Overrated Feminine Fatale Wannabe

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, September 24, 2009 0 comments


   Why do men lust her? She may be one of the most beautiful women ON the outside, but with her recent interviews and her outlandish comments about her vagina, public image, and her lack of professionalism on the set of "Transformers 2", she does not impress me. She is not a good actress, she was just a pretty face in the Transformers movies. I haven't seen her in the new Diablo Cody flick "Jennifer's Body", but judging from the trailers alone, it only futhurs my point.

     Fans and movie critics call her "the new Angelina Jolie". At least Angelina Jolie is a decent actress and an extraordinary Goodwill Ambassador and philanthropist. When I see Fox on the red carpet with diamonds and expensive dresses fashionistas would kill for, IMO she seems plastics and unreal. And this is coming from someone who worships the global celebrity phenomenon. Until I see character and goodness in her instead of using her overt sexuality in her work, I won't appreciate her movies. Megan, from girlfriend to girlfriend, if you want to become a good actress, find better scripts.