Real "Law Abiding Citizens"?

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, November 8, 2009 1 comments

Oh my god. I know everyone knows about the two deadly shootings at Fort Hood and in Florida this past week. My condolences goes to the victims' and alleged killers' families. With the war and the high unemployment rate in this country, the stress is very overwhelming. Remember the LAC Review I had written earlier last week? Does anyone see that the plot of that movie, which was a man exposing the fallacies of the American justice system, taken literally in the real world context? We just had two apparently American "law abiding citizens" commit acts of murders and bloodshed on our nation's soil. Their motives are still unclear to the rest of us, but what I do see a pattern.

We have actual people that are releasing their frustrations and depression into dangerous ways as they are influenced by social factors such as family issues, joblessness, separation of religion and state, discrimination, and the Iraqi and Afghan/Iraqi wars. I am surprised that something that I had thought was possible actually happened right before our very eyes. Maybe Hollywood movies are worth watching these days. Just a rule of thumb.


Kittie Howard said...

You're right, the horrific murders reflect a compilation of so much going on. My husband and I lived on base many times...there was always a feeling of added safety, very important as there were so many deployments. The Ft. Hood shootings really kicked in the gut.