Law Abiding Citizen: The Review

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Hello, everyone! I enjoyed my little three day break getting ready for what blogging will bring this November. I had a pretty good Halloween. No, I did not dress up, but I did went to the movies to see "Law Abiding Citizen". It is directed by F.Gary Gray and it stars my favorite Scottish actor Gerard Butler and comedian turned- Oscar award winning actor Jamie Foxx. I have been a Gerard Butler fan for the past two years now after watching the smash hit "300" on my uncle's television screen. I absolutely fell in love with his charisma and his work.

I am a part of some of the most craziest Gerry fan sites and forums around and I was very excited that Gerry was going to both star and produce this film. Within the past month, I have heard great things about this movie. Some even said that this was one of Gerry's better performances. If you are not on the Gerry bandwagon, you will not understand. His hardest critics question his sexuality, his sense of picking movie scripts, his love life, his alcoholic past, his erratic yet brunt behavior, and his Scottishness (new word of the day) all on a daily basis. Now that he is a A-list star, everyone even the tabliods want a piece of this delicious hulk of talent.

I saw this movie and I absolutely loved it. I personally think this is Gerry's most matured screen role to date. Gerry plays Clyde Shelton, a "law abiding citizen" and engineering genius-turned spy, whose wife and young daughter were brutally murdered and raped in a home invasion right in front of his eyes. So, what does Philadelphia have to do with it? Well, this film was filmed in Philly this past February and March and as you watch this movie, you will understand that the Philly legal system and the American justice system, in general are loose and detrimental to the health of this nation. As a moviegoer, you will be rooting for the underdog (Shelton) every step of the way. Shelton does not get justice for the murders.

Jamie Foxx portrays Nick Rose, a Philly prospector, who within this somewhat flawed system, allows the killers to escape right under his nose. So, what does Gerry's character do? He waits ten years later to not only he seeks revenge on his family, but he literally brings the city's justice systems to its knees. He kills the murderers, a court judge, the killers' lawyer, and other important keynote city government officials all by himself one-by-one because he believes that the legal system must be shown in its true light.

Shelton eventually is killed off by Rice, but that does not lead to the end of the discussion. I liked this movie because there is a level of morality and conscience that is hidden and unexposed to the rest of society. I personally feel that Gerry's character was acting like a law abiding citizen because he exercised his first amendment and civil rights to showcase the true corrupted nature of the American legal system. We are all know that we give certain people with felonies longer prison sentences than we do with serial killers and rapists. However, Shelton's means to obtain this goal are left into question.  In my opinion, Shelton exposed these fallacies by straigtically killing off some of the main players of this system to justify his revenge for the murders of his loved ones. Mind you, his family's killers were let off; the actual killer was set free, while his accomplice who only wanted to rob Shelton's house was sent to the execution chair death role. Apparently, there was not any substantial evidence to the jury, although Shelton was the only true witness at the scene of the crime.

Some moviegoers might think otherwise. But before you consider watching this brilliant film, answer me this question. How would you want your justice best served? "Law Abiding Citizen" is now in theaters.


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