Lights. Camera. Drama

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, September 20, 2009 1 comments

Why I have a love/hate relationship with today's awards shows:
1. I love and in awe of the nominees'/winners' fashion choices whether it's Oscar de La Renta or a swan.
2. I hate the lack of creativity when it comes to the hosts. Nothing sounds so boring when a host cannot get my underlying attention for two hours.
3. I hate that celebrities sound better on their albums than when they perform live in front of millions of their peers.
4. I love, love the fashion. 
5. I love the little unforgivable moments that become celebrity gossip gold the next day.
What do you think? Post below! :D


Anonymous said...

I never miss the Oscars!!!
Hugