End of Year Planning

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Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving Weekend. I know I did. Today I want to give you an update about my career process. As of now, I am still unemployed. I did not get into Google as I mentioned last month, but that is alright. My mission is still to find a job or internship within the online media industry, even if this economy sucks. Last Wednesday, I applied to AOL's online editorial internship so I hope I hear something from AOL-Time Warner within the next two to three weeks. If I don't, I am just going to find a seasonal, retail job in the meanwhile to help pay my loans back and get back on my foot.

In my Real Time, Set in Motion post in mid October, I talked about accomplishing some tasks before the month was over. Lets see if I actually accomplished those things.

October Plan
-Apply to more internships/jobs online.
-Organize my own mock interviews.
-Reconnect with friends and spend time with them outside this house.
-Network with Smith Alumanae.
-Start my career by earning a commiting job.
-Get more sleep.
-Research more on my companies of interests.
- Stay update with industry news in the media, entertainment, and technology industries.
-Continue writing my blog at least 5 times a week.

So you see that I have done something productive. I may not have a job yet but I am researching and going online to get updates on my companies and industries of interests. It is best to be prepared and aware of the news before applying to any jobs. I also hanged with a good middle-school job in late October at the mall so that is a very good step in the direction. I know what I have to do. Here is what I aim to do within the next thirty days:

December Plan
  • Find a job, whether it is a seasonal or permanent job.
  • See if I can take winter or spring classes at a local college to boost my resume.
  • Network with Smith College alumnae.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Buy something for mom for Christmas.
  • Save more money.
  • Stay the eternal optimist that I am.
  • Go out and enjoy myself this New Year's.
What do you plan to do by the end of this year?

Picture of the Week

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Don't Tase Me Bro! I'm innocent!
Be Thankful for Your Life,
Not A Piece of My Nice, Juicy, Seasoned,
Baked, Stuffed, Honey Glazed Turkey Butt!

Tech Diva: Black Friday, Twilight Mania Shopping Guide!

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What do screaming Twilight fans, a 40 year old perverted wannabe vampire, and holiday shoppers all have in common? They are out of control! What happened to the humanity?! If you fit in any of these categories, I am going to help you act like a smart shopper starting this holiday season. You must act smart and  spend deliberately as you visit dozens and dozens of malls across the country. Because we are still in an economic recession, I already know that you are not going to purchase expensive holiday gifts unless you are within the top one percent tier of the American population. With the unemployment rate over 10%, who is going to spend a ton of $$ this year? You want your GAP clothes and laptops at extremely low and discounted prices.

So before you glance over newspaper ad clippings, Tech Diva advises you to hit the digital world this year to get the most updated cool bargains and giveaways and economy experts' tips. Here are my three recommendated websites that you should check out:

  • Black Friday 2009: This is probably the Google of all Black Friday themed websites. Not only does it contain forums where you can post your suggestions and insider information about your favorite stores and name brands to others, but it has free consumer buying guides, top stores' Black Friday hours, and the most updated online deals around. For instance, did you know that you can buy a Fuji FinePix J28 camera for yourself or a loved one on Amazon.com for only $80! Plus, the site is linked to other online stores' websites such as Amazon and Walmart so you can purchase the item online.
  • If you are a Twitter geek, follow CheapTweet on your Twitter account. CheapTweet searches the Twitter database for the best sales and deals. That way you are aware of those deals at every minute of the day on your computer or mobile phone. Rule of thumb. Follow your friends and your favorite celebrities and brand names on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Maybe your best friend might "twitter" you about an awesome 50% deal off of jeans and accessories at JCPenneys. You never know.
  • NY Mag.com's Black Friday Shopping Guide: For your NY hipsters out there, NYMag.com has collected a list of the best NY places to shop this Black Friday. Many vintage and upscale stores have great bargains including DSW that is selling Gucci handbags 50% off and other clearance items 70% off. 
There are many other websites and forums out there, but with these resources, you can start planning your holiday shopping. Oh wait, I have some such needed advice. Act civil. The clothes, the cameras, the Blackberrys are not going anywhere. I do not want to hear about "grown" adults stampeding over one another to get the very last Iphone from a BestBuy store. Such behavior makes you act like those clamorous Twilight fans. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

My Thanksgiving Revelations

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone is getting ready to reconnect with family and friends. I am thankful for a lot of things, but unlike others, I am diabolically evil. Muahahahaha! Here are my top five thanksgiving revelations:

1. I am thankful for the food that I will help cook this Thanksgiving. This is the first time that I will help my mom with the cooking. Can't cook for nothing. I want the yummy food right now! ><

2. I am thankful for not planning on buying Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue, this holiday season. She is not the next Shakespeare or Virginia Woolf, so I have no intention in reading something that will not stimulate my mind mentally.

