Fashion of the Past Decade

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, December 8, 2009 0 comments

I wonder around the Internet like a homeless hobo all the time. It was until I came across this NY article about the fashion trends of the past decade that I had to say something. The decade is about to end. I remember many of the fashion trends within the past ten years. For instance, the forever-changing short bob haircut that Rhianna rocked since her launch of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007. One short hairstyle and one edgy makeover created a fashion phenomenon.

However, if I were living on Earth one hundred, even two hundreds years from now, I would not recognize the 00's as the decade of the "it" fashions. Some of the trends are regurgitated 80's punk styles and 70's platform shoes. Anything before 1990 had the best fashion styles in my opinion. Those were the days when people were making statements without any effort or an agenda. Fashion was a part of daily life. Now it's..... I do not know, commercialized? Although, I do love fashion to a certain extent, will we remember this decade for its post-modern sense of style in the distant future?

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