Guess Who I Will Be For Halloween?

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 5 comments

There is no room.
For Lady Gaga or
Snookie costumes.
Just Me.

I have decided not to dress up for Halloween this year. Booo Booo. Halloween is just one of those days where a woman can be a slut and its acceptable. Why do I want to be a slut for a day when I can be yourself? I am just going to enjoy the candy, the movies, the escapism without wearing a mask. Plus, I'm too old and I have better things to do. Like building my empire and personal worth. When that's established, then  I can trick and treat all I want.

So don't worry about me.
Have fun
With your latex and Halloween candy.

Just some food for thought. What will you be this Halloween season?


Anonymous said...

OMG, you secretly hoed my life. lol I am going to be a plus sized Lady Gaga. I have too much hips to be regular lady gaga. I am wearing latex and a blonde wig with shiny glasses. hahaha.

Lady Mel said...


Everyone is going to be Lady Gaga this year. What Lady Gaga outfit will you wear. She has soo many. what does "hoed" mean? lol.

RAY J said...

I was thinking of dressing up as pregnant Amidala from Star Wars 3, wearing the tan and brown maternity outfit she wears during her final scene with Anakin (where he strangles her unconcious) and looked into doing it all and my mom said she'd help with the top as she's a seamstress, but then I decided not to - hubby's birthday is the day before Halloween and the last few years we've tried to throw a party it's been a bust, and none of our friends that party live nearby and yeah... we just haven't really done much or really dressed up for Halloween since college and we're not into the bar scene either so yeah...

While I'm sure being pregnant Amidala would have been awesome and I totally could have pulled it off, I just decided it wasn't worth the time or money since I probably wouldn't get to wear it out.

Andhari said...

I dressed as the dark lord.

But that's because I haven't prepared any costumes. Just black dressed and a mask borrowed from my brother :p I'll be more creative next year.

Lady Mel said...

@ Ray J- You should have been her. It would have been awesome. How's the baby? ;P

@Andhari- Yeah, same here. The primary reason why I did not go out to the club or bar to celebrate Halloween was because I dont have money right now. Not even enough $$ for a Halloween costume, but I will make it up next year. ;]