Good Will Hunting, Time for Action and Boldness

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Dear Loyal Followers, Subscribers, and Friends:

I apologize for my sudden behavior, but I am going to take another break.
I said I was going to create up to two blog posts each week, but given my volunteer work, stress, and pressure to find a real job and source of income, I am going to need more time to straighten up my personal life.

I apologize for the short notice. I am very busy and I do not have the time or energy to write at this time. I do not know when I will come back, but it will be soon. I need to rediscover what I want out of life and why I am blogging in the first place and I can't do it without a clear mind and direction. My guest blog project will be postponed until further notice. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and have me in the back of your mind. I will return fresh and ready to take on the world. Wish me good luck on this task. Self-discovery, I say. I will keep you posted. Thx.


Christina Brown

Leave your lovely comments below please. I want to be inspired! Connect with me on Twitter (@iChristina2010). Thx.   

My Summer Plans, Picture of the Week

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I've decided to group July and August together. We are in the middle of the summer and I want to take these last days of intense heat and sun to prepare for my fall plans. Here is what I will do within the next two months:

July and August Goals 

1. Take 1-2 days out of each week to myself to leave the house and go out and explore and have fun. Life is too short.
2. Actually study for the Driver's License Test and then take the writing exam in the fall.
3. Walk more, eat healthy.
4. Find a part-time, paying job before September 1st. At this point in my career, I do not care what I get, at least as I start saving money. 
5. Be an indispensable worker in my career and as a volunteer worker.
6. Finish reading Seth Godin's "Linchpin, Are You Dispensable" book.
7. Build my portfolio and skills so that when I find my dream job down the road, I'll be ready. :)
8.  Relearn my French skills.
9. Blog at least 2 times per week. Write more engaging blog posts!

Also, will Shannon and Nickelnm contact me? You showed interest in guest blogging, but have responded back to me. I need to know your plans before Monday, July 12th. Thanks.

Lets review what I accomplished last month.

                                                                    June Plan 
1. Blog up to two times a week.
2. Write interesting and engaging blog posts.
3. Celebrate my 23rd birthday the best way possible.
4. Look for a paid, part-time internship.
5. Build my resume and skills with the volunteer opportunity I already have.
6. Build my French and Japanese language skills.
7. Lose between 5 to 10 pounds.
8. Study for Driver's License Test.
9. Reconnect with my college and high school friends.

Finally, Picture of the Week! I want to wear this one day. The French know how to design!

Five Most Sexiest Men Alive in Hollywood

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I am a self-proclaimed popular culture junkie. Not the most pretentious type, but I know my way around the TV or movie screen. I do not know if I adore these five hot guys for their acting chops or for who they really are. Stop it right there. I don't! muhahaha. I have posted the hottest celebrity women (not in that way!) I would go lesbian for. Now it is time to celebrate the guys I would make out in front of you butt naked.

1. Joe Manganiello
Move over Anna Paquin. You are not going to get my dark and handsome man. He is mine! I have not seen One Tree Hill, so I do not know a whole lot about this sexy beast, but when I heard that he was going to portray Alcide Herveaux in the third season of True Blood, I knew I had to watch him. He has the perfect Mediterranean physique, a sweet yet devilish smile and my hands. I want to see his naked body on a platter now. Hurry up Alan Bell! I want to see some more skin! I forgot, he is also a sweet kindred soul. Ahhhhhhh.

2. Bradley Cooper
I'll be honest. I did not like Hangover. How this humorless movie became a Golden Globe winner is beyond my comprehension of great cinematic taste. But Bradley caught my eye though. Then I saw his devilish, playboy grin and rock-hard abs in the A-Team last month, we made out in my mom's car [insert joke]. He has this boyish demeanor like Brad Pitt, but on a different level. Plus, he speaks fluent French. Bradley Cooper can seduce little old me in French and get away with it......I need a cold shower now! 

3. Alexander Skarsgard
Now hear me out. Why is Alexander of all the sexiest men in Hollywood number #3 on my list? First of all, I decided to not rate these gentlemen from least to best. So you have more of a reason to love me now. On True Blood, his character Eric Northman is basically sex on legs. I guarantee you that in this week's episode, he is going to have sex with Snookie Stackhouse after Bill dumps her on the phone. I will be turned on like the rest of Eric Northman's groupies. I love the part in the second season when he tricked Sookie into sucking the bullet wound on his chest. You saw that undeniable smirk on his face? Muy caliente. He is bad boy material personified and a handful at the least. Alex, you are bad and I approve this message.

