My Declaration of Independence: The Making of an Independent Woman

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I have a habit for not abiding by my past New Years resolutions because I did not have the will power. But this time I am sticking to this one. No one waiting. No more excuses. 2010 is my time to shine and I will certainly do that. These are the things that I will aim for the new year. Reinvention is the new black.

1. I Am Going to Do Me: This is the most important goal on my list. I have to think for myself for no more. I am not going to rely on my parents for advice. I am shredding all the emotional drama and baggage NOW. 2010 is the year that I will embark on my independence. I want to be free from all the negativity and codependency in my life. 

And no one is going to stop me. I am indestructible. I am going to set my future on my own terms. I am going to ignore all the drama, even if my parents start it. I will start with a new slate. But seeking this independence is a declaration. How will I accomplish it? Freedom has no merit unless you strongly desire for a change. So here is what I am going to do.

2. Network, Network, Network: Since I graduated in May, I have been cooped up in my parents' house, applying to dozen of jobs and internships online without any success and wasting my life away. I know my self worth. I know what I am capable of accomplishing and I know what I am yet to be capable of. I now know that despite the rejection, I know that I am a better person for the dream, despite the lack of preliminary and follow-up interviews. I am sick and tired of just using one outlet (the Internet) to search for work. Starting now, I will take the initiative in networking and schmoozing with Smith alumnae, friends, and assocates to expand my personal brand. As one associate told me this past Tuesday, when you are out there in the real world, "it is not what you know, it is who you know." And I have finally come to that conclusion. So, my goal is to network with the people that I know with confidence and control to find the internship, full-time job, or volunteer work that I want.  

3. Earn My Financial Independence: I had some time to think about this. When I find my first post-career job, I will start earning the money and job experience that I need to get the dream job. Financial independence is the key to leaving my parents' home and asserting yourself as an adult. I hope to earn and save enough money to pay off my college loans and to rent my first apartment by September 2010.

4. Being More Flexible: I am a flexible person. But being the fickle person that I am, when I am determined to do something, I become inflexible and stubborn. I hope to be more open-minded and flexible when it comes to my career path. As of now, I have branched my career options from online media to include other forms of technology: editorial, blogging, user experience, and IT development. But I have to always remember that there is a possibility that online media may not be my calling in my life. People change careers all the time so when I get into the workforce, I will be expose to all areas of the Internet business and corporate America, even the areas that I initially thought were not compatible to my likings and needs.

5. Keeping the Body Whole: Exercising is the hardest task for me to do because I love food. But with my optimistic, positive outlook on my job search and life, I have to keep the body as spiritual and natural as possible. So, I have to reinvent myself more spiritually from the inside out. I aim to drink more water each day, go to the gym at least once or twice a week and/or exercise at home, eat more fruits and vegetables, and develop a normal sleeping schedule. Since I have no job, my sleeping pattern has become imbalanced. Currently, I sleep during the day and wake up during the night. I have to reverse that pattern, especially when I plan on getting a job and feeling my best.

6. Fun, Fun, Fun: I have to reconnect with friends. Since I was in high school, I made friends but conditioned myself to not contact them for some reason. But with this new me, I have to redevelop my social life and reconnect with friends and make new ones. I am that confident and witty woman, now I need to show that to the world and the skeptics and have a great time outside the house. If exercising is the hardest task, having fun is probably the second because I do not do the whole club scene. So, I hope to live the young, exciting Sex in the City life before they  all got married and had children. I am the Carrie and Samantha of my time. And that's awesome.

This is my New Years Resolution. I will follow this resolution to the core. If I don't, I am done for. What is yours like?

Tech Diva: End of the Decade Edition

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Every online website and cable news network from Time Magazine to CNBC has shared their own lists of  the best and worst celebrity scandals or ideas of the last decade. And now I am going to give you my rundown of the lessons that I have learned since the year 2000. I still cannot believe it has been ten years already since the start of the twenty-first century. I am getting old.

1. Don't Fuck With The Terrorists: I apologize for using the f word, but I had to. With 9/11, this recent attempted Christmas bombing of a commercial airplane heading to Detroit, and the Fort Hood massacre still lingers in the hearts and minds of the American public, I do not want to be in the way of their plans for mass destruction and terrorism. And I am not only talking about Islamic fundamentalists.

I am talking about the seemingly liberal media, government agencies, and other American institutions that continues to undermine the potential and progression of the American people. Not all media people are terrorists. I love, Huffington Post, and other online blogs and websites. But I know when to draw a line between the facts and sensationalism. So do not screw with the terrorists. Learn to overcome their campaigns of fear the best way you can. The politics of fear is the most destructive weapon of all. I've learned to not take every breaking news with a grain of salt. Take control your life or they will.

2. Douchebags Rule the World: If you have not read my wicked Halloween tale yet, I strongly recommend you read it. Douchebags rule the world basically. Jon Gosselin thinks he is a living, breathing male god who is now rumored to have lied about a home invasion only to get publicity. He is a douchebag because he has not grown up to support his eight children. A douchebag would not allow his children to be on television in the first place.

A doucebag could be the nice neighbor, your ex, your psychopathic brother or even you. Stars like Kanye West, Richard Heenes, the White House Crashers, Dave Letterman, Charlie Sheen, and Tiger Woods are just the high-profile ones. The list goes on and on. You can take a douche bag out of Hollywood but you cannot take Hollywood out of the douche bag. The last of the most intelligent people on Earth should reclaim the planet from these people or by December 21, 2012, the world might come to an end. So when you write your New Years Resolutions people, please promise me to either convert the douche bags in your life to reasonable human beings or ignore them altogether.

3. Technology Has Redeemed Itself from the Dark Ages: With the highly-anticipated Google Nexus and the Apple Tablet coming out next year, I am glad that I do not have to use floppy disks and CDs anymore. I am glad that 2010 will bring us closer to the science fiction days of our childhood pasts. I am glad that we are a step closer to artificial intelligence and Star Wars technology. Did anyone notice that in one of my Tech Diva 2010 Prediction post, I predicted that Apple will come up with a new invention before I even knew that Apple was going to premiere the "Apple Tablet" sometime next month to the public. Haha, I'm good. So, Facebook and YouTube are in. Goodbye 20th century garbage. 21st century technology is our future.

4.  Celebrity Deaths Are Overrated: This decade will forever be known as the decade of the Greats. Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith all die due to reported drug overdoses and/or long histories of drug addiction. I still remember the day when I heard about MJ's untimely death. I just did not believe it because it's Michael Jackson we are talking about. The Michael Jackson. But there should be a line between at least a few days news coverage to about a year's worth of  untrue stories, fabricated truths, and millions of dollars of unnecessary publicity. Talk about the missing children of this world. I do not want to watch six months worth of the reasons why or maybe why Anne Nicole Smith died. There are other important things that matter to me. End of story.

So before you browse a newspaper or a popular search engine for information, activate your common sense and take yourself on a wild goose chase.

Youtube for the Holidays

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This video should be my new theme song. I think someone stole my idea for a Christmas present this year. Just kidding. I am just happy that I am not the only one who wishes this for the holidays. But despite the wishing and desire to achieve a goal, resilience and determination is the key. When I expose my New Years' resolutions later this week, I will further understand this proposition. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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My 100th Post!

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It has been four months since I have decided to continue my blog!! I think I have grown as an indivdual, a writer, and as an Internet guru in this short time. Despite my financial problems, I  can always come here and share my thoughts with you. 2010 is going to be a wonderful year in the blogging world and I will right there prepared and armed. I want to thank my followers and the readers out there who have enjoyed my storytelling and rants about issues that truly matter to me.

As I grow older, my perspectives on life will change and this blog will change with it. I remember when this blog was literally nothing but a green background and black bold letters. Now there are words, pictures, music, and your lovely comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you or this blog, I do not know where I would be. Lets continue this spectacular adventure together. Happy a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Sneak Peak

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For months, I have tried to develop in a Sex in the City blog post for your viewing pleasure. The former hit HBO series and now movie franchise has been analyzed so critically by second-wave feminists and sociologists for years, one day I might devote a blog post or two all to the topic. But if I do, I have to devote some of my time to watch the whole six seasons on my own with a fresh set of eyes. I have not seen all the TV episodes, but I have a sense of what these four talented, successful women represent in the dialogue about commercialization and women's issues in the 21st century.

In May 2008, the first movie adaptation was a box-office success. It brought women, gay men, and cynics like me all in one movie room. The teaser trailer of the highly-anticipated sequel was launched today online. I hope this movie lives up to its expectations. I hear rumors that this movie will center around how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte began friends and how they all got their start in New York City.

Another sequel is pushing it for me. I tend to hate movie sequels and trilogies altogether so we will see. The sequel is expected to be out nationwide next summer. Check the trailer below.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Remix

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2009 was a very big year for pretty much anything from scandals, the inauguration of this country's first African-American president to the death of the King of Pop and the recently deceased Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy. So as I was planning on Christmas content for this blog, I decided what an unique way to celebrate the holidays and close a year of mayhem by remixing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" my way. It goes a little something like this:

(Guitar rift begins)
On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the second day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the third day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the fourth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the fifth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the seventh day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the eighth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Eight miserable years with President Bush
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the ninth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Nine angry teabaggers
Eight miserable years with President Bush
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the tenth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me,
Ten political czars
Nine angry teabaggers
Eight miserable years with President Bush
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Eleven years of Google Mania
Ten political czars
Nine angry teabaggers
Eight miserable years with President Bush
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve reasons to love LadyGaga
Eleven years of Google Mania
Ten political czars
Nine angry teabaggers
Eight miserable years with President Bush
Seven downloadable Itunes songs
Six months without Michael Jackson (moment of silence)
Five Tiger Wood mistresses,
Four tweets per minute,
Three dumb Kardashian sisters,
Two White House crashers,
And a copy of "Going Rogue" that I won't read!

Tech Diva: What Is Twitter Good For?

