I'm Back and Better than Ever!

Posted by Lady Mel On Friday, September 18, 2009 2 comments

I am back from a well-deserved vacation playing WOW (its all over for now) and job hunting online (wait I still am ><). God, four months has passed. However, I will make the commitment to writing a blog or two everyday from now on since I'm at home and unemployed at the moment. Here are the crazy things that have been bothering me in the past few weeks.

1. Kanye West is a jackass.
2. President Obama is now the man because he thinks he acted like a jackass.
3. Depression/WOW can be a hell of a drug.

4. Will people and politicans of all political associations come together and create a new health care reform bill? Talk talk talk. Yet, people die every hour around the world.

5. Job Hunting is a fun, stressful, exciting, intimidating experience. I did not get that Google position I've applied in late April yet I am hopeful things will come through for me.

6. Beyonce needs to bring her A game and create NEW videos. No more Sasha Fierce. No more backup dancer THEMED videos. Because between you and me Beyonce, Lady Gaga is getting up there and you better watch out.

7. I actually loved the VMAs last Sunday after a five year hiatus.

8. Cartoon Network is not what it used too in the late 1990s. ><

9. I have to be more realistic in an unrealistic world. Yet, I have to keep some idealism in there somehow.

I think that is all for today.. Now, I feel sooo much better :D!!


Anonymous said...

Lol, I hear ya.
Can't help but agree with your points there.

Also: WORD about how great some TV shows in the 90s were - I've been watching old childhood cartoons and movies on youtube.

Like 'David the Gnome.' Ever watch that one as a kid? Well I didn't know he and his wife DIED at the end :( now my 5 year old self is having a conniption fit over it...LOL

LadyGaga said...

nope I haven't seen that show. lol.