Social Media/Online Marketing: My Next Passion

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I am going to do something differently today. I want to spice this blog things up a bit. Sometimes, criticizing celebrities can make a mad woman go over the top. I have been thinking to do this on and off this summer: social media/online marketing. I am fascinated with social media, from the most simple application to the digital interactions I have with friends and family. It is becoming an obsession of mine.

A close associate of mine (disclosing identity) informed me that especially during this economic recession, you can't always be picky with jobs, you know. She said I should try to expand my options. I resisted at first because I can be a stubborn person sometimes once I set my mind on something. Then I  read this recent New York Post article about the rising unemployment rate for young Americans.(The article can be found here.) Young Americans are now competing with much older, more experienced candidates for job positions, so the level of competition and frustration is staggering.

So as I was heading up to bed last night, I realized that I should expand my options a little. As many of you know, I want to pursue a career in online media. I just applied to this online media internship and I am very excited! (woot me!) Yet, I am very realistic and I will be applying to more jobs/internship opportunities in the future. But online media is such a broad, vague term. I can do so much more within this field. The possibilities are endless. So, I've decided to look into online/social media marketing as another alternative to see what it is all about.

On the side note, if you want to know more about social media marketing, Shama Kabani's video blog is pretty awesome. All the tips and inside scoot on this growing industry can be found on her website here. I am a product of the Internet generation. I am in the forefront in this global movement. I believe I have the communication, writing, and innovative skills to produce a successful career in the world of online media. :)

I'm Taking Out the Trash, Mom!

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I, like many bored Americans, love me some good action-packed, tear-jerking, dramalicious (see it's a new word) reality TV shows. Some shows have intrigued us because of the way people really act in front of the camera, while others makes viewers hate the human race all together. So, I have decided to write about the worst of the worst reality TV shows out there. Some should not have been created in the first place. Why wasted my time with stupid antics, boring monologues, and the same crap every year when I could produce my own reality TV series?! So if I were a TV executive, here are the shows I would cancel this fall 2009-2010 TV season:

                                                   THE HILLS
Is this  a real reality TV show? Are they really acting? Wait, they're still on? I recently heard these girls make between $90,000-$125,000 PER episode. Seriously, I know people who have worked their entire lives to support their dreams and families and now are either unemployed or making end's meat in this recession and they don't make that much in a year. I won't consider "TV acting" a profession unless you are actually acting and entertaining the audience. Obviously, they can't. *Sighs* Lame wannabe celebrities, lame fashion line (I'm calling you out Lauren Conrad!), pitiful acting. I'm bored, moving on.

American Idol

This show has had lower ratings this season than the last several seasons. Schizo Paula Abdul is no longer a host on the show. Simon is still the same cheeky bloke. What more do the producers of this show want? I am sick and tired of people auditioning for a chance to become the next American Idol, when 99% can't sing or perform if their lives depended on it. Why waste a plane ticket to Hollywood and suffer  public humiliation when they could be doing something else in their lives? I don't want to hear the same pop music over and over again. There is no originality in music anymore. The King of Pop is dead (RIP MJ) and now music is dead. And don't let me get started with mainstream hip-hop these days. American Idol is just an overrated show, period. 


VH1 is clearly not a TV reality show. It's a popular TV channel. Yet it produces the most trashiest, the most worthless TV programming I have seen in my entire life. I could list them all, but it will take me days to do so. So I am going to list the worse ones below. Some people already know about these picks, but the majority of the American public needs to know the truth! This is not the politics of fear, this is humankind at its lowest denominator imaginable.
I Love Money
          Rock of Love: Charm School
                                            I Love New York
                                            Flavor of Love
                                    Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

See a trend? So, beware of what you watch tonight. What can you do for your country in this moment of this current TV crisis? Don't watch. That way the ratings will drop and those shows will be cancelled for good. I'm not saying that all reality shows are rubbish. One of my favorite shows on right now is Project Runway.  You, the TV consumer, have to decipher true acting talent from the talentless. The power is yours!

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra

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LadyMel: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Late Night Show with your fabulous host, LadyMel!  *audiences claps* Our first guest became the first African-American supermodel to solo Sports Illustrated  in 1997. She's a talk show host and the executive producer/creater of the hit CW show "America's Next Top Model". Lets welcome, Ms. Tyra Banks!!

*walks onto stage, smiles at audience, shares a kiss on check with LadyMel, sits in chair right beside host.*
LadyMel: Welcome, welcome. Omg, who are you wearing?!

