Life As a Rock Star: 2010 Bamboozle Music Festival

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 2 comments

When was the last time I blogged about going somewhere other this house? Never. Remembered I said last month that I was going to the 2010 Bamboozle Music Festival at the Meadowlands? Well, I did on May 1st. What a beautiful day it was. Beautiful in the sense that I was with my good friend Shamirah on the road without the nagging of the parents and younger sister. Here are some observations I noticed while I was there:


1. Too hot.
2. Hipster central.
3. Saw a F U Justin Bieber T-shirt. Made me giggle.
3. Could not bring water or any soft drinks past security, yet the vendors were selling drinks $4.50 and up...
4. Most people had either a Blackberry, Voyager, or iPhone.
5. Shamirah is a loyal Drake fan. She stood in front of the stage eight hours straight to watch him perform. Yes, no chairs or bathroom breaks at all.
6. I did not know this before but Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless plays Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girls. Say what!
7. 90% of the people there were only there to see Ke$ha and Drake. Literally after they performed, everyone left.

Overall, it was a lovely experience. I got to watch semi-famous, underground rock bands and pop acts such as the Pretty Reckless, Hanson, Drake, Bullet For My Valentine, and The Maine perform for their fans. Ke$ha and Drake performed right before the festival ended. I ended up not leading down to the other stage to watch Ke$ha, because 1.) She cannot sing 2.) Wannabe pop star. 3.) No talent. 4.) Waste of time. 5.) Would not have made it in time to see Drake.

But enough of the blogging. You want to see pictures, right?! Here they are.

The Hipster Clown and I

Taylor Momsen, lead vocalist of The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor and Zac Hanson (far left at piano and drums) from the Hanson Brothers!

Issac Hanson (left at guitar) So hot! I missed the 90s!

Generation Y, Soo many people were out there!

DJ preps for Drake's Grand Entrance!

Drake!! He was Amazing!

If you befriend me on Facebook, you can gain access to other my Bamboozle pictures! 

Have you attended a music festival this year or within in the past 2-3 years? If so, how was the experience? If not, are you planning to?


Johana Hill said...

You know I just realize that I'm boring. I can feel my leg muscles weaken just by visualizing myself standing straight up for 8 hours! Plus, I have bowel issues. I have to pee at least every half an hour. If I'm comfortable home, then it's every 15 minutes! Ugh...

The last time I attended a music festival was last year for Carnival. And by God, then I knew smoking is very bad! LOL

Lady Mel said...

@Johana- Hahaha! Shamirah was a trooper. I was standing up and sitting on the ground for my breaks. She said she is used to standing up for long periods of time since she is like a retail veteran. lmao.

Ironically, I did not even go to the bathroom until I got home. Also, I did not mentioned this. They were suppose to have seats. Tickets get seat numbers and sections on it. No seats at all. Can you say false advertising?