I Am Dreaming of A White... Christmas

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, December 19, 2009 1 comments

If it is snowing in your area right now, be happy that you can enjoy your time at home and in the snow, but be weary when the snow turns a dark brown in the next couple of days. Christmas is less than a week away and  such movies such as Avatar are out in theaters despite the extremely cold weather nationwide. However, I have collected my top ten Christmas movies for those moviegoers who rather stay at home with their hot chocolate than waste their $10 at the movies. These movies are legendary, some are even on movie critics' top Christmas films of all time lists. They bring us joy and laughter when the times were rough. They are the movies we have saved on our Tivos. Here are the movies that I have entertained me during my twenty-two life year span. I've decided now to present them randomly because they cannot be rated on an one to ten scale. Enjoy!

Love, love, love this movie! I saw it this Thanksgiving weekend. I love how a director can get the best British actors (Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth to name a few) under one movie set. If you love Christmas romantic comedies or movies where you get to see how individuals' love lives are intertwined in modern England, this should be on your list. And who hates the underlying fat jokes in the movie about Martin McCutcheon's character? She is not fat! If she is fat, then I must be a brick house!

If you have not seen A Christmas Story by now, shame on you. It is a Christmas masterpiece! The film journeys a young boy's journey during the holidays in 1950s America. The main protagonist only wants a Red Ryder carbion-action-200-shot-range-model-air-rifle for Christmas. How many children ask Santa Claus or their parents for a gun for Christmas? You know it is already comedic gold right there.

Probably the best Christmas movie hands down. The first one is pretty good, but Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is even better. Young Macaulay Culkin is again separated from his family as they head to Florida for the holiday season without him. Culkin accidentally takes a plane to New York instead to Florida. In New York, you would think he is not all alone. The same thieves that tried to kill him in the first movie at his Chicago home are back again. But never fear, Culkin has a lot up his sleeve and he will make you laugh until the pigs come flying home.

As a child, I have probably seen The March of the Wooden Soldiers about 20 times. It always comes on  the WB every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not surprised if it comes on next Friday right in time for Christmas. All of your bedtime nursery rhymes characters from Little Bo Peep to Mother Goose are in the flesh in this movie. Plus, Laurel and Hardy are hilarious as they defeat the nefarious Barnaby.

The Tim Burton classic, Nightmare Before Christmas, is breathtaking and artistic unlike of its Disney predecessors because of its dark, edgy characters. I love the songs in this film. Tim Burton was a Disney animator before he made it big in Hollywood. So for someone to integrate Halloween and Christmas into the film's plot is a genius in my book.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is amazingly funny. Chevy Chase's family is probably funnier and more dysfunctional than my own, but that is alright. So how did this movie make it on my list? Dread cats under the living room couch and a squirrel hanging on the Christmas tree.

So there you go. Here are the movies that make me smile when I watch them. I hope they do for you.


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it snowed here this weekend...

I posted a few blogs with pics of the snow from this weekend & a post about the ice storm & the tree that fell on my car.

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