you go to draw out every hobo, hipster, and other non-existent person from hiding out in the darkness.

4. View my favorite magazines in HTML5 Format. Since, the iPad does not support Flash (I still am confused with the whole Adobe v. Apple ordeal), I could read Wired, Wall Street Journal, and other magazines and newspapers in the new HTML5 language. I want to experience what it is like to virtually "flip" over amazing, glossy photographs without the hussle of accumulating paper and garbage overtime.

5. Try out the iPad applications. Buying an Apple product is a blessing in disguise. Buying and testing out the thousands of iPhone, iPod, or iPad applications is an even greater privilege (if you have the $$$). Since, I do not possess an iPhone, I am missing out on the cool iPhone applications everyone has been taking about. With that, I would ask my Twitter friends for possible recommendations and research on my own to figure out which iPad applications are the best and coolest around.

What five things you would do first if you had a iPad? 

Picture of the Week

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"Alas, I have arrived."

More Goals on My Mind

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7 comments

I have many things that I want to do to improve my life. I have tried the goal planning before and I do not usually make monthly goal plans because life is very unpredictable. But I will make a bigger effort to make a monthly plan every month to help accomplish my goals and priorities. By the end of the month, I will cross out the goals I have completed. Here is what I aim to do for the rest of this month:

April Plan
  1. Make sure I schedule and prepare for my BuzzFeed interview! (Yes, I got an email. Yay for me! ^_^)
  2. Blog at least three times a week (4.18.10) and write as concisely as possible. Make sure to create a sense of community and answer comments.
  3. Buy a camera so that I can take pictures of the Bamboozie Festival/concert on May 1st. (Finally getting out the house!)
  4. Watch the entire third season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer on Hulu.com. 
  5. Study for the written portion of the Driver's License test. I want to get my permit by the end of the summer.
  6. Practice speaking and reviewing vocabulary and linguistics of the foreign languages that I have started learning in my lifetime: Spanish, French, and Japanese. I will start the reviewing process for 15-30 minutes a day. If it does not work, then 10 minutes each day or every other day. I do not want to feel like I am back at college or high-school. No more homework! I will start with French and Japanese first for now. I want to be fluent in these languages.
What are your goals for this month? Do you set goals or do not believe in goal planning? Also, does anyone know where I should put an Adsense Ad on top of my home page? Thanks.

The White Knight (A Poem By Christina B.)

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, April 13, 2010 2 comments

Daughters of Mortals
Go Astray
Am I supposed to look the other way?

Sons of Gods
Go Unharmed
Should I pick up my feet and run along?

The White Knight
With her mighty sword
Pierces the heart of the Jaberwocky
The Red Queen, imprisoned for her intolerance,
Quite unfair and inhumane from the Parliament
But through the Looking Glass
Rules are left broken, bewildering
Our expectations of the human mind.

Children of Men
Are Left Betrayed
Must Pass Through the Looking Glass for a brighter day. 

Alice in Wonderland
Is an Example of True Triumph
All must obey the New Queen,
The Gift of the Lions.

I may be a blogger and college graduate, but I am a writer at heart. What do you like or dislike about my poem? What is your interpretation? 

Top Ten Things You Missed at The 2010 Streamy Awards

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, April 12, 2010 14 comments

Ok, so it was about 8:30pm EST last night. I was on Twitter of course. @ijustine tweeted that the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards was going live on its official website very soon. I was like cool, let me check it out. I had no clue with the show was about. So, I get on the website and read its About section and I was like excellent! There is actually an award shows devoted to celebrating the accomplishments of famous and upcoming vbloggers and geeks, YouTube stars, web TV shows, and web TV programming as a whole. For over three hours, I watched the show and tweeted away the best and worst moments of the night and oh what a night it was! Here are the main highlights of the show:

1. How can an award show that was shown via live stream on its official website and other sponsored outlets not only lagged on the Internet throughout the whole night, but was nearly ruined by technical difficulties in the middle of the show? Most of the "What It Takes to be Nominated" piece was not shown because the DVD that contained the video footage was damaged. Which begs the question? This was an awards show dedicated to Web TV and someone did not make sure the footage was properly working BEFORE the ceremony? Plus, you had the most tech-savvy people and producers in the world in one-room! How embarrassing?!  I blame Blizzard Entertainment or someone's iPad.

2. The host Paul Scheer, was a lot funnier than this year's Oscars hosts, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Actually, I enjoyed this show more than this year's Oscars. Humorously awful at times, but not boring.

3. Was it just me or the whole VH1 "Best Week Ever" cast was on stage last night?

4. During the technical downtime, two naked male streamers ran across the stage. Their private parts were not censored at all, so I bare witnessed to penises and balls right before my eyes. Oh my! But remember, this was live-streamed, not on TV, so it made the experience more memorable!

5. I saw a young couple walked out of the room during a comic skit at the beginning of the show. How rude.

6. I heard more sexual jokes and innuendos and saw more sexual groping on one stage (sorry LisaNova and Chad Hardwick lmao!) than a hardcore porn video. The stereotype about geeks is true, I guess! We may be innocent and geeky on the outside, but we are sexual freaks behind...closed.... doors..... I also saw David Faustino from Married With Children in only white boxers presenting an award. He was pretty hot though. Yum.

7. Chad Hurley, the CEO and Founder of YouTube won the Visionary Award for his extraordinary contributions to the online-sharing, web TV community. Without YouTube, we would not have online entertainment or Shane Dawson or Ijustine or the WhatTheBuckShow. Sadly, I did not know who Chad Hurley was as he was receiving the award, so I wiki his name during his speech. I felt like an idiot.

8.  Ironically, none of the winners were kicked off the  stage for going beyond the time limit to present their speeches. I found it a great relief. I just wish CBS and ABC granted more time for winners at the Grammys and Oscars.

9. Felicia Day, creator of the hit Web TV series, The Guild, delivered the best speech of the night in my opinion. She devoted her Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series award to the geek girls out there in the world, who are still underrepresented in the tech world. In return, I promise to watch the third season of The Guild with pride!

10. The Gregory Brothers pretty much nailed the first segment of their skit. They took a auto-tune beat and the first seconds of several, popular YouTube videos to create a new song. It was creative. The other half of their segment was bland but they managed to bring it all together with a vocal "speech" for winning the Best News or Political Web Series Award for  AutoTune for the News.

Despite the technical problems and excessively vulgar language, I enjoyed watching the show. I learned that there are a ton of popular Web TV shows out there that I am missing out on and now I have the opportunity to check them out on the Internet and possibly write about on my blog in the near future. Inspiration is all around us. I also learned that all the nominees worked very hard days and nights to produce new content, find the best actors and directors, and promote their brands online, similar to what I am doing right now with my blog. I look forward to viewing this awards ceremony next year without the delays and excessive amount of sexual jokes. Keep it short, smart, and entertaining. Winning formula right there!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Weekly Recap: Your Voice Counts

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, April 10, 2010 2 comments

Wow. A lot has happened this week:

Shoutouts: I want to thank my new followers, Johana, Stacy, Cynthia and Randomista, and to everyone else that has read my blog and posted comments. I greatly appreciated it and keep them coming!

Facebook Page: I just launched this blog's Facebook page. Check it out! :) I want to make it as low-key as possible.

Blog Work: I think I have produced some of my best ideas this week. With my new blog layout, my new blogging resolution, and followers, I think I can conquer the world right now.

Job Hunting: This week, I was lucky enough to apply to two great internships I found on ed2010.com and craiglist.org. The first one is the NYMag.com summer online editorial internship and the other is the BuzzFeed.com summer editorial internship. It would be nice to hear from both companies soon. I submitted some of my innovative blog posts as clips. It would be a dream to work for either organization. They certainly need my talents! Wish me good luck on those opportunities.

What Do You Want to Read?: I am giving you the opportunity to choose which topics that I should write more about for next week. Do you want to read more posts that are geared towards celebrity gossip, music, TV, and movies or towards technology? Want to guest post on my blog? If you are not sure, browse through  my old posts and then comment on this blog post your ideas. I truly want to hear with what you have to say. I am always up for new challenges. I will take your ideas and try to balance them out with my own blog ideas. This would be a learning experience worth wild! So comment below and tell me what you think!

Other than that, have a wonderful spring weekend!

Picture of the Week

Posted by Lady Mel On Friday, April 9, 2010 2 comments

Tiger, I am your father.
 Why Did You Screwed Up Man?

Your Guide to Becoming A Socially, Relevant Blogger

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, April 8, 2010 8 comments

This guide is two specific things. First, it is my New Year's Blogging Resolution. When I was writing my Declaration of Independence piece last December, I was also planning on writing a blogging resolution as well, but I thought writing one was quite trivial. Was I wrong?! Secondly, after writing my response to John Kownacksi's "Before You Start Being Relevant" article, I wanted to write a follow-up guide of the things I have learned about making it as a blogger and social media participant these days. It is not all peaches and cream like many bloggers seems to live through everyday. I want you to learn from my mistakes. So this is my New Year's blogging resolution and your guide to becoming a better blogger. So, what have I have experienced through this ordeal?

1. Be humble with what you already have. Be grateful with how much traffic you receive and the number of followers and comments you get daily. I am now grateful that 27 people think that my blog is worth their time to read and comment. I may not have the influence and a big fan base like many other popular bloggers have right now, but my brand will only become bigger and successful if I put the time and effort in the long run.

2. "I" + "You" = Win = Social Media. I cannot exaggerate this point enough. When I wrote the Alice in Twitterland piece, I announced that if you want to be successful on Twitter, you must interact with your followers or you are more likely to lose them. Collaborating and sharing information (Retweets, links, Twitter chats, etc.) is the key to expanding your social media empire. Now it is the time to practice what I have preached. I pledge to become a more effective communicator and leader this year. Without that exchange of information between people, there is no such thing as social media.

3. Have a strong, healthy ego. Do not try to become a shameless self-promoter all the time. There are times to do it, but not everyday. Link your blog posts to a couple of social media outlets at a time. If you promote on Twitter, late afternoons and evenings are the best times to get more retweets and publicity. Do not spam Twitter or forums like I have because people will not take you and your brand seriously. I've learned  the hard way and I will never do that ever again. Shameless self-promotion makes you appear desperate and ignorant of the proper way of social marketing and personal branding. Patience is a virtue.

4. Be Yourself. When you write your blog posts, be yourself. When you reply to your follower's comments, be yourself. When you go on social media outlets to promote your brand, be yourself. Do not try to be anyone else other than yourself. As I was watching the first season of Glee all this week, I realized that the characters on the hit TV show discovered that they could finally be themselves and appreciate their own musical talents as a part of their high-school's glee club. High-school is ground-zero for social pressures and conformity already as teenagers are pressured to become images they are not. The glee's club win at the sectional competition only proves that with talent, determination, and through adversity, you can be victorious. If you can be yourself, your passions, your influence, your integrity, and your blogging leverage will follow through.

What have you learned as a blogger?

Five Female Celebs I Would Go Lesbo For

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, April 7, 2010 8 comments

First of all, I am not a lesbian. But I do have five girlie crushes and I am not afraid to kiss and tell. Some have the whole package: brains, beauty, and brawn, while others I am not too fond of, but I cannot resist their mysterious charms. Here are the five female actresses that sold my heart.

1. Christina Hendricks
Ever since I saw her as the sultry Saffron in the sci-fi cult TV show Firefly, I knew that she was special. Then I saw her in some Mad Men episodes and I fell in love with her femme fatale demeanor and underrated power as the head female secretary in a 1950's pre-feminist America. What I envy the most out of her? Her curvaceous body! I want my body to look like hers someday. I might have to lay low on the fatty foods and exercise once in a while, but that will not happen any time soon. Plus, we have the same first name! :)

2. Angelina Jolie
Lets deal with the facts. Every man and women wants to have sex with her. She is undoubtedly beautiful and well known by some as the Queen of the Tabloids and the woman who took away Brad Pitt from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in late 2004. What I truly admire about this woman is that she is the complete package. She can wield several weapons at once, fight the world of modern slavery, poverty, and violence as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, and still have time to nurse her growing football team. Who can juggle all those life commitments and still have time to film a movie in Venice with Johnny Depp? Duh, no one.

3. Charlize Theron
If I were an actress making it in Hollywood, I would want to be as confident and sexy like Charlize Theron. She is one of those actresses that enjoys taking fashion and acting risks to prove that she is a worthy human being and Hollywood icon. Theron can wear the most horrendous outfit to the Oscars and manages somehow to creep onto the Best Dressed List. She is a natural beautiful actress and one of the few female celebs that has not gone under the knife to say thin and relevant, thank God! 

4. Jane Lynch
I am now a certified Glee fan and I could not have been one without Jane Lynch's character Sue Sylvester in the award-winning TV musical. I personally do not know if I love Jane Lynch or her character more.Sue Sylvester is literally Chuck Norris trapped inside a woman's body and is relaunching his TV career on a hit TV show. She has the best one-liners on the show and possesses this "devil may care, I do not give a fuck what you say, I am still an elite,  feminist beast" attitude. And she's a cougar too! I'll have what she's having! :D

5. Megan Fox
Some people are going to say, "Christina, are you fucking serious?" How can you possibly have Megan Fox on your list?" Hear me out. Last September, I wrote that Megan Fox was just a wannabe, tasteless actress with only good genetics. I made that comment before I watched Jennifer's Body. I still feel that way, but since that day, she has grown a little on me. She will never be a talented actress until she can willingly shred that bad girl, femme fetal image of hers and find scripts worth meaningful and transformative for her career path. After viewing the movie three weeks ago, Megan Fox has put a magic spell on me. I cannot explain it, but what I do know is that she has this magnetic aura that even the haters behind closed doors cannot ignore.

So there you have it. What female or male celebs would you go lesbo or gay for? Do not be afraid. It is 2010 after all. *sarcasm*

Tech Diva: Will YouTube Become The Next MTV?

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, April 6, 2010 7 comments

 When I was a senior at Smith College, I took a Sociology of Rock Music class. The last paper of my undergraduate career was all dedicated to the death of the cultural global brand that once was Music Television (MTV). My professor was a bit skeptical about the whole ordeal, you know. MTV was still around, even though YouTube and Myspace continued to dominate the online entertainment space. A year has passed. I could not have predicted such a catastrophe, if it was written across my forehead.

No more TRL. No more music. No more iconic MTV logo. Do not get me started on these dumb reality shows! Do you want to know why I will only watch MTV for the awards shows now? When I heard that the cast members of Real World: Jersey Shore were given $10,000 per episode contracts to produce a second season! Oh my fucking god. MTV, what have you done? You substituted a generation of wonderful music shows such as TRL, Diary, Fanatic, and MTV Jams for a bunch of tasteless, attention whores? MTV is like Tiger Woods. It was married to popular music and well-respected by celebrities who acknowledged it as the catalyst that launched their music careers. But it ended up sleeping with Snookie instead. (Thank god I do not watch Jersey Shore!). MTV has clearly lost its morals and is only here to cash in on the latest reality show craze it helped generate in the early 1990s instead of being relevant again.

YouTube could end up on the same path to self-destruction. Unlike MTV, I will continue to use YouTube to watch videos because it is still relevant to me. After reading Wired Magazine's "5 Secrets to YouTube Success" article, I realized that YouTube has come a long way since its founding in 2005. YouTube has transformed average people and local bands into semi-famous individuals overnight and I hope that the exchange of communication and ideas continues to thrive between YouTube vloggers and their followers.

But after playing around with the new YouTube layout, I learned that YouTube needs to rethink its website design strategy. I initially thought the new video page was a April Fool's joke. However, when I realized it wasn't, I spammed Twitter, tweeting that YouTube needs to figure out who is on its user-experience team before it makes another decision because the homepage is horrendous. It may have taken YouTube ten months to listen to user feedback to create this new layout, but it needs to reconsider this disaster. First of all, I do not like this thumbs up, thumbs down policy that YouTube implemented to replace the five-star system. What if I like a video, but think it is not worthy enough of a thumbs up? So, the rating of the video is somewhere down the middle. With the new system, there is no middle ground. With the old system, I could have easily graded the video with three stars.

Secondly, I hate the excess of white space on the left side of every page. I think the font size and columns (ie. related videos) were rearranged to give the users a more "user-friendly environment". Despite the influx of spam and racist comments, I personally like the old layout a lot better. This is coming from someone who is a YouTube consumer, not a vlogger. I knew where to go, which buttons to press. Now each page looks bare and out of place. The only new feature that I like is the you can now easily share your favorite YouTube videos with your Facebook friends. Other than that, nothing.

I am glad that the people that I have talked to in person and on Twitter about this issue agree with me 100%. We as fans should contact YouTube and demand the old video page back somehow because I do not want YouTube to be the next MTV. If more fans complain about it, then YouTube will get the message. If they don't, YouTube might continue to develop new design changes without our opinions and eventually go downhill, allowing another online video-sharing website will take its place.

What are your thoughts on the new YouTube video page? What should YouTube do next? Is MTV a has been?

Good Morning, Good Morning to You!

Posted by Lady Mel On Monday, April 5, 2010 2 comments

It's the first full week of April and what better way to start this month out than singing along to a Walt Disney classic song (back when Disney was epic) to enjoy with your morning tea or coffee. I swear you if you sing along, it will be make your job a whole lot easier. Enjoy!

Happy iPad Day! Is Steve Jobs A God?

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, April 3, 2010 4 comments

iPad Pandemonium!

The iPad has finally made its global debut and I am pretty excited! Not because I personally cannot afford it yet, but because millions of Apple fans are rejoicing in their underwear. I have already seen video footage of people camping out as earlier as Tuesday outside several Apple Retail Stores, waiting to get their first taste of epicness. I have not seen this much anticipation since the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001. I just hope the Apple Retail employees kicked them out after they purchased their iPads. It is unfortunate to see Apple hipsters lingering around the stores in the middle of the night like zombies. Though, I wish I was working at a Apple Retail Store because I want to see this madness firsthand.

Guest Blog: Writing Process

Anyway, I also want to mark another celebration. My guest blog post has finally arrived on the Internet! I want to thank Alex Roda for posting it on his website. He is a very funny and humble person and please, please check out this website. This guest blog was supposed to be written on Valentine's Day, but I already busy writing the "Tweetbag Wars" guest blog post. I knew that I was going to write about Apple. somehow. So I decided to center the blog post around an unlikely conversation between Apple chairman and founder, Steve Jobs, and two of his colleagues in his office. I cannot give away all the details, so please click on the link above and read the whole post. Apple is known for its well-kept secrets of its products and operations, so I wanted to parody that. It came out as a late, funny April Fool's Day joke.

Do you plan on buying a iPad in the future, and if you already have one, does it live up to the hype? Have a wonderful Eastern weekend!

Picture of the Week

Posted by Lady Mel On Friday, April 2, 2010 2 comments

Mary Poppins, I Want Your Glasses!

10 Ways You Know That It's April Fool's Day!

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, April 1, 2010 6 comments

Happy April Fool's Day! What a perfect day to spill some unnecessary gossip. You Know It's April Fool's Day When You Hear....

1. Justin Bieber is still a trending topic....

2. Congress changes the reform bill, making health care universal ro all American citizens. Hooray!

3. Erykah Badu makes another nude video.

4. Jesse James's mistresses get a spread in Vanity Fair Magazine.

5. Being a douchebag and prankster is perfectly legal and praised for.

6. Kate Gosselin wins the "Dancing With the Stars" competition.

7. Simon Cowell makes out with Ryan Seacrest, just to tick Ricki Martin off.

8. Your iPad arrives at your doorstep, and magically opens from inside a vanilla envelope right before your very eyes.

9. Starbucks goes bankrupt, leaving millions of hopeless, yet educated New York hipsters out on the streets.

10. NBC, CBS, and ABC finally fire all the late-night TV hosts except Craig Ferguson, so he can take over the world.