What Happens on Valentine's Day, Just Happens! Part II

Posted by Lady Mel On Friday, February 12, 2010 0 comments

Time: February 12, 2010 about 6:00pm EST
Place: In an exclusive hotel outside Bryant Park in Manhattan.

The dress is set. The makeup, the hair, the shoes, the image are all set. When Lady Mel walks down that red carpet into the hotel's grand ballroom, she knows that everyone will be staring at her flawless figure. The jealously in the other socialites' eyes bares the test of time. LadyMel gives Prue the next day off because of the snow and the slow commute to Jersey City.

LadyMel departs her Solo apartment into a black limousine. Twenty minutes later, the limousine door opens and out comes LadyMel in all her smoldering glory. Her curves ran for miles. Honestly, many of the male photographers and crewmen,even Perez Hilton himself gasped for air like they were reaching their sexual climax. (Kiss and tell). Oh, the spotlight is her bitch and she is LOVING it!

Mel talks to a couple of reporters, citing that the fabulous Rachel Zoe styled her in this lovely Alexander McQueen assembly. (R.I.P). Mind you it was all in velvet red with a black high-waisted belt to commemorate Valentine's Day. Plus, she had this dashing red hat customized by the famed and late fashion designer to make her stand out. This was her moment. This was the moment for the millions of people at stake in Port Au Prince. She had to work!

Mel heads inside the hotel, opens the front doors of the ballroom. All eyes are on. She walks like the confident woman that she is, only to be stop midway by her jealous arch-nemesis, Kim Kardashian. 

Kim Kardashian: (Smirk). Well, well look at what we have here. Aren't you the center of attention? (Lady Mel ignores her and takes her seat at her table.)

Kim Kardashian: (Runs from her table to Mel's and whispers in her left ear). Do not ignore me. Do you know who I am? You know why I am here right? I am here to win that date with Mr. Butler and there is nothing you can do.

LadyMel: (with a sarcastic tone and turns to Kim's direction): Aren't you engaged to Reggie Bush? You are just slum. Wanting a date with a man who reportedly ignored you shamelessly at a private function not that too long ago. I'll say keep the good man you already have and use your money on something that "benefits society". Wait, use your money to fix that grotesque weave piece you are sporting right now. Talk about 2005. (Smirks).

Kim Kardashian: (Cringes teeth). This is not over. (Walks to her table at the other side of the room).
Two hours have passed and the moment of the evening arrives. The host introduces Gerard Butler and the moment he wants in, all hell breaks up. Mel has never heard female screeching since her father took her to a Spice Girls concert in London when she was nine. Absolute chaos. The enticing Mr.Butler wears a Dolce & Gabbana suit and shoes. He enjoys the female gaze. It gets him arouse and reaffirms his "ladies man" reputation. His piecing blue eyes scansthe whole room of hormonal twenty to thirty something year old socialites, except one particular woman near the front. Lady Mel. Her eyes were not on him at all. She was staring at the clock, waiting for the event to be over with. This gesture fascinated him profoundly at first sight. Gerry sits in a chair next to the host and the podium.

Host: Good evening, everyone and welcome to the last event of tonight. I want to welcome everyone who took the time to contribute to this wonderful cause. As of tonight so far, we have raised over $15 million dollars (Everyone applauds). This gentleman to my left is an extraordinary man and has taken time from his busy schedule to "sell" himself for the greater good. Everyone has seen "300" and the "Ugly Truth" so I won't go into detail of his life. (One young lady faints, ushers take her out room). Before I will start the aunction, Mr. Butler would like a word with you.

Gerard Butler: (Smirking in his thick Scottish brogue). Hello ladies (Loud screaming from back of room.) One lucky woman can have all of this (turns around) on Valentine's Day, just keep that in mind. (More loud screaming, Mel shakes in her head in dismay, such a prick.). With the joking aside, I am more than humble to be here for the people of Haiti. Through resilience and struggle, they shine. Thank you. (Audience claps, Gerry sits back in chair.)

Host: Ok, lets go on with the show. I want all participants to be ready. (LadyMel and Kim glare at one another from opposite ends of the room). Let's start with $1,000.

Participant #1: (Waves sign).

Host: $1,000. Can I get $1,500.

Participant #2: (Waves sign).

Host: Can I get $2,000?

(Several minutes have passed..)

Host: Can I get $100,000?

Participant #20: (Waves sign).

Host: $100,000 to the woman in black. Going once, going twice..

Kim Kardashian: (Smirks at LadyMel and jumps up in her seat): One million dollars, sir!

Host: (Everyone in shock mode): $1,000,000. (Gerry's face in complete disgust). Going once....

LadyMel: (In a nonchalant matter). $1,250,000.

Host: (Everyone in more shock mode): $1,250,000. Oh, la, la. Going once, going twice....

Kim Kardashian: (Screams). $2,000,000! (Smirks at LadyMel).

Host: (Everyone in shock). $2,000,000! Wow. Going once, going twice....

LadyMel: (confidently).$10,000,000. My last bid of the night. (Gerry smiles in glee, Kim stares at Mel like she is about to kill her from across the room.)

Host: $10,000,000! Going once....Going twice..... Sold! To the woman in velvet red! (Everyone applauds all  around her!, Mel then walks on stage and gets on the podium.)

LadyMel: (confidently). I want to thank you everyone who in here tonight. This organization could not do it without you guys. The money that I have just contributed to the plight in Haiti will get to the hands of the Haitian people and I will be making sure of that. People within the Hollywood community need to continue with their efforts. If New York was mostly destroyed by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, you would want people from across the world to help the victims of this natural disaster. Good night and good luck everyone! (Loud applause, people start leaving room.)

Random Person from Audience: Tap that ass before he hops to the next girl! (Everyone in room gasps.)

LadyMel: (confidently). I'm a classy lass. I have my dignity. (Everyone laughs) Good night everyone and make sure you have an umbrella at hand. It's raining terribly.

LadyMel: (Leaves podium, Mel walks down in Kim's direction and whispers in her ear). It's over. (Kim Kardashian then runs off in the direction of the main doors of the ballroom.)

(Gerry in complete awe of Mel, walks in Mel's direction in the most confidence I have ever seen.) This is going to get interesting....