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I have been using Twitter on and off for the past year I believe. Many online users tweet about their daily lives in real time communication for the sake of digital contact with the digital world. I sometimes do, but since most of my friends are on Facebook, I do not have the luxury of tweeting each day to friends and family. I use Facebook instead to reach out to my larger audience. On Twitter, I follow industry news, career specialists, and "Hollywood" celebrities to get the latest scoop on finding jobs, career advice, and understanding the seemingly complex celebrity life in cyber space.

But what really, really bothers me is that for some Twitter obsessed celebrities, the only way to communicate to their fans is for their fans to pay them $$$. According to an article I recently read entitled "Want Kim Kardashian To Tweet You? It Will Cost $10,000?", reality-TV star and socialite Kim Kardshian collaborates with in-steam advertising company and through this collaboration, demands $10,000 per tweet. Unfortunately, she is not the only celebrity listed on the company's website. Check it out for yourself.

How nonsensical and pointless can someone get?!  It only goes to show that many celebrities are willing to do almost anything for money and fame these days. That is why I come to hate the Kardashians quite profoundly since Khloe Kardashian got married this past summer after nine days of engagement. They are just greedy, attention-whore douchebags.

I know that celebrities are marketing brands and  the security blankets for many advertising and entertainment companies. Hence why despite Tiger Wood's infidelity scandal on the news, the man virtually owns golf and sports marketing as a whole. I know that social media sites have been used by average Americans and small businesses alike to market their own products and sell their brands to the outside world. We are stilling living in a capitalist, opportunist age even amidst a global recession.

But when you thought celebrities desired to get closer to their fans online because they are so busy running their careers, you have to pay them a certain compensation in order for them to stay in the Hollywood spotlight. Sometimes, I wait for particular celebrities to tweet me back after I tweeted them on their pages and now I know the truth. Therefore, what use does Twitter have for celebrities besides money?

I just heard this on someone else's blog and I had to post it for all the Lady Gaga and Christmas fans out there. Last year, Lady Gaga introduced her version of "Christmas Tree" and I think the song was caught under my radar because I did not hear this song until I looked at Google Reader today and saw that another blogger posted the video on her blog. Anyway, because this is Lady Gaga that we are talking about, you automatically know that this song is not about Christmas trees and being at home for the holidays. There, I spoiled the song for you. Muhahaahahaha.

The link to the Youtube video is here. Earlier, I had the Youtube video on this post but I decided to make a fresh new mix box on my blog so you can listen to it as you read my blog posts. The widget is on your lower right hand corner. Enjoy!

I Am Dreaming of A White... Christmas

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If it is snowing in your area right now, be happy that you can enjoy your time at home and in the snow, but be weary when the snow turns a dark brown in the next couple of days. Christmas is less than a week away and  such movies such as Avatar are out in theaters despite the extremely cold weather nationwide. However, I have collected my top ten Christmas movies for those moviegoers who rather stay at home with their hot chocolate than waste their $10 at the movies. These movies are legendary, some are even on movie critics' top Christmas films of all time lists. They bring us joy and laughter when the times were rough. They are the movies we have saved on our Tivos. Here are the movies that I have entertained me during my twenty-two life year span. I've decided now to present them randomly because they cannot be rated on an one to ten scale. Enjoy!

Love, love, love this movie! I saw it this Thanksgiving weekend. I love how a director can get the best British actors (Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth to name a few) under one movie set. If you love Christmas romantic comedies or movies where you get to see how individuals' love lives are intertwined in modern England, this should be on your list. And who hates the underlying fat jokes in the movie about Martin McCutcheon's character? She is not fat! If she is fat, then I must be a brick house!

If you have not seen A Christmas Story by now, shame on you. It is a Christmas masterpiece! The film journeys a young boy's journey during the holidays in 1950s America. The main protagonist only wants a Red Ryder carbion-action-200-shot-range-model-air-rifle for Christmas. How many children ask Santa Claus or their parents for a gun for Christmas? You know it is already comedic gold right there.

Probably the best Christmas movie hands down. The first one is pretty good, but Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is even better. Young Macaulay Culkin is again separated from his family as they head to Florida for the holiday season without him. Culkin accidentally takes a plane to New York instead to Florida. In New York, you would think he is not all alone. The same thieves that tried to kill him in the first movie at his Chicago home are back again. But never fear, Culkin has a lot up his sleeve and he will make you laugh until the pigs come flying home.

As a child, I have probably seen The March of the Wooden Soldiers about 20 times. It always comes on  the WB every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not surprised if it comes on next Friday right in time for Christmas. All of your bedtime nursery rhymes characters from Little Bo Peep to Mother Goose are in the flesh in this movie. Plus, Laurel and Hardy are hilarious as they defeat the nefarious Barnaby.

The Tim Burton classic, Nightmare Before Christmas, is breathtaking and artistic unlike of its Disney predecessors because of its dark, edgy characters. I love the songs in this film. Tim Burton was a Disney animator before he made it big in Hollywood. So for someone to integrate Halloween and Christmas into the film's plot is a genius in my book.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is amazingly funny. Chevy Chase's family is probably funnier and more dysfunctional than my own, but that is alright. So how did this movie make it on my list? Dread cats under the living room couch and a squirrel hanging on the Christmas tree.

