I am in Love With the Foxx!

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, April 15, 2009 0 comments

 Has anyone seen the Jamie Foxx video on Youtube. To make a long story short, he and some of his colleagues harrased Miley Cryus because the members of Radiohead refused to meet her in person. (Come on guys, she's a spoiled brag :D) . They went lalalalala about her doing heroine and making a sex tape with her dad. (IMO! controlling and creepy >.<) You can throw "white bitch" in there in the dialogue and what do you get? A media frenzy! I believe Jamie Foxx publicly apologized to Miley Cryus on the Jay Leno show last night.

But the clip is hilarious! I went on Youtube and I read the most racist and bigoted comments I have even read but you know what? Jamie Foxx is a comedian and an actor. I knew that he was joking. People said why would a 40 year old man with a teenage daughter talk about another seemingly famous teenage girl? Well, he can. Miley Cryus is a product and a commodity of the evil Disney Co. and a waste of hyped-about pop talent. She was angry because Radiohead did not want to see you. She made it a big deal. In this music business, many people lose their humility and instead project a cocky, diva-like attitude. You want to be spoiled? You might as well do heroine with Britney Spears, get chylamdia, and tape yourself having sex with your dad (Bad images in my head >.<). These "bad" qualities make us love celebrity gossip. If you as a professional artist is angry just because a well-known and international band did not want to be near you, then what does it say about your character?