Tyra: You like? I'm wearing this nice Chanel dress. Girlfriend, I was at New York's Fashion Week and I met your idol, Lady Gaga. She is absolutely stunning.

LadyMel: I know. *smiles* I see you are wearing your weave tonight? You went au-natural on Larry King the other day. Why can't you be au-natural on my show?

Tyra: LadyMel, do you know that there are like millions of people watching me on your show right now? I have to present myself to the fullest.

LadyMel: Uhm, millions of people were watching you on CNN that night, I don't see any difference.

Tyra: Girlfriend, it's Larry King of all people. His presence alone can make black women take off their weaves. *audience roars with laughter* I have deep respect for the man and his career.

LadyMel: So, you will only show your natural hair to a seventy something year old guy? What other things do you show to old desperate hippy guys out there, Tyra? *audience laughs* How weird. What do you have there in your hand?

Tyra: My new Blackberry Smartphone! I love it. I tweet all my fans and friends whenever I have a chance to do so. I am so obsessed with it.

LadyMel: What do you think about the whole "Twitter" phenomenon?

Tyra: I think it is fabulous. OMG, I'm trying to ask as many questions as possible on my page. I have like 3000 followers and according to Twitter,  I will have 5,000 more. People love me. People want to know what I am doing in the morning, what I do behind the scenes of my talk show and on ANTM. Social networking sites are becoming the new black now. LadyMel, you have to be a guest on my show.

LadyMel: Which one? I hope you won't torture me. *smirks*

Tyra: Haha. I think you will make a wonderful ANTM guest host. I know you love to criticize people so I think it will be a great experience. Now why would I want to torture you like that? I'm a diva. It comes with the territory. *snaps fingers, audience cheers*

LadyMel: Which furthers my point. *audience laughs*. I have seen your bitch-free moments on ANTM. It's quite entertaining actually. Let's roll some footage please.

Tyra: *two minutes later, points at camera* Girlfriend, I had to teach those girls not to take over my show. They came with attitude problems prior to the show and I had to straighten them out. If anyone wants to be an aspiring model, you can have a "positive" attitude and strong confidence, but I don't want to see the other side of that in front of my judges and fans. It makes me look bad. It makes them look bad. I always root for my girls.

LadyMel: Which brings me to my next question. Why are your season winners or even runner-ups for that matter not as famous and ubiquitous within the fashion world like Kate Moss or even yourself at the prime of your modeling career in the 1990s?

Tyra: I have no idea. *Nervous as hell* Uhm well, Eva Pigford who was the third season winner on the show is now a Covergirl spokeswoman and she was just recently on the Young and the Restless. But I generally think that supermodels are not as popular as they used to be ten or even twenty years ago. Now Hollywood actresses are taking on that role.

LadyMel: We are running out of time, are you promoting anything? Anything new?

Tyra: Well, ATNM is going to premiere its 14th season *audience cheers* Wednesday, September 30th at 8:00pm EST on the CW. Tweet me on Twitter everyone! My screename is TyraDivalicious. And I will be on America's Got Talented in the next three weeks. I will be a guest-host.

LadyMel: Thanks Tyra for coming on the show. Next, we have Gerard Butler! *audience claps, show goes off air*
Disclaimer: I am making fun of Tyra Banks. :D

I Got Goals On My Mind

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My goals this week are to:

1. Complete this internship application. I'm so excited!

2. Continue to update this blog with interesting topics.

3. Watch at least the 2nd season of the Buffy Vampire Slayer TV series. So far so good. It's been like 7-10 years since I remembered watching it on UPN and CW(formerly WB). Sarah Michelle Gellar is dynamite! I might post something about the show later in the future!

4. Download new music on my computer.

5.  Connect with old high school and college friends.

The Primadora

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Fashion is all around us. I like pictures. Vibrant ones. Vibrant ones that express my personality and temperament. You guys should see my picture collection that I have on my USB drives. It's stunningly awesome. This year, I was interested in this season's big fashion shows of New York and London. So I've decided to show some of the best clothes out there for this spring. I also threw in some random pics that I thought would complement this post. This is my fashion runway show. Enjoy!

I Found True Blood Under the Twilight Moon

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Vampires. I love them. Something about them brings the animal (Rawwr) in me, but it depends on the book and the TV series. I haven't read the Vampire Diaries but I cannot wait to watch the first episodes of the adapted CW series and see if it is worth my precious time.

As a product of the Internet generation, I have something to say about the "Twlight Phenomenon". Now, I am familiar with the books. I only read the first book (must spend some time reading the rest), yet I can tell you that I was hooked on Stephanie Meyer's hypnotic writing skills. I kept reading and reading even when I had thought I would pass out on my bed before boredom. Mind you, I was an ignorant sophomore in college. Then, I read realized before I left Smith that the book series contained allegories of sexual abstinence and heteronormality, and the plagiarizing of main themes and character developments from older vampire "young adult" book series such as True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. But that is not the point. It was an entertaining book, you see.

Then, I saw the first movie late last year and almost threw up. Bad acting, bad acting, bad acting. Someone else should have played Edward Cullen instead of the unattractive Robert Pattinson. I seriously don't know why or how little gullible middle school girls love him. I don't see the sex appeal. Kristen Stewart was pretty good but I would advise that they spend some more time in acting school or with their acting coaches. Then, I got quite frustrated with the movie reinforcing the traditional gender roles within the context of the main characters, Bella and Edward. Does Bella really need a man to save her hopeless self from the big bad vampires out there? Can't young adolescent vampires control their goddamn sexual urges? Like seriously.

Need I say more? I have not read the Sookie Stackhouse short shories but the TV series is soo good. I see why Meyers copied her plot from. I have seen the first two seasons on HBO and let me tell you. This series has some of the best acting I have ever seen. The love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric got me hooked from the start. Eric Northman is HOT! The gore, the sex, the violence, the morality intrigues me. Now, I know some of you are going to think that I am a hypocrite because I like True Blood more than Twilight and that I sound like a young female groupie myself. I may be but Twilight is geared towards a much younger audience and when I see little girls get all excited about the new movies and books, I think they should understand the whole literary process, not just the sugar coating. If there were more talented actors and that the fans were more educated, I think that I would have liked Twilight more. God, I am in a loop right now. It's a complicated issue.

 What do you guys think? Good constructive criticism ^.^

Patience is a Virtue

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President Obama and the First Lady are hosting this year's G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week. I, like millions of people, are anxiously waiting for the United States and the other industrialized nations to step it up new and effective initiatives to combat global climate change, the war on terrorism, the economic recession, and human rights. People are expressing their rights of freedom and are continuing to protest in "tea parties" and demonstrations in Washington D.C, Pittsburgh, and New York. Change will come. But it will only come when people realize that diplomacy, civil obedience, and compromise are the answer. I have never been so frustrated in my entire life. So I have made a guildline for Congress to see:

  • Get health care reform done. Democrats and Republicans argue like screaming banshees on the Congress floors. If we cant revise our health care system out of all things, then we cant change our other institutions. Its all intertwine.
  • Obama is black. Deal with it.
  • Make sure you keep EVERY American in mind when creating new bills. Don't ask for what your country can do for you, ask what you do for your country and not just for the lobbyists and your party's constituents. No wonder why this country is fucked up.
  • Imagine that you are poor with no money. Don't let your priveledged health care benefits and cultural elitism blind you from the real problems that matter.
  • You have no power, the American people do.
Congress, write this down...yes you.


Kate Gosselin
 She and her ex-husband are probably the most over-rated people in the world. But I am alone going to talk about Kate today. I congratulate her for having eight children. That is a feat in itself. I seriously would going ballistic if I had children, let allow eight young kids.
   However, why do you need to expose these kids to your millions of TLC viewers every week? We all know its for the ratings and the extra little pecks for yourself and your children. I dont want to see you on the View ever again because I hate the show and secondly, we do not want to know what goes on in your overrated life. Let your children grow up without the camera. You don't need any more exposure. I bet in the next two years, you will be a nobody. And yes, I won't watch your rumored to be talk show. You are not using our tax-paying dollars wisely. At least, you are not as crazy as Octomom but you don't need any more exposure and publicity. And I dont like your hair. You are not Victoria Beckham.


   Why do men lust her? She may be one of the most beautiful women ON the outside, but with her recent interviews and her outlandish comments about her vagina, public image, and her lack of professionalism on the set of "Transformers 2", she does not impress me. She is not a good actress, she was just a pretty face in the Transformers movies. I haven't seen her in the new Diablo Cody flick "Jennifer's Body", but judging from the trailers alone, it only futhurs my point.