So there you go. Here are the movies that make me smile when I watch them. I hope they do for you.

Picture of the Week

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Pretty Baby, Why Are You Bored?
Where Are Your Baby Manners?
Nom Nom. Nom.

Rant of the Day

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I just heard that that the Golden Globes nominations have been announced and I am quite excited. However, I am a little bit concerned. In the directors' category, James Cameron, best known for directing the mega blockbuster and eleven-time Academy Award film, Titanic, was nominated for Best Director of a Motion Film for Avatar, but his movie is not even out nationwide until this Thursday Friday. Yet, Whitney Houston came out with her comeback album the last day of Grammy qualifications and she was not nominated for any Grammys this year. Do you see the hypocrisy? I just had to bring that to your attention.

Dear Santa Claus:

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I have been a naughty girl all year and its NOT what you think. But I also have also been a goodie two shoes. I am here to write you a letter because deep down in my childhood essence, I still believe in you. By the time you finish reading this letter, you will forget all about my past bad deeds.

Okay, here I go. *Deep breath*. All I want for Christmas this year is........a paid internship or job. No more video games or Barbie dolls. No more expensive mp3 players. I am too old for such childish things anymore. All I want is to be financially secure, so I can get out of my parents' house for good. Now, I know you understand where I am coming from. I have my sources. *smirks*  Each year, you leave your wintry hut in the North Pole to full little girls and boys with smiles because you have a job. It may not pay the bills, but at least you enjoy what you do. You have a passion. I need a job to exercise mine. Yet like my parents, you also travel around the world to get away from the meddling elves that make your toys. I do not blame you for leaving. Those elves always intervene in your private affairs. And don't let me talk about Mrs. Claus. Let's just say that you should not have hooked up with her. My parents are the same way only worse sometimes.

There you have it. That is my only Christmas wish. I could have asked you to end world poverty, domestic violence, corporate greed, the conservative media's damnation of Tiger Woods' infidelity for all I care or even create a bipartisan, universal health care system, but it is the grown ups' responsibility to solve those problems. Santa Claus is suppose to give away presents, not eradicate these issues that could not have prevented if some people in power did not act like assholes. Can you do me this favor while you are at it? Make sure you do not accidentally put some of the naughty people on your good list. I fear a backlash already.

So, I hope to see you this Christmas Eve as your sled rides right pass my bedroom window. I will be waiting as always.


P.S I have the oatmeal raisin cookies and milk that you want. =)

It's That Time of Year Again!

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Hello, everyone. As you may not have known this but last week was a feebie week. I did not have anything planned out so I added some "outside content" to help your lives with my awesomeness. Anyway, I have some nice news to give to you. Starting this week until December 25th, I have planned out some creative Christmas content for you! Yay!

Today is the start of my 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza. I have some goodies in store with you including a holiday edition of Tech Diva! So be prepared of any holiday content that you come across on my blog within these next two weeks. I will try my best to spread out the material every two to three days. Have a nice day and I will see you tomorrow!

Quote of the Week

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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

Comedy 101: Alphacat Keeps It Real

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For all of you absentminded people out there who do not get what is happening to this country right now Alphacat, probably known as the best Obama impersonator ever, recently uploaded another of his creative political parodies.

The comedian and YouTube sensation may be a bit biased towards Fox News, but if you could use just leave your biased views out the window (I know it is hard) and take about fifteen minutes of your time to watch the full video, you might be entertained whatever your views are on the political spectrum. So sit back and relax and take this Thriller/President Obama parody for that it really is, comedic gold! Watch it here!

Fashion of the Past Decade

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I wonder around the Internet like a homeless hobo all the time. It was until I came across this NY article about the fashion trends of the past decade that I had to say something. The decade is about to end. I remember many of the fashion trends within the past ten years. For instance, the forever-changing short bob haircut that Rhianna rocked since her launch of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007. One short hairstyle and one edgy makeover created a fashion phenomenon.

However, if I were living on Earth one hundred, even two hundreds years from now, I would not recognize the 00's as the decade of the "it" fashions. Some of the trends are regurgitated 80's punk styles and 70's platform shoes. Anything before 1990 had the best fashion styles in my opinion. Those were the days when people were making statements without any effort or an agenda. Fashion was a part of daily life. Now it's..... I do not know, commercialized? Although, I do love fashion to a certain extent, will we remember this decade for its post-modern sense of style in the distant future?

View the slideshow here.

More Twilight Bashing For Your Cup of Coffee!

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As the Twilight hater that I am, I want to help jump start your week at school or at work by watching this video where dozens of Twilight fans were pranked! I am not going to give away the details, just watch it here!

Tech Diva: 2010 Predictions

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, December 6, 2009 2 comments

2010 is right around the corner after a decade of catastrophic world events and poignant memories. The Internet has defiantly shaped the way in which we perceived these world events, but everything has a beginning. Do you wonder sometimes how the Internet started in the first place? I know it did not begin overnight. recently up with a cool, interactive timeline that summaries the history of the Internet in less than one page! Did you know that e-mail was invented about 40 years ago? If history itself does not just end in 2009.

