Confessions of an Apple Newbie: My Apple Retail Regrets

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, May 4, 2010 6 comments

Hello, everyone! This afternoon, I attended the Apple hiring event at the Residence Inn in Times Square. I wore my business suit, walked into the room, filled out a survey, met with several Apple employees and recruiters, and took part in a two-hour seminar. I listened to other candidates' Apple moments with enthusiasm. But during those two hours, something was wrong.

I was not concerned that more candidates have more experience with Apple products. Each and every candidate came with a different, diverse background, including myself. I am worried  because I did not get it to show my personality more in front of the Apple crazed audience. When I presented my introduction and group activity, I stumbled on words and took longer to make my points. I felt like I was inadequate.  But I can be delusional. Perhaps the Apple recruiters loved with what I had to say, but I sure did not feel the same way. I just do not know from this point. I am proud that I went to college, got an college education, and soul-searched for the past year. But, something was missing in the equation and I cannot put my finger on it....

Then as I listened to the young applicants retrospect their previous Apple retail experiences as customers, I felt almost completely left out because I have not been to an Apple Store before. I live in Newark, NJ. If you do not know about the history of this city, google it. There are not any Apple Retail Stores in Newark or in nearby towns.

The closest Apple Stores are in Manhattan, but my parents and I do not travel to New York City as often unless to drop off things for my sister at LIU. They have jobs. Currently, I do not have a paying job so if I were to commute to NYC to visit the 5th Avenue or Upper West Side Apple Store, I clearly don't have the finances to buy new Apple products unless it is a iPod Nano. I wish there was an Apple Store at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, NJ. It is the largest mall in the state and only 30 minutes from my house and it does not even have an Apple Store. Is it unacceptable for someone to apply to an Apple retail position, but she/he has never been inside an Apple Retail Store prior? I have not thought about it until I arrived at the hotel....

Luckily, I have learned that I need to do a little more research on Apple, specially about its Mac OS X system. I have no idea if I will receive an individual interview with an Apple representative or not. I tried my best to demonstrate my best personality traits in this recruitment seminar. If I am given another chance, I will do everything in my power to prove that I make a great fit as a part-time, Inventory Control Specialist at one of Apple's Manhattan stores. On one side I think I belong in the Apple subculture but on the other, not so sure. I guess I have to wait and find out.


Gary said...

Interesting situation! Hasn't everyone been in an Apple store? Seriously, I can say that Apple is looking for a team member, not an Apple geek. They are more than willing to train new employees about Apple's products. But they do NOT want to train people into enthusiasm, team spirit and tech advocacy, which is really the core of what Apple employees do. So, although never having been inside an Apple store is a little unusual for an applicant, it's not a deal-breaker. I'd be optimistic and, if interviewed, emphasize your other skills, especially related to being part of a team. Good luck!

Lady Mel said...

@Gary Yeah, you would think everyone has. God, I am forgetful . I did not realize until yesterday that the Apple Store is the heart of Apple basically.

I think you are right about the trainning. Based on what I have read from and other forums, it seems that Apple is looking for a team player and people's person. You can always teach a dog new tricks (well Apple programs in this case.)

I really wanted to raise my hand when they asked if anyone in the room haven't been in an Apple Store, but hey I did not want to be the ass in the room.

But attending the hiring event was a good experience for me. Quite different than I initially thought but a little unpredictability and intimidation is good.

Yet, I was the sore thumb in the room. Wait, I am getting too analytical. I always do. lol.

Johana Hill said...

I haven't been in an Apple store either. Think positive. I'm sure you made an impact on the recruiters. As Gary said, they are looking for someone to sell their products and not to ooh-aah over them.

Fresh faces, unbiased perspective, selling skills - that would be their priorities. Better be.

Good luck! ;p

Lady Mel said...

@Johana You really think so? :O
Uhm, you are probably right. Apple needs fresh blood, not an Appleholic. lol.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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