     Fans and movie critics call her "the new Angelina Jolie". At least Angelina Jolie is a decent actress and an extraordinary Goodwill Ambassador and philanthropist. When I see Fox on the red carpet with diamonds and expensive dresses fashionistas would kill for, IMO she seems plastics and unreal. And this is coming from someone who worships the global celebrity phenomenon. Until I see character and goodness in her instead of using her overt sexuality in her work, I won't appreciate her movies. Megan, from girlfriend to girlfriend, if you want to become a good actress, find better scripts.

Hot Guy Crushes!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are the guys that either melt my heart and/or intrigues me in some indescribable way:

1. Gerard Butler, the one and only. Need I say more? God damn he's sooo fine and ripe for the picking. Now, I sound like a molester.

2. Hugh Jackman, if you weren't married with a wife and two children, I would totally shag you in your Wolverine costume of course. hehe ^.^

You will begin to see that I like non-American men for some reason. Go figures, moving on.

3. Robert Downey. Jr, charming, fiery yet witty at the same time. Come on, did you guys see "Iron Man"? Yummy. I bet he makes a dashing Sherlock Holmes too. But he is damn married ><.

4. Ryan Reynolds,

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! Why do you are what are you? *hearts* Funny and sexy in one body. I cant take it anymore!

Honorable Mention: Craig Ferguson

He's witty, charming in a cheeky way. Did I say he is flirty too? *sighs* I wish I were a guest on his late night show. :)

I think that is about it for me, NO WANNABE SKINNY HOLLYWOOD ACTORS allowed! I'm talking to you Shiloh LaBuff and Zac Efron.

Recessionista Gone Wild, Daily Updates!

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I, like millions of Americans nationwide, are looking for employment. As of Wednesday morning last week, I have applied to three internship, two paid, one underpaid, and I am looking into 1 to 2 more right now.

I am thinking of taking a course or two in web development/ online media at a local college just to expand my technical skills and increase my chances of getting a good job or internship.

I am waiting for the third season of "True Blood" like a crazy woman on meds. :O

Who watched the Obama interviews on Dave Letterman tonight? I hope to watch it on Youtube or Huffington Post and post something about it soon.

See you tomorrow :)

Lights. Camera. Drama

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Why I have a love/hate relationship with today's awards shows:
1. I love and in awe of the nominees'/winners' fashion choices whether it's Oscar de La Renta or a swan.
2. I hate the lack of creativity when it comes to the hosts. Nothing sounds so boring when a host cannot get my underlying attention for two hours.
3. I hate that celebrities sound better on their albums than when they perform live in front of millions of their peers.
4. I love, love the fashion. 
5. I love the little unforgivable moments that become celebrity gossip gold the next day.
What do you think? Post below! :D

Lollipops and Candy Wrappers

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Today, I feel quite happy, but what makes us happy? What is our pursuit of happiness? Is it our job, hobbies, friends, sex, your commitment to the world?

Why do people love to sugarcoat things? 

I hope through this recession, everyone especially my young college, college grad people will get to make ourselves happy. I don't want anyone not the government nor the ignorance of social injustice  to ruin my life. I am in control of my life. Everyone should be.

I'm Back and Better than Ever!

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I am back from a well-deserved vacation playing WOW (its all over for now) and job hunting online (wait I still am ><). God, four months has passed. However, I will make the commitment to writing a blog or two everyday from now on since I'm at home and unemployed at the moment. Here are the crazy things that have been bothering me in the past few weeks.

1. Kanye West is a jackass.
2. President Obama is now the man because he thinks he acted like a jackass.
3. Depression/WOW can be a hell of a drug.

4. Will people and politicans of all political associations come together and create a new health care reform bill? Talk talk talk. Yet, people die every hour around the world.

5. Job Hunting is a fun, stressful, exciting, intimidating experience. I did not get that Google position I've applied in late April yet I am hopeful things will come through for me.

6. Beyonce needs to bring her A game and create NEW videos. No more Sasha Fierce. No more backup dancer THEMED videos. Because between you and me Beyonce, Lady Gaga is getting up there and you better watch out.

7. I actually loved the VMAs last Sunday after a five year hiatus.

8. Cartoon Network is not what it used too in the late 1990s. ><

9. I have to be more realistic in an unrealistic world. Yet, I have to keep some idealism in there somehow.

I think that is all for today.. Now, I feel sooo much better :D!!