Good News!

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, November 14, 2009 1 comments

Hello, everyone. This week is probably the lousiest week to blog. I have had a hard time thinking about what to write. However, I think my writer's block is finally over. I've sought guidance and tips from several different blogging websites and I've read your comments. I think every writer or blogger goes through this particular stage from time to time and I feel more comfortable with it now. But I am ready to get back on my feet!

Starting tomorrow, I will start the week out with fresh new content. I will devote my Saturdays as my "Technie Saturdays". I want to bring the latest technology news and developments into my perspective on the blog, so I am devoting all my Saturdays after this Saturday to the cause. I will probably write about my experience with Google Wave as my first technie post. About a month and a half of waiting patiently, I finally received my Google Wave invitation today! I will play and experiment with the program all this week and give you my insight and ideas next Saturday.  If you want me to invite you into the wave, feel free to email me your email address!

I will also devote more time researching online topics and sharing you my awesomeness with you all. So lets get excited and let the fun begin!


Niks La Mode. said...

awesome looking forward to the techie posts! esp if there will be anything cool to purchase black friday :)