This year alone, we have observed millions more people using small and more popular video-sharing, social networking sites such as Fickr and Youtube more than ever in their daily lives. This year should be recognized as the zenith of online media in itself. People were tweeting during award show events and about news minutes after it was reported to the public online. Like Google Wave,  real-life communication is fueled by our greed for digitalized information. Major corporations and retail stores that were not exposed to the Internet like ten, twenty years ago are now capitalizing on this service. How did we hear about a company's job openings or the Tiger Woods scandal? Nine out of ten, it was from probably from blogs, websites, or our Blackberrys. 

So, what do I think 2010 has in store for us? Here are my early predictions:
  • Many news content websites will charge users a fee for reading their content.
  • There will be a new "it" website. So, move over Twitter and Facebook. I do not know what the website or service is, but it will take the Internet world by storm.
  • The Internet will have a profound effect on the 2010 elections.
  • New microeconomic technologies will help people from third world countries get out of poverty.
  • Unemployed people will use the Web in ways thought unimaginable.
  • Apple or some other company will design the next "Ipod". Remember when the Ipod was introduced in 2001? It will be more convenient and better than the best  mobile technologies today combined. And you know I will buy it.
  • Within the next 10 years, a new Internet company will be born or rise the ranks. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo. Be aware of these smaller companies.
I cannot go far enough into the future, but I believe that the future is promising unless the world ends on December 21, 2012. What do you think the new year has in store for us technologically?

Picture of the Week

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This Is How I Want My Life To Be.
Colorful, Charming, Intact.
Yet, Out of Place Sometimes.

White House Party Crashers Exposed

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Lady Mel, the educated woman and socialite that she is, sips her caramel, green tea as she reads the NYTimes newspaper inside her French chateau. Bored and inspired by the White House Intruders Want Money for Tale article in the November 28th issue, she initally decides to invite the semi-famous wannabe couple to her late night talk TV show to try to get the "real" juicy details. But she catches herself and decides that it would even be more humiliating if she wrote a song about them. Several hours later at a friend's studio, she recorded and written a tune on her acoustic guitar that went something like this:

(Guitar starts playing)
Someday, I will remember
What I was fighting for.
But nothing like this shit.
(Screaming) No, no, no!
Nothing like this.
 Nothing like this shittttt.
(Guitar playing faster)
I've seen The Wedding Crashers so many times.
Hilarious movie.
But don't act like Vince Vaughn and Olsen Wilson in realllll lifeeeee.
(Long pause, guitar plays slowly)
Two dumb ass fools.
Media hoards nonetheless,
Ended up in the White House.
Yes the White House.
Wearing their Tuesday best.
Outsmarted the Secret Service
Yes, the freaking Secret Service man! (Screaming)
Dude, where is my national security?
(Deep voice) It's gone out the windowwwww.
Like the rest of this country.
(Guitar plays faster)

So what, they did not do anything.
They just took pictures with the Washington elite,
And shook hands with President Obama.
They crashed the White House, no small feat.

Well they ruffled some feathers.
Creating all this unnecessary drama.
Exposed our lack of national intelligence
They are in deep shit now.
What if they planned to kill the president?
They were just inches away,
Oh wait, the critics did not think about that
Let these media hoards payyyyyyyyyyyyy. (Guitar rift ends)

The Future on the War on Terrorism

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Last night, I was one of those eagered Americans to watch President Obama speak in front of over 4,000 extremely talented West Point undergraduates on CNN. His announcement of positioning 30,000 more American troops into Afghanistan puzzled me. During his presidential campaign last year, he promised to bring the troops home as soon as he was elected into office. Now that he is our president, I guess President Obama has matured and now comprehends that the issue at hand was not as transparent as he thought.

I personally feel that as an American, the victims and the heroes, who risked their own lives to save others during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, should not be forgotten. I am a fighter but a person of peace. If war is one of the only ways to stop the 9/11 masterminds from attacking the United States, so let it be. However, I feel that under President Bush's leadership, we have been deluded from the real war in Afghanistan. Eight years later, we are now thinking about the real war, not Iraq. Although, I think President Obama has changed his foreign policy on the war on terrorism, I am still optimistic that he will successfully bring our troops back home within the next eighteen months.

 What do you think about his deliberated decision? If you were president, what would have you done differently?

End of Year Planning

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Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving Weekend. I know I did. Today I want to give you an update about my career process. As of now, I am still unemployed. I did not get into Google as I mentioned last month, but that is alright. My mission is still to find a job or internship within the online media industry, even if this economy sucks. Last Wednesday, I applied to AOL's online editorial internship so I hope I hear something from AOL-Time Warner within the next two to three weeks. If I don't, I am just going to find a seasonal, retail job in the meanwhile to help pay my loans back and get back on my foot.

In my Real Time, Set in Motion post in mid October, I talked about accomplishing some tasks before the month was over. Lets see if I actually accomplished those things.

October Plan
-Apply to more internships/jobs online.
-Organize my own mock interviews.
-Reconnect with friends and spend time with them outside this house.
-Network with Smith Alumanae.
-Start my career by earning a commiting job.
-Get more sleep.
-Research more on my companies of interests.
- Stay update with industry news in the media, entertainment, and technology industries.
-Continue writing my blog at least 5 times a week.

So you see that I have done something productive. I may not have a job yet but I am researching and going online to get updates on my companies and industries of interests. It is best to be prepared and aware of the news before applying to any jobs. I also hanged with a good middle-school job in late October at the mall so that is a very good step in the direction. I know what I have to do. Here is what I aim to do within the next thirty days:

December Plan
  • Find a job, whether it is a seasonal or permanent job.
  • See if I can take winter or spring classes at a local college to boost my resume.
  • Network with Smith College alumnae.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Buy something for mom for Christmas.
  • Save more money.
  • Stay the eternal optimist that I am.
  • Go out and enjoy myself this New Year's.
What do you plan to do by the end of this year?

Picture of the Week

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Don't Tase Me Bro! I'm innocent!
Be Thankful for Your Life,
Not A Piece of My Nice, Juicy, Seasoned,
Baked, Stuffed, Honey Glazed Turkey Butt!

Tech Diva: Black Friday, Twilight Mania Shopping Guide!

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What do screaming Twilight fans, a 40 year old perverted wannabe vampire, and holiday shoppers all have in common? They are out of control! What happened to the humanity?! If you fit in any of these categories, I am going to help you act like a smart shopper starting this holiday season. You must act smart and  spend deliberately as you visit dozens and dozens of malls across the country. Because we are still in an economic recession, I already know that you are not going to purchase expensive holiday gifts unless you are within the top one percent tier of the American population. With the unemployment rate over 10%, who is going to spend a ton of $$ this year? You want your GAP clothes and laptops at extremely low and discounted prices.

So before you glance over newspaper ad clippings, Tech Diva advises you to hit the digital world this year to get the most updated cool bargains and giveaways and economy experts' tips. Here are my three recommendated websites that you should check out:

  • Black Friday 2009: This is probably the Google of all Black Friday themed websites. Not only does it contain forums where you can post your suggestions and insider information about your favorite stores and name brands to others, but it has free consumer buying guides, top stores' Black Friday hours, and the most updated online deals around. For instance, did you know that you can buy a Fuji FinePix J28 camera for yourself or a loved one on for only $80! Plus, the site is linked to other online stores' websites such as Amazon and Walmart so you can purchase the item online.
  • If you are a Twitter geek, follow CheapTweet on your Twitter account. CheapTweet searches the Twitter database for the best sales and deals. That way you are aware of those deals at every minute of the day on your computer or mobile phone. Rule of thumb. Follow your friends and your favorite celebrities and brand names on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Maybe your best friend might "twitter" you about an awesome 50% deal off of jeans and accessories at JCPenneys. You never know.
  • NY's Black Friday Shopping Guide: For your NY hipsters out there, has collected a list of the best NY places to shop this Black Friday. Many vintage and upscale stores have great bargains including DSW that is selling Gucci handbags 50% off and other clearance items 70% off. 
There are many other websites and forums out there, but with these resources, you can start planning your holiday shopping. Oh wait, I have some such needed advice. Act civil. The clothes, the cameras, the Blackberrys are not going anywhere. I do not want to hear about "grown" adults stampeding over one another to get the very last Iphone from a BestBuy store. Such behavior makes you act like those clamorous Twilight fans. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

My Thanksgiving Revelations

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone is getting ready to reconnect with family and friends. I am thankful for a lot of things, but unlike others, I am diabolically evil. Muahahahaha! Here are my top five thanksgiving revelations:

1. I am thankful for the food that I will help cook this Thanksgiving. This is the first time that I will help my mom with the cooking. Can't cook for nothing. I want the yummy food right now! ><

2. I am thankful for not planning on buying Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue, this holiday season. She is not the next Shakespeare or Virginia Woolf, so I have no intention in reading something that will not stimulate my mind mentally.

3. I am thankful for not wasting my $10 on a New Moon movie ticket this past weekend. I am officially a Twilight hater.

4. I am thankful for having this blog. Without it, I would go madly insane.

5. I am thankful for retaining my sense of humor and dignity even under these stressful times.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Top Four AMA Awards Performances!

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Some performances were bland, some were good. But these four brightened my night. If your performance is not on this list, then I think you either need to hone your craft more or I did not find your performance worthwhile or I do not like you as an artist.

Whitney Houston
She was phenomenal. After leaving Bobby and the drugs, she made me feel that I can become self-confidence of my own abilities and leave the pessimism aside. I even stead a tear or two just watching her. She has gone through so much, yet she finally found the strength to carry on. Here is her performing her single "I Did Not Know My Own Strength" off her successful comeback album, "I Look To You".

LadyGaga, LadyGaga. Lady Gaga. You were amazing last night. I did not know you were so talented as you played the piano on fire in an enclosed in a cubic containment and smashing empty alcohol bottles without skipping a beat. You brought freshness back to pop music. If Beyonce were to perform last night, you would win in a landslide. Beyonce has the dramatic, stage persona but can she play an musical instrument and still look sexy? Nope.

