Social Media/Online Marketing: My Next Passion

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, September 30, 2009 0 comments

I am going to do something differently today. I want to spice this blog things up a bit. Sometimes, criticizing celebrities can make a mad woman go over the top. I have been thinking to do this on and off this summer: social media/online marketing. I am fascinated with social media, from the most simple application to the digital interactions I have with friends and family. It is becoming an obsession of mine.

A close associate of mine (disclosing identity) informed me that especially during this economic recession, you can't always be picky with jobs, you know. She said I should try to expand my options. I resisted at first because I can be a stubborn person sometimes once I set my mind on something. Then I  read this recent New York Post article about the rising unemployment rate for young Americans.(The article can be found here.) Young Americans are now competing with much older, more experienced candidates for job positions, so the level of competition and frustration is staggering.

So as I was heading up to bed last night, I realized that I should expand my options a little. As many of you know, I want to pursue a career in online media. I just applied to this online media internship and I am very excited! (woot me!) Yet, I am very realistic and I will be applying to more jobs/internship opportunities in the future. But online media is such a broad, vague term. I can do so much more within this field. The possibilities are endless. So, I've decided to look into online/social media marketing as another alternative to see what it is all about.

On the side note, if you want to know more about social media marketing, Shama Kabani's video blog is pretty awesome. All the tips and inside scoot on this growing industry can be found on her website here. I am a product of the Internet generation. I am in the forefront in this global movement. I believe I have the communication, writing, and innovative skills to produce a successful career in the world of online media. :)