4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Man, oh man. When I first saw him play Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy (thanks YouTube), I wanted to sleep by his hospital bed and nurse him back to health. He has fantastic charisma on and off-screen. He didn't need Abbi, he needed me! Down-to-earth and sensitive in interviews, I can still see that bad-boy twinkle in his eyes from a mile away. I guess bad, unattainable guys are pretty such my thing, eh? Denny was such a tease and sweetheart to Abbi......then he died. SCREW U Shonda Rhimes! 

5. Gerard Butler
Last but not least, Gerard Butler. You are a sex god. You know that. But you disappointed me with your womanizing and your "grabbing Jennifer Aniston's ass" antics. You were on top (oh my ^-^) last year. But you failed miserably with your last string of movies, including Bounty Hunter. Yet, you are an amazing kisser, a sweetheart, a bad boy with that deep Scottish brouge (or what is left of it lol), and a mysterious, good-looking kindred soul that projects his womanizing persona when he only wants a little attention from the opposite sex. Gerard, if you needed attention, you could have asked me. *Sighs*......

So here are my picks for the sexiest male actors right now. With new movies, new love interests, and new career changes, these men will more than likely not make it on my list next year or for years to come. Only time will tell. So what do you think? Do you have any one else in mind that should be on this list? I wanna hear it! Comment below.

Bashing Your Boss On Facebook Is Never Okay

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Hello everyone! We have our first guest blogger! Give a round of applause to my good Twitter friend, Jessica Malnik. Jessica, take it away!

Jessica Malnik is a Gen Y blogger and social media enthusiast. For Jessica's social media,
technology and workplace ramblings, please visit her blog here.

The other day I came across a startling statistic in a workplace ethics article conducted
by the Ethics Resource Center (ERC).

"Twelve percent of Millennials, for example, said they believe it is acceptable to post negative
comments about their employer on blogs or Twitter."

The fact that 12% of Gen Yers think it's okay to bash their boss on blogs and social
media sites is mind-boggling. The Internet is a very OPEN community. I don't care how
many privacy settings you have on your social media accounts. That information can still
be accessed by anyone either directly or indirectly through a mutual connection.

It's simple. Show some restraint on the Internet. I refer to it as the "Grandma
Standard." That is, if you can't say it to your grandma, then you probably shouldn't post
it on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.

Then, apply the "Kindergarten rule." That is if you can't say something nice, then don't
say or write it at all. That goes for your friends, coworkers and definitely your boss.
Everything negative you write will definitely get back to that person eventually. There's
tons of examples of people losing their job due to inappropriate Facebook status, tweets,
blog posts etc. For instance, there is the girl who got fired from her job, after personally
attacking her boss on Facebook. Not smart.

After the "grandma standard" and the "kindergarten rule," exercise some commonsense.
It's probably a bad idea to call out sick and then tweet later that night about your late
night party.

If you exercise these three golden rules, you will avoid a lot of aggravations in the

Most importantly, just be yourself online, but better. Take some proud and OWN and
MANAGE your online presence.

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Lady Mel has stroke gold yet again. The day before the midnight opening of the third Twilight film, Eclipse last week, she sat down with its three most noticeable stars: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner in LA. Disclaimer: Lady Mel is not a Twilight fan by the way.....

Lady Mel: (cheerfully) Good afternoon folks. How is everyone doing?
Taylor: (Smiles) I am fantastic. We will start filming Breaking Dawn very soon and we can't wait.

Kristen: Yeah, we are doing great actually. So excited to promote this movie. (All three nod in agreement).

Lady Mel: Before we start, you all know that I am a straightforward, canining bitch, right?

Kristen, Taylor, and Robert union “Yes”.

Lady Mel: (In a slight posh accent): That’s very lovely to hear. I see you have all done your homework. (Returns to her accent). My first question goes to you, Taylor. A recent NYMag,com article predicted your profitability and success as a future male action hero. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years in the entertainment industry?

Taylor: I don’t know. I am just enjoying the Twilight ride right now. I have a couple of other movie projects coming out next year, so lets see what happens.

LadyMel: I honestly hope you have a backup plan, dear. Take some more acting classes and you will do just fine.

Taylor (puzzled look on face):......

Lady Mel: So Kristen, darling. What is with your facial expressions lately? Smile more. Is Robert not giving you any lately?

Robert: (Angrily). Hey miss! That is none of your business! And stop with the pose English accent. Not even close.

Kristen: (In a calm voice): No, Robert. It’s fine. (Looks in LadyMel’s direction) LadyMel, I am a quiet person and on the red carpet, you won’t see a lot of vibrant, jubilant facial expressions from me. If you follow my career, you would have known.

LadyMel: (Smirks) Which comes to my next question. Why should your fans watch Eclipse? I found it lackluster myself. Why does Hollywood hired you three to do these parts when there is no good acting in these movies. I know you guys are getting well-paid and famous off of this franchise, but where is the substance? I know it is not entirely your fault. But overall, my opinion does not count. (Robert smirks). Your screaming teenage, thirty-year-old #TeamEdward, #TeamJacob twi-hard fans are the ones buying up this crap and making you millionaires. (Takes a moment and smokes a cigarette).

Robert: (raises voice slightly) People should watch Eclipse because its an action-pack adventure with drama, cool CGI battles between vampires and wevewolves, and a sentimental, romantic storyline like with Buffy, one of my favorite TV series. Everyone loves a romantic movie.

LadyMel: But not everyone loves predicable, wash-out movies like the Twilight movies. And please don’t compare Buffy the Vampire Slayer to your movies. I can see a similar thread in terms of Buffy’s romantic relationship with Angel and your character’s relationship with Bella, but Buffy can kick your sparkling vampire ass anywhere, anytime. Plus, Buffy had awesome one-liners. Your movies are as dead as your career after Twilight.

Kristen: (Angry) Lady Mel, seriously what is your problem? Your Twilight bashing, your attitude, your criticism is pissing me off. Why are we here?

LadyMel: (Calm) Taylor’s agent was a jackass for asking me to do this gig. Everyone knows about my personality. I guess you haven’t done your homework. If you think that all movie critics are nice, think again. Welcome to Hollywood! (Smokes the cigarette).

Kristen: (Angry) I think I had enough for the day. Fuck you! (Holds middle finger in air and storms out of room, Taylor walks out to comfort her.)

Lady Mel: I hope you get hold of Kristen before Taylor. I don’t want your Team Edward fans all hot and bothered when they hear that Taylor is dating Kristen or should I say (seductively) Bella. Wow, this sounds so like the movie. (Robert runs out of room with his middle finger up as well).

(Takes another puff of her cigarette) I love my job. :)
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Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Enjoy the fireworks! :D

So You Think You Can Guest Blog!

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I have created some amazing guest blog posts and met some very cool bloggers along the way:

I was allowed to present my amazing talent with others and now is the time to me to give back to the people that have supported my blog or will begin to! Starting next week, I will begin my GuestBlog Giveaway Series. I am looking for two or three amazing bloggers at this time to write a guest blog post on my blog! Each week, I will present a new blogger with his/her piece. This is going to be fun!

Here are the guildlines:
  1. In terms of the layout and type of post, do as you please. It can be a poem, a rant, opinion piece, movie or music review, a collage, a YouTube video, a drawing, or even an interview. Maybe you want to collaborate with moi? :)
  2. My blog highlights the latest entertainment, media, technology, fashion, politics, social media, and job hunting news. I would like your guest post to fall under at least one of these categories. But if you have an idea outside these categories, talk to me. We can make it happen.
  3. Images and introductions to your guest blogs are welcome.
  4. No word limit, but know the difference between a good blog post and the Bible!
I will provide you with the best support and resources possible. In return you will gain a new audience and a chance to showcase your talent with the rest of the blogosphere. Mi blog es su blog.

I want to know who is willing to participate by Monday, July 5th. You can leave a comment below or email me at to confirm. The first 2-3 people who respond back to me will be the lucky guest bloggers. If more people are interested, I will extend the series to August.

Otherwise, I would like to know the applicants and their ideas as soon as possible, so I can work this project around my own blog schedule. I would like to post the first guest post before Friday of next week if not, by Monday, July 12th. Mondays-Fridays are the best times of the week to post imo. This will be followed by the other 1-2 guest blog posts within the next weeks in July. I am very excited! I have been thinking about this since April and now I can make this happen. If you are unsure with your ideas, please by all means look at my guest blog posts and others for inspiration! Can't wait to see what you guys will come up with!