The Black Eyes Peas
I always admired you guys. The concept of your music and videos are never the same, always different and futuristic. I now realize that Fergie can actually sing. Bravo. And I like that you paid homage to the late King of Pop by bringing out silver, painted robotic dancers on stage. It slightly reminds me of MJ's Thriller.

Jay-Z And Alicia Keys
Jay-Z, you performed your song at the NY Yankee's World Series victory parade. I love the New York feeling. Alicia Keys rips it. I loved the "New York, New York" opening, followed by Jay-Z's white irony suit and the other young, talented pianists playing "Empire State of Mind" with Alicia Keys in the background. It was a good way to represent how music education is extremely valued to the New York City educational system.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees this year at this year's American Music Awards in LA. I got the majority of my predictions correct except for the Album of the Year, which I will talk more about later. Now let's get back to business:

1. Why did not Lady Gaga win any award tonight? I was hoping for Lady Gaga to win either the Favorite Female Pop Artist or T-Mobile's Breakthrough Artist award but she got nothing. I was a bit disappointed but Lady Gaga is a new face in pop music so she will get her moment of appreciation and excellence, you know. We still have the Grammy early next year to look forward to. Ironic how she gave one of the best performances of the night, but came out empty-handed. Her time will come.

2. I told you once and I will tell you again. RiRi does not have a stage persona. I even had my own mother tell me this in my face! Rihanna cannot sing or perform. I was hoping for her to redeem herself after her physical assault with former superstar boyfriend Chris Brown, but she did not deliver a very good comback performance. I do not care if Rihanna fans hate me or not. I am telling like it is. She may be a product of Def Jam but she is only a pretty face. Only Keri Hilson and Ciara have worse stage performances than Rihanna.

3. Taylor Swift was a five time winner last night. Yet, the American Idol winner was nowhere to be found because she was rehearsing her London's gig for tonight. On live satellite, she seemed modest and extremely suprised to win these awards even winning out against the King of Pop in the Album of the Year category. I was hoping the American public could have not voted more diversely and I am still puzzled to why Taylor Swift won all these awards. Do people like her music or they felt bad for her after Kanye West stole her sunshine at this year's MTV VMAs? Speaking of which, I thought Kanye was going to come out of nowhere and interrupt her acceptance speeches. HAAAAA. Oh, wait he was not nominated this year so that is why.

4. Jennifer Lopez landed on her ass towards the end of her raunchy, boxing inspired performance of her new single "Louboutins". I love JLo in the last 1990s, but if she comes out with this Beyonce, Sasha Fierce repertoire, I might want to hurl.

5. All the rap performances sucked so there is no need to talk about them.

6. Beyonce was no where to be found and I am not surprised.

7. There was nothing shocking and grotesque with Adam Lambert's performance at the very end of the show. I had to view it a second time on Youtube to see what people were complaining about. As one Youtuber commented and I strongly agree, Madonna has done this years ago and no one really complained. Now that you replace Madonna with an American Idol finalist and openly gay man, now there is a problem because he allowed one of his male dancers to be inches near his crotch. Moving on...

Tech Diva: Things I Go Google For

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I promise you a weekly technology post. Here is the moment of truth! Why start with Google? I want to start this first technie post to show my admiration and dedication as a Google user and fan of the global company. I could not even tell you when and where I started using Google products, but what I do know is that during my sophomore year at Smith College, Google Boston held an information meeting at the college's campus center one fall night. I went of course and was absolutely amazed after watching their "Why You Should Work at Google" video introduction.

Fast forward today. I've applied to two Google positions within the past year. I did not get accepted for an interview or a series of Google's onsite interviews, but that does not mean that I will not continue to use Google products in my daily life. Who can get mad at Google? I just have to find another job. I will not let rejection get the best of me. I am just simply awesome for Google's own good. *smirks*

So you are wondering how and why do I incorporate this brand in my daily life? For one thing, I like free, inventive stuff. I love Blogger because I can create a free blog in which I can present my life and its delicate mysteries to other people. Without Google, I would not be standing here right now talking to you about Google or even about my deep hatred for Megan Fox. Google's Blogger kept me sane when I thought I had nothing else to do. Writing has always been a passion and I will use for my own benefit. iGoogle and Google Mail are also my life right now. I do not get as much spam as I have gotten on my Yahoo account which is a major plus. Yahoo!, shame on you! I customize my own widgets and the internal detailing on my homepage. I've inserted YouTube videos, my Gemini horoscope, the Huffington Post and the NYTimes and a TV guide all on my iGoogle page. It is like I have invented my little world inside a digital world inside a much larger, unflattering world I call Earth.

But enough of my obsession. You want to know what Google has been up to lately:

Google OS System
Move over Apple and Microsoft. Within 5 years or so, Google will embrace the OS business like I embrace my laptop every morning. Will it be better than the Mac or the recent Windows 7 OS? The new operating system is under development right now and BirTorrent and other Internet sites are now offering the new product as open-source to the public, so Google can get inspired information technology experts and fans to download the files and repolish its applications. I recommend you read these articles on Technorati, PC World, and Computer World for more information.

