This week has been a lucky week for moi. On Wednesday, I received a free month of Wow from the lovely CTRL ALT WoW crew! CTRL ALT WoW is a weekly World of Warcraft podcast hosted by four crazy WoW fans: Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna. They discuss WoW politics and the entertaining process of creating alternate toons on multiple servers. 

I started listening to them about two weeks ago from a Ladies of Leet acquaintance of mine and I find them quite hilarious. When I heard my name at the end of the latest podcast, my mouth was literally opened. I had to play the end part like three times to make sure I was hearing right because I usually do not win anything. So this is a shout out to the CTRL ALT WoW crew, for making my WoW dreams come true. I love you guys! I cannot wait to return to the game!

In other news...

I received the Geek Girls Unite Award from the lovely Ray J! I must in return list ten geeky facts about me:

1. I am a casual WoW player. Been playing since Burning Crusade.
2. I am a popular culture geek. I know almost 90% about Hollywood and the entertainment industry. I have dozens of celebrity gossip, fashion, and media blogs listed in my Google Reader to prove it.
3. I am a video gamer, but have not play video console games for years. I still have skills. ^_^
4. I have a blog. 
5. I am a social media addict.
6. I went to Smith College.
7. I still have my Pokemon cards lying somewhere in the house. I remembered when having a holographic Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur 1st edition card meant you were a Pokemon master in training.
8. I took two years of Japanese at college and now in the process of relearning the language. Has not been hard until I start writing the kanji again.
9.  I was born into the world of 90s and 00s anime shows. I want Toonami back on Cartoon Network.
10. I read tech and social media blogs. (Mashable, TechCrunch, and Gizmodo to name a few). 

To keep the tradition alive, I am giving this award to:
Johana @ The Mercurial Wife

Johana has been my most active commentator and online friend. Her blog is amazing! She even helped me redesigned my Tumblr blog! Check it out! If Johana used her web design skills to make my blog links functional, then she is a certificated geek! :) Grats Johana! Come on down and claim your award! 

Finally, the Picture of the Week! Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! Speaking of which, what are your plans for Memorial Weekend?


Johana Hill said...

Thank you love for the Geek award! I'm super excited! However, I'm so clueless about the gaming world! My favorite games are word-related puzzles/games. Or Sudoku! I'll proudly display the award on my blog!

I always read your blog because you're talented, and always talk about interesting topics. I'm just surprised that your blog hasn't gotten the recognition it really deserves! ;p

Lady Mel said...

@Johana- I know! Ty! :) But it will soon. You do have to play games in order to be a geek. If you are obsessed with any hobby like classical music or fishing, then you are a geek.

Show your award loud and proud. You win the same year James Cameron did not win Best Director so you are good. :P