I'm Taking Out the Trash, Mom!

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, September 29, 2009 3 comments

I, like many bored Americans, love me some good action-packed, tear-jerking, dramalicious (see it's a new word) reality TV shows. Some shows have intrigued us because of the way people really act in front of the camera, while others makes viewers hate the human race all together. So, I have decided to write about the worst of the worst reality TV shows out there. Some should not have been created in the first place. Why wasted my time with stupid antics, boring monologues, and the same crap every year when I could produce my own reality TV series?! So if I were a TV executive, here are the shows I would cancel this fall 2009-2010 TV season:

                                                   THE HILLS
Is this  a real reality TV show? Are they really acting? Wait, they're still on? I recently heard these girls make between $90,000-$125,000 PER episode. Seriously, I know people who have worked their entire lives to support their dreams and families and now are either unemployed or making end's meat in this recession and they don't make that much in a year. I won't consider "TV acting" a profession unless you are actually acting and entertaining the audience. Obviously, they can't. *Sighs* Lame wannabe celebrities, lame fashion line (I'm calling you out Lauren Conrad!), pitiful acting. I'm bored, moving on.

American Idol

This show has had lower ratings this season than the last several seasons. Schizo Paula Abdul is no longer a host on the show. Simon is still the same cheeky bloke. What more do the producers of this show want? I am sick and tired of people auditioning for a chance to become the next American Idol, when 99% can't sing or perform if their lives depended on it. Why waste a plane ticket to Hollywood and suffer  public humiliation when they could be doing something else in their lives? I don't want to hear the same pop music over and over again. There is no originality in music anymore. The King of Pop is dead (RIP MJ) and now music is dead. And don't let me get started with mainstream hip-hop these days. American Idol is just an overrated show, period. 


VH1 is clearly not a TV reality show. It's a popular TV channel. Yet it produces the most trashiest, the most worthless TV programming I have seen in my entire life. I could list them all, but it will take me days to do so. So I am going to list the worse ones below. Some people already know about these picks, but the majority of the American public needs to know the truth! This is not the politics of fear, this is humankind at its lowest denominator imaginable.
I Love Money
          Rock of Love: Charm School
                                            I Love New York
                                            Flavor of Love
                                    Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

See a trend? So, beware of what you watch tonight. What can you do for your country in this moment of this current TV crisis? Don't watch. That way the ratings will drop and those shows will be cancelled for good. I'm not saying that all reality shows are rubbish. One of my favorite shows on right now is Project Runway.  You, the TV consumer, have to decipher true acting talent from the talentless. The power is yours!


Mrs. M. said...

can you believe i have never seen the hills??? I think im the last person on earth that has yet to watch it. i agree 100% on Idol though. That show jumped the shark ages ago. I can't believe people still tune in.

Keith said...

I am so sick of American Idol. It has never really appealed to me that much. VH1 needs to just go away. It is such a joke.

Trooper Thorn said...

Good points. And bring back "Last Comic Standing". There was some real talent there and it was FUNNY.