I personally do not know what the Internet juggernaut has in store for us, but what I do want is an operating system that can either improve upon Apple's and Microsoft's mistakes, but can still bring something new to the table. I do have a question though. Google Mail and Google Documents, for example, are free if you have a Gmail account. Will Google decide to make Google OS a free, affordable mechanism, so that Google Mail and Google Document continue to be free to the public or will we have to start buying better versions of those Google products if Google decides to incorporate them into the operating system like Microsoft? Even if it becomes free, how is Google going to profit from this product? Ads?

Google Wave
Will Google Wave replace email and all things Twitter? Yes and No. I have read the pros and cons of this new Google product from the increase effort to building real-time communication among college students, business colleagues, and other social groups to the threat real-time communication poses to your Internet privacy. I personally hope Google Wave is incorporated into Google Mail. Now, that would be amazing.

So I just received my Google invitation last week. What have I learned? What do I like or do not like? I have not had much process my first week. I did invite a good friend to Google Wave, but we haven't started talking. It is going to take more time and more effort on my part to make something happen. I am a part of a new wave called "Women on Wave" which gives female participants the space to discuss women's rights and issues. It consists of over 100 people from around the world and I have managed to write a brief introduction about myself to the group. Yet, we hope to have a real live online discussion really soon. So, I will keep you posted on my experiences within the given weeks and months to come. I will make history for the sake of humanity. Oh, what joy will come out of this. This is Tech Diva at your service and she is here to stay.

Picture of the Week

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I Have No Words. 
I Just Want to Eat Your Little Face Up. ^.^

2009 AMA Awards Predictions

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Here are my predictions. The ones in bold blue are my top picks. The ones in bold gold are my second, runner-up picks because I could not decide the sole winner of each category. I will discuss about the biggest awards only because if I have to talk about each and every category, my writing will be as long as the Oscars each year!

Lets start with the Artist of the Year category. The King of Pop will be the big winner of the night. He is up for five nominations this year. I really want Lady Gaga to win this particular award because she has an incredible year and she is about to start her world tour, but since Michael Jackson's untimely death (R.I.P MJ) was the story of the summer and that he has been the most influential pop icon of the past thirty years, I will not be surprised if he will win Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Artist, and Best R&B Album. Note that I want Maxwell to win for Favorite Male Artist, but come on. The fans are going to pick MJ instead.

There is also some gossip floating around that if Michael Jackson was not dead, he would have not been even nominated in the first place because he technically did not release a new album on the radio. It's true. Look who won the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at this year's Academy Awards. The late Heath Ledger. If the AMA Awards can get Janet Jackson to perform the opening act for eight minutes, MJ is expected to win big.

Secondly, I think Taylor Swift will be the other big winner at Sunday's awards ceremonial. She will defiantly win the Favorite Country Female Artist, Favorite Country Album, and Favorite Adult Comptemporary Artist awards, although she will have some stiff competition with Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the Favorite Female Pop Artist category for two obvious reasons: 1.) Lady Gaga is only nominated three times this year and she has more potential to win this award or the Breakthrough Artist Award; although her album is very good, I know the fans will not pick her debut album over Michael's Number Ones album in the Favorite Pop Album category. If she is robbed of this Best Pop Female or the Breakthough Artist Award, I am going to kill ABC. (I hate you ABC for cancelling a perfectly, awesome show!)  2.) Lady Gaga has been EVERYWHERE this year selling her music and intriguing us with her iconoclastic, yet awesome fashion sense and musical talent. But! There is a but. I think it is a woman's intuition, but Taylor Swift will get the award. *sighs*

Beyonce will not be voted Favorite Female Pop Artist. Yes, Single Ladies was an Internet and pop phenomenon when it hit the airways late last October, but her videos after her first Sasha Fierce hit has gone downhill. If you want to see her newest video, scroll down to yesterday's blog post. Overall, she will win the Best Female R&B Artist instead. Watch the AMA Awards this Sunday night to see if my predictions came true!

Kings of Leon
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Male Artist
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Female Artist
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

POP/ROCK - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Kings of Leon

POP/ROCK - Favorite Album
Fame - Lady Gaga
Number Ones - Michael Jackson
Fearless - Taylor Swift

COUNTRY - Favorite Male Artist
Jason Aldean
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban

COUNTRY - Favorite Female Artist
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

COUNTRY - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

COUNTRY - Favorite Album
Unstoppable - Rascal Flatts
Fearless - Taylor Swift
Foundation - Zac Brown Band

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Male Artist

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Album
Relapse - Eminem
Blueprint 3 - Jay-Z
Paper Trail - T.I.

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Male Artist
Jamie Foxx
Michael Jackson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Female Artist
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Mary Mary

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Album
I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas
Number Ones - Michael Jackson

SOUNDTRACKS - Favorite Album
Hannah Montana: The Movie
Hannah Montana 3
Twilight Soundtrack

ALTERNATIVE ROCK - Favorite Artist
Green Day
Kings of Leon

Jason Mraz
Taylor Swift

LATIN - Favorite Artist
Luis Fonsi
Wisin Y Yandel

Jeremy Camp
Brandon Heath
Mary Mary

Lady Gaga
Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi