Five Things I've Learned From the 2010 Mid-Term Elections

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, November 3, 2010 4 comments

From 8:00pm to 4:00am this morning, I was busy watching the CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and CNBC coverage of the 2010 U.S midterms elections. My views challenged, swaying back and forth like a loose track because I kept whipping my hair like Willow Smith! I personally think that there are some lessons that can be learned from the politics that everyone can learn from, including President Obama.

1. If the government wants to recreate jobs, stop corporations from shipping them overseas first.

2. Bipartisanship is the Democrats and Republicans new friend! Don't forgot it.Republicans, you have knocked down Democratic incumbents and have taken the House of Representatives. If you don't want to be called "The Party of No", start working with the Democrats. You did not sway independents and Reagan Democrats for nothing. You got the votes, now listen to the American people.

3. The government has to regain the trust of the Americans who did not vote in yesterday's elections because this future shift in power includes every American people when creating new laws and policies. Some people have been so fed up with the partisan bickering on Washington for so long that they have lost faith in the "democratic" process. (Note: I personally don't think the U.S is not a true democracy yet. We are slowly getting there, but we have not reach our true potential.)  If Washington does not want this country to get into a second Great Depression or does not want the Democrat or Republican party to lose party members in 2012, now is the time to have everyone aboard.

4. The people have spoken, but will the two political parties listen to the average Joe or continue to rally with special interest groups and lobbyists? 

5. The American people will now need to keep the government on its toes. Read and research. They must know what really is going on on the local level, the state level, and the national level. If they want their voices heard like in this past elections, you have to continue challenging your elective officials. Don't just sit back and wait for the government to fix Medicaid or the educational system. Action, not inaction. 

What are your thoughts on the election results? What do you think about the current U.S political system?


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@Randomista- Thank you so much! Woot! :)

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