3. I am thankful for not wasting my $10 on a New Moon movie ticket this past weekend. I am officially a Twilight hater.

4. I am thankful for having this blog. Without it, I would go madly insane.

5. I am thankful for retaining my sense of humor and dignity even under these stressful times.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Top Four AMA Awards Performances!

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Some performances were bland, some were good. But these four brightened my night. If your performance is not on this list, then I think you either need to hone your craft more or I did not find your performance worthwhile or I do not like you as an artist.

Whitney Houston
She was phenomenal. After leaving Bobby and the drugs, she made me feel that I can become self-confidence of my own abilities and leave the pessimism aside. I even stead a tear or two just watching her. She has gone through so much, yet she finally found the strength to carry on. Here is her performing her single "I Did Not Know My Own Strength" off her successful comeback album, "I Look To You".

LadyGaga, LadyGaga. Lady Gaga. You were amazing last night. I did not know you were so talented as you played the piano on fire in an enclosed in a cubic containment and smashing empty alcohol bottles without skipping a beat. You brought freshness back to pop music. If Beyonce were to perform last night, you would win in a landslide. Beyonce has the dramatic, stage persona but can she play an musical instrument and still look sexy? Nope.

The Black Eyes Peas
I always admired you guys. The concept of your music and videos are never the same, always different and futuristic. I now realize that Fergie can actually sing. Bravo. And I like that you paid homage to the late King of Pop by bringing out silver, painted robotic dancers on stage. It slightly reminds me of MJ's Thriller.

Jay-Z And Alicia Keys
Jay-Z, you performed your song at the NY Yankee's World Series victory parade. I love the New York feeling. Alicia Keys rips it. I loved the "New York, New York" opening, followed by Jay-Z's white irony suit and the other young, talented pianists playing "Empire State of Mind" with Alicia Keys in the background. It was a good way to represent how music education is extremely valued to the New York City educational system.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees this year at this year's American Music Awards in LA. I got the majority of my predictions correct except for the Album of the Year, which I will talk more about later. Now let's get back to business:

1. Why did not Lady Gaga win any award tonight? I was hoping for Lady Gaga to win either the Favorite Female Pop Artist or T-Mobile's Breakthrough Artist award but she got nothing. I was a bit disappointed but Lady Gaga is a new face in pop music so she will get her moment of appreciation and excellence, you know. We still have the Grammy early next year to look forward to. Ironic how she gave one of the best performances of the night, but came out empty-handed. Her time will come.

2. I told you once and I will tell you again. RiRi does not have a stage persona. I even had my own mother tell me this in my face! Rihanna cannot sing or perform. I was hoping for her to redeem herself after her physical assault with former superstar boyfriend Chris Brown, but she did not deliver a very good comback performance. I do not care if Rihanna fans hate me or not. I am telling like it is. She may be a product of Def Jam but she is only a pretty face. Only Keri Hilson and Ciara have worse stage performances than Rihanna.

3. Taylor Swift was a five time winner last night. Yet, the American Idol winner was nowhere to be found because she was rehearsing her London's gig for tonight. On live satellite, she seemed modest and extremely suprised to win these awards even winning out against the King of Pop in the Album of the Year category. I was hoping the American public could have not voted more diversely and I am still puzzled to why Taylor Swift won all these awards. Do people like her music or they felt bad for her after Kanye West stole her sunshine at this year's MTV VMAs? Speaking of which, I thought Kanye was going to come out of nowhere and interrupt her acceptance speeches. HAAAAA. Oh, wait he was not nominated this year so that is why.

4. Jennifer Lopez landed on her ass towards the end of her raunchy, boxing inspired performance of her new single "Louboutins". I love JLo in the last 1990s, but if she comes out with this Beyonce, Sasha Fierce repertoire, I might want to hurl.

5. All the rap performances sucked so there is no need to talk about them.

6. Beyonce was no where to be found and I am not surprised.

7. There was nothing shocking and grotesque with Adam Lambert's performance at the very end of the show. I had to view it a second time on Youtube to see what people were complaining about. As one Youtuber commented and I strongly agree, Madonna has done this years ago and no one really complained. Now that you replace Madonna with an American Idol finalist and openly gay man, now there is a problem because he allowed one of his male dancers to be inches near his crotch. Moving on...

Tech Diva: Things I Go Google For

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I promise you a weekly technology post. Here is the moment of truth! Why start with Google? I want to start this first technie post to show my admiration and dedication as a Google user and fan of the global company. I could not even tell you when and where I started using Google products, but what I do know is that during my sophomore year at Smith College, Google Boston held an information meeting at the college's campus center one fall night. I went of course and was absolutely amazed after watching their "Why You Should Work at Google" video introduction.

Fast forward today. I've applied to two Google positions within the past year. I did not get accepted for an interview or a series of Google's onsite interviews, but that does not mean that I will not continue to use Google products in my daily life. Who can get mad at Google? I just have to find another job. I will not let rejection get the best of me. I am just simply awesome for Google's own good. *smirks*

So you are wondering how and why do I incorporate this brand in my daily life? For one thing, I like free, inventive stuff. I love Blogger because I can create a free blog in which I can present my life and its delicate mysteries to other people. Without Google, I would not be standing here right now talking to you about Google or even about my deep hatred for Megan Fox. Google's Blogger kept me sane when I thought I had nothing else to do. Writing has always been a passion and I will use for my own benefit. iGoogle and Google Mail are also my life right now. I do not get as much spam as I have gotten on my Yahoo account which is a major plus. Yahoo!, shame on you! I customize my own widgets and the internal detailing on my homepage. I've inserted YouTube videos, my Gemini horoscope, the Huffington Post and the NYTimes and a TV guide all on my iGoogle page. It is like I have invented my little world inside a digital world inside a much larger, unflattering world I call Earth.

But enough of my obsession. You want to know what Google has been up to lately:

Google OS System
Move over Apple and Microsoft. Within 5 years or so, Google will embrace the OS business like I embrace my laptop every morning. Will it be better than the Mac or the recent Windows 7 OS? The new operating system is under development right now and BirTorrent and other Internet sites are now offering the new product as open-source to the public, so Google can get inspired information technology experts and fans to download the files and repolish its applications. I recommend you read these articles on Technorati, PC World, and Computer World for more information.

I personally do not know what the Internet juggernaut has in store for us, but what I do want is an operating system that can either improve upon Apple's and Microsoft's mistakes, but can still bring something new to the table. I do have a question though. Google Mail and Google Documents, for example, are free if you have a Gmail account. Will Google decide to make Google OS a free, affordable mechanism, so that Google Mail and Google Document continue to be free to the public or will we have to start buying better versions of those Google products if Google decides to incorporate them into the operating system like Microsoft? Even if it becomes free, how is Google going to profit from this product? Ads?

Google Wave
Will Google Wave replace email and all things Twitter? Yes and No. I have read the pros and cons of this new Google product from the increase effort to building real-time communication among college students, business colleagues, and other social groups to the threat real-time communication poses to your Internet privacy. I personally hope Google Wave is incorporated into Google Mail. Now, that would be amazing.

So I just received my Google invitation last week. What have I learned? What do I like or do not like? I have not had much process my first week. I did invite a good friend to Google Wave, but we haven't started talking. It is going to take more time and more effort on my part to make something happen. I am a part of a new wave called "Women on Wave" which gives female participants the space to discuss women's rights and issues. It consists of over 100 people from around the world and I have managed to write a brief introduction about myself to the group. Yet, we hope to have a real live online discussion really soon. So, I will keep you posted on my experiences within the given weeks and months to come. I will make history for the sake of humanity. Oh, what joy will come out of this. This is Tech Diva at your service and she is here to stay.

Picture of the Week

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I Have No Words. 
I Just Want to Eat Your Little Face Up. ^.^

2009 AMA Awards Predictions

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Here are my predictions. The ones in bold blue are my top picks. The ones in bold gold are my second, runner-up picks because I could not decide the sole winner of each category. I will discuss about the biggest awards only because if I have to talk about each and every category, my writing will be as long as the Oscars each year!

Lets start with the Artist of the Year category. The King of Pop will be the big winner of the night. He is up for five nominations this year. I really want Lady Gaga to win this particular award because she has an incredible year and she is about to start her world tour, but since Michael Jackson's untimely death (R.I.P MJ) was the story of the summer and that he has been the most influential pop icon of the past thirty years, I will not be surprised if he will win Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Artist, and Best R&B Album. Note that I want Maxwell to win for Favorite Male Artist, but come on. The fans are going to pick MJ instead.

There is also some gossip floating around that if Michael Jackson was not dead, he would have not been even nominated in the first place because he technically did not release a new album on the radio. It's true. Look who won the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at this year's Academy Awards. The late Heath Ledger. If the AMA Awards can get Janet Jackson to perform the opening act for eight minutes, MJ is expected to win big.

Secondly, I think Taylor Swift will be the other big winner at Sunday's awards ceremonial. She will defiantly win the Favorite Country Female Artist, Favorite Country Album, and Favorite Adult Comptemporary Artist awards, although she will have some stiff competition with Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the Favorite Female Pop Artist category for two obvious reasons: 1.) Lady Gaga is only nominated three times this year and she has more potential to win this award or the Breakthrough Artist Award; although her album is very good, I know the fans will not pick her debut album over Michael's Number Ones album in the Favorite Pop Album category. If she is robbed of this Best Pop Female or the Breakthough Artist Award, I am going to kill ABC. (I hate you ABC for cancelling a perfectly, awesome show!)  2.) Lady Gaga has been EVERYWHERE this year selling her music and intriguing us with her iconoclastic, yet awesome fashion sense and musical talent. But! There is a but. I think it is a woman's intuition, but Taylor Swift will get the award. *sighs*

Beyonce will not be voted Favorite Female Pop Artist. Yes, Single Ladies was an Internet and pop phenomenon when it hit the airways late last October, but her videos after her first Sasha Fierce hit has gone downhill. If you want to see her newest video, scroll down to yesterday's blog post. Overall, she will win the Best Female R&B Artist instead. Watch the AMA Awards this Sunday night to see if my predictions came true!

Kings of Leon
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Male Artist
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Female Artist
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

POP/ROCK - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Kings of Leon

POP/ROCK - Favorite Album
Fame - Lady Gaga
Number Ones - Michael Jackson
Fearless - Taylor Swift

COUNTRY - Favorite Male Artist
Jason Aldean
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban

COUNTRY - Favorite Female Artist
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

COUNTRY - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

COUNTRY - Favorite Album
Unstoppable - Rascal Flatts
Fearless - Taylor Swift
Foundation - Zac Brown Band

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Male Artist

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Album
Relapse - Eminem
Blueprint 3 - Jay-Z
Paper Trail - T.I.

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Male Artist
Jamie Foxx
Michael Jackson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Female Artist
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Mary Mary

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Album
I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas
Number Ones - Michael Jackson

SOUNDTRACKS - Favorite Album
Hannah Montana: The Movie
Hannah Montana 3
Twilight Soundtrack

ALTERNATIVE ROCK - Favorite Artist
Green Day
Kings of Leon

Jason Mraz
Taylor Swift

LATIN - Favorite Artist
Luis Fonsi
Wisin Y Yandel

Jeremy Camp
Brandon Heath
Mary Mary

Lady Gaga
Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi

"Video Phone" First Impressions

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The video is out! Everyone is blogging about it. My prayers have been spoken. I love Beyonce and I love Lady Gaga. But, I do not like this video and here are the reasons why I do not like it:

1. Overexposed and Repetitive: Beyonce, I know you are the zenith of your musical career. You have a husband, you make millions. But this video does not do anything for you. I was waiting for something new and fresh after being slightly disappointed with her "Sasha Fierce" persona videos. I'll talk about these two talented young ladies tomorrow  in my 2009 AMA Awards Predictions segment, but seriously this video reminds me of her earlier work on her sophomore album "B-Day". Anyone seen the Green Light video? If Beyonce wants to say on the top of the charts, be more inventive. Once you become mainstream, nine times out of ten, your music becomes garbage. But I guess thats how the pop music industry is anyway.

2. Rihanna: Omg, I hope I am not the only person in here who thought that Beyonce was sporting a Rihanna hairdo when she was strutting down the alleyway with the well-tailored gentlemen in the first twenty seconds of her new video? Don't channel Rihanna for heaven's sake! Grrrrr.

3. Oversexualized: Beyonce, are you there? What happened to my strong, independent "Bills, Bills, Bills" girl? She was just a bit too raunchy and overdoing the whole "Sasha Fierce" thing in this video yet again. Was the concept of this video porn or dressing up for your boyfriend on your video phone? Oh, wait. Sasha Fierce and Carrie Prejean do have something in common.

4. Lady Gaga: I love Lady Gaga. Period. But Lady Gaga seemed out of place. I cannot put my finger on it though.  LadyGaga went toe to toe with Beyonce in her moves and hairstyles, but Beyonce did not need Lady Gaga. LadyGaga's guest appearance did not add any flavor or coolness to this video. Beyonce can stand on her own. And for LadyGaga to mimic Beyonce is a crime! :O But I will let that one slide......

5. The song itself: Beyonce should have picked another song to be her next single. Period. I would have chosen "Radio".

1. Gerard Butler.                                  

2. A bottle of pink, sparkling wine.

3. A whip.

4. A journal.

5. A pen.

Oh yea. That's hot. What five things would you bring on a deserted island?

Why?! Why?! Why?!

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Internet junkie right here. Sometimes, I rather watch the newest episode of "Family Guy" on Hulu.com instead than view it on Cartoon Network or the Fox Channel. I feel that the Internet is the next TV screen. I can watch which shows I want whenever, wherever I want.

But do you know what gets on my freaking nerves? When certain cable networks feel like that its their duty to pull the plug on certain new and upcoming television shows. For example, all last month I was watching "Eastwick" on Hulu.com. For those who do not watch the show, you should have see the 1980s movie adaptation with Jack Nicholson, Susan Surandon, Cher, and Michelle Pfeffier. Awesome movie. But anyway, Hulu.com was promoting the new fall show on its website for a limited time.

Last Thursday, I anxiously waited for the new Eastwick episode, only to realize that Hulu.com removed the whole series from its website because ABC cancelled the show after seven episodes. I thought the show had a good storyline and character development. Now, I do not hate Hulu.com because the website is not the show's primary carrier. Hulu.com gets permission from TV networks to show movies and TV shows for free. ABC is the culprit. But do you hate that really good shows sometimes are let go yet stupid reality TV shows like The Hills are on for another season? Come on, I want my quality television back. Remember The Cosby Show and Firefly? Remember when shows used to entertain us? Now, we are surrounded by garbage. What do you think?

2009 American Music Awards Preview

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Ok, I admit it. I do not watch the AMA awards at all. I am more of a Grammys, MTV VMAs type of girl. I usually perceive it as a two to three hour worthless piece of crap. But, I've heard on Youtube's The Skorpion Show (shoutout to Kevin and Makael!) that this year's AMA Awards is going to be amazing!

"Amazing" is not even a word to describe it. It will be extraordinarily fabulous! Janet Jackson is going to open up the show with an eight-minute, highly- anticipated performance. Eight minutes! Yes, feel the adrenaline  rushing though your veins! This is J.A.N.E.T J.A.C.K.S.O.N. Pop royalty at its finest. I know she is going to tribute this performance to her fans and audience in remembrance of her older brother, the King of Pop. I know it will be spectacular. Maybe she might bring us to her "Rhythm Nations" days. You never know. This is the eight minutes that she deserves after all she has been going through these past couple of years.

However, Janet is not the only artist that will be performing on this wonderful night. Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, a Alicia Keys and Jay Z debut!, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Whitney Houston, the Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, and Taylor Swift are just some of the biggest names that will be showcasing their talent and music on stage. If Lady Gaga is going to perform, I will watch. She's the new it-girl in town.

Can you believe it?! Whitney Houston, after her drug episodes with her crackhead ex-husband Bobby Brown is going to return to her singing roots?! I am glad she is making a comeback. I hope she shows the Keri Hilson, Rihanna, and Britney Spears fans what is a diva is!  Rihanna is also going to perform after recovering from her public, abusive relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown. She will probably sing "Russian Roulette" or her other singles from her new album. I just hope that with her months of seclusion, Rihanna knows how to perform because honestly she always come across to me as this pretty face without the performing flare. Make it work, Rhianna.

This will be probably be the awards show of the year to end a year of tragedy, musical hits, and drama in the music industry. That is why I've decided to get more involved with writing material about these big award shows this season. By next Sunday or Monday of next week, my full review of the show will be posted on this blog. I hope I see a freshness and a passion in each and every performance. Otherwise, I am going to talk about that artist until there is nothing left to talk about. The 37th Annual American Music Awards is next Sunday, November 22nd at 8pm EST on ABC. Find out about this year's nominees are here. Be ready.

Good News!

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Hello, everyone. This week is probably the lousiest week to blog. I have had a hard time thinking about what to write. However, I think my writer's block is finally over. I've sought guidance and tips from several different blogging websites and I've read your comments. I think every writer or blogger goes through this particular stage from time to time and I feel more comfortable with it now. But I am ready to get back on my feet!

Starting tomorrow, I will start the week out with fresh new content. I will devote my Saturdays as my "Technie Saturdays". I want to bring the latest technology news and developments into my perspective on the blog, so I am devoting all my Saturdays after this Saturday to the cause. I will probably write about my experience with Google Wave as my first technie post. About a month and a half of waiting patiently, I finally received my Google Wave invitation today! I will play and experiment with the program all this week and give you my insight and ideas next Saturday.  If you want me to invite you into the wave, feel free to email me your email address!

I will also devote more time researching online topics and sharing you my awesomeness with you all. So lets get excited and let the fun begin!

Haiku: Practice What You Preach

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You hate gay marriage.
That's fine, you made a sex tape.
Hypocrite. Leave now.

Taylor Swift, Where Art Thou Kanye West?

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2 comments

I was waiting for Kanye West's stupid butt to interrupt Taylor Swift's monologue during her SNL debut performance this past Saturday. But, he did not make it. Kanye West, I am going to let you finish your career, but Taylor Swift had the best monologue of all time! Hehe ^.^. I may not like her brand of music, but the monologue is very catchy. I wish it was on Itunes.

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

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Awesomeness. Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen shoes! Dead corpse lying next her semi naked body. Big bubbly eyes. Lady Gaga will stay in this game for a long time to come. When the King of Pop is no longer here and pop music seems like the same sexist, bubblegum garbage, Lady Gaga pushes the envelope and that is why I love her. Let her be her crazy self! You will get to see more of her inventiveness in her new music video "Bad Romance" off her sophomore album "Fame Monster." Watch her new video below.

Now, I'm waiting to see the Beyonce/Lady Gaga video collaboration of Beyonce's hit single "Video Phone" soon. Will there be stiff competition along these talented ladies? Only time will tell.

I Need Your Help, Followers!

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Right now, I am in a kind of a serious brain fart. I do not know what to write or discuss in my blog posts. I have tried getting inspiration from some of my favorite blogs and websites, but no luck so far. Could you write in the comments what topics you would like me to talk about in the near future? Make sure these topics fall under media, entertainment, politics, and technology. If you want me to talk about something outside those areas of disciplines, be my guest. I want to you what you, the follower, have in store for me. I know that many bloggers go through this phrase in their blogging life but I do not want to continue in this uncertain, fickle path. Please comment below and help me make this blog even more awesome. ^.^ I am looking for cool, inventive ideas! Things outside the box. I look forward for your constructive criticism and ideas.

Real "Law Abiding Citizens"?

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, November 8, 2009 1 comments

Oh my god. I know everyone knows about the two deadly shootings at Fort Hood and in Florida this past week. My condolences goes to the victims' and alleged killers' families. With the war and the high unemployment rate in this country, the stress is very overwhelming. Remember the LAC Review I had written earlier last week? Does anyone see that the plot of that movie, which was a man exposing the fallacies of the American justice system, taken literally in the real world context? We just had two apparently American "law abiding citizens" commit acts of murders and bloodshed on our nation's soil. Their motives are still unclear to the rest of us, but what I do see a pattern.

We have actual people that are releasing their frustrations and depression into dangerous ways as they are influenced by social factors such as family issues, joblessness, separation of religion and state, discrimination, and the Iraqi and Afghan/Iraqi wars. I am surprised that something that I had thought was possible actually happened right before our very eyes. Maybe Hollywood movies are worth watching these days. Just a rule of thumb.

Picture of the Week

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Mary-Kate. Ashely Olsen. You Have Admirers. Halloween Fun.
They Pulled It Off.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Like "The Vampire Diaries"

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, November 5, 2009 1 comments

A month ago, I said that I would get into the new CW series, "The Vampire Diaries". And I did. So far the series is awesome. I do not want to give away the whole storyline, which is based on the hit book series, but it circles around two feuding vampire brothers in love with the same teenage girl. Here is why I love the TV series:

1. The actors can truly act. No offense Twilight but Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner cannot act at all. 

2. Paul Wesley is a much hotter male lead than Robert Pattinson. 

3. There aren't any sparkling vampires.

4. Nina Dobrev, who stars as the female protagonist in the TV adaptation, is not your usual whinny, hopeless, passive female archetype. She has guts, she's practical, and she stands up for herself, despite not possessing vampire or supernatural powers.

5. The Vampire Diaries, unlike Twilight, is so underrated and I like it that way.  Less screaming died hard fans.

If you want to check out the TV series online, click here. Enjoy!