Tech Diva: Black Friday, Twilight Mania Shopping Guide!

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 0 comments

What do screaming Twilight fans, a 40 year old perverted wannabe vampire, and holiday shoppers all have in common? They are out of control! What happened to the humanity?! If you fit in any of these categories, I am going to help you act like a smart shopper starting this holiday season. You must act smart and  spend deliberately as you visit dozens and dozens of malls across the country. Because we are still in an economic recession, I already know that you are not going to purchase expensive holiday gifts unless you are within the top one percent tier of the American population. With the unemployment rate over 10%, who is going to spend a ton of $$ this year? You want your GAP clothes and laptops at extremely low and discounted prices.

So before you glance over newspaper ad clippings, Tech Diva advises you to hit the digital world this year to get the most updated cool bargains and giveaways and economy experts' tips. Here are my three recommendated websites that you should check out:

  • Black Friday 2009: This is probably the Google of all Black Friday themed websites. Not only does it contain forums where you can post your suggestions and insider information about your favorite stores and name brands to others, but it has free consumer buying guides, top stores' Black Friday hours, and the most updated online deals around. For instance, did you know that you can buy a Fuji FinePix J28 camera for yourself or a loved one on for only $80! Plus, the site is linked to other online stores' websites such as Amazon and Walmart so you can purchase the item online.
  • If you are a Twitter geek, follow CheapTweet on your Twitter account. CheapTweet searches the Twitter database for the best sales and deals. That way you are aware of those deals at every minute of the day on your computer or mobile phone. Rule of thumb. Follow your friends and your favorite celebrities and brand names on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Maybe your best friend might "twitter" you about an awesome 50% deal off of jeans and accessories at JCPenneys. You never know.
  • NY's Black Friday Shopping Guide: For your NY hipsters out there, has collected a list of the best NY places to shop this Black Friday. Many vintage and upscale stores have great bargains including DSW that is selling Gucci handbags 50% off and other clearance items 70% off. 
There are many other websites and forums out there, but with these resources, you can start planning your holiday shopping. Oh wait, I have some such needed advice. Act civil. The clothes, the cameras, the Blackberrys are not going anywhere. I do not want to hear about "grown" adults stampeding over one another to get the very last Iphone from a BestBuy store. Such behavior makes you act like those clamorous Twilight fans. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone!