The Return: Shoutouts and Important Announcements

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, February 27, 2010 0 comments

Woot! It is good to be back on this blog. I enjoyed my so-called two-week blogging vacation. Now I am here to get back to business. I have so much content and ideas to share with you this upcoming week, it's unbearable! Lets begin:

1.  I want to give another shout out to Andhari for hosting my "Tweetbag Wars" post on her blog. I received  four new followers! Welcome! Make yourself feel at home here. You will not be disappointed and while you are at it, check out my previous blog posts from last year. They will give you a clue to what I blog about on this blog and my writing style. If you have any new ideas or topics you want me to discuss, feel free to email me  or leave a comment a comment. To all my current followers, welcome these newbies with open arms! Feel free to check out each other blogs or websites and socialize! Woot!

2. Last Wednesday (Feb. 17), I had an interview with two representatives of the Marketing Department at the UMDNJ (local hospital) campus for potential volunteer work. The interview went quite well. I networked with my doctor and informed her about my interests in new media and marketing. Luckily, she knew someone in the marketing department and contacted her so that I can set an interview with her and her boss. I truly want to thank her for this opportunity. Networking comes a long way. The two interviewers said I would get a final answer by the end of this week. However, I have not received a phone call or email yet, so I will give them another couple of days until I write my own follow up email.

3. I am almost done with my Apple Store Leader Program application. This is a retail position. If I get the job, I will collaborating with other smart and passionate people, learning the proper leadership and training to run a Apple Retail Store in my local area!

I think this is a great opportunity for me to branch out and build my people skills and retail experience and get into a company like Apple Inc. I believe that I can make a difference in people's lives and with my strong drive to succeed and optimism, nothing can stop me. The deadline is March 15 and the interview and final decision-making process takes place in April. If you are interested in marketing and sales, click here for more information. This program is only for college seniors and recent college graduates though.

4. I may have an interview with the managing editor at next week and I am pretty excited. I just hope the interviewer reads my message and confirms a final interview time.

Within a two-week period, I have been quite busy, working my butt off to make things happen. For all you  unemployed and employed job seekers out there, how has your job search turned out within the past six months or so? Do you currently have a job, but in the process or looking for more productive work?