Tech Diva: Things I Go Google For

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, November 22, 2009 0 comments

I promise you a weekly technology post. Here is the moment of truth! Why start with Google? I want to start this first technie post to show my admiration and dedication as a Google user and fan of the global company. I could not even tell you when and where I started using Google products, but what I do know is that during my sophomore year at Smith College, Google Boston held an information meeting at the college's campus center one fall night. I went of course and was absolutely amazed after watching their "Why You Should Work at Google" video introduction.

Fast forward today. I've applied to two Google positions within the past year. I did not get accepted for an interview or a series of Google's onsite interviews, but that does not mean that I will not continue to use Google products in my daily life. Who can get mad at Google? I just have to find another job. I will not let rejection get the best of me. I am just simply awesome for Google's own good. *smirks*

So you are wondering how and why do I incorporate this brand in my daily life? For one thing, I like free, inventive stuff. I love Blogger because I can create a free blog in which I can present my life and its delicate mysteries to other people. Without Google, I would not be standing here right now talking to you about Google or even about my deep hatred for Megan Fox. Google's Blogger kept me sane when I thought I had nothing else to do. Writing has always been a passion and I will use for my own benefit. iGoogle and Google Mail are also my life right now. I do not get as much spam as I have gotten on my Yahoo account which is a major plus. Yahoo!, shame on you! I customize my own widgets and the internal detailing on my homepage. I've inserted YouTube videos, my Gemini horoscope, the Huffington Post and the NYTimes and a TV guide all on my iGoogle page. It is like I have invented my little world inside a digital world inside a much larger, unflattering world I call Earth.

But enough of my obsession. You want to know what Google has been up to lately:

Google OS System
Move over Apple and Microsoft. Within 5 years or so, Google will embrace the OS business like I embrace my laptop every morning. Will it be better than the Mac or the recent Windows 7 OS? The new operating system is under development right now and BirTorrent and other Internet sites are now offering the new product as open-source to the public, so Google can get inspired information technology experts and fans to download the files and repolish its applications. I recommend you read these articles on Technorati, PC World, and Computer World for more information.

I personally do not know what the Internet juggernaut has in store for us, but what I do want is an operating system that can either improve upon Apple's and Microsoft's mistakes, but can still bring something new to the table. I do have a question though. Google Mail and Google Documents, for example, are free if you have a Gmail account. Will Google decide to make Google OS a free, affordable mechanism, so that Google Mail and Google Document continue to be free to the public or will we have to start buying better versions of those Google products if Google decides to incorporate them into the operating system like Microsoft? Even if it becomes free, how is Google going to profit from this product? Ads?

Google Wave
Will Google Wave replace email and all things Twitter? Yes and No. I have read the pros and cons of this new Google product from the increase effort to building real-time communication among college students, business colleagues, and other social groups to the threat real-time communication poses to your Internet privacy. I personally hope Google Wave is incorporated into Google Mail. Now, that would be amazing.

So I just received my Google invitation last week. What have I learned? What do I like or do not like? I have not had much process my first week. I did invite a good friend to Google Wave, but we haven't started talking. It is going to take more time and more effort on my part to make something happen. I am a part of a new wave called "Women on Wave" which gives female participants the space to discuss women's rights and issues. It consists of over 100 people from around the world and I have managed to write a brief introduction about myself to the group. Yet, we hope to have a real live online discussion really soon. So, I will keep you posted on my experiences within the given weeks and months to come. I will make history for the sake of humanity. Oh, what joy will come out of this. This is Tech Diva at your service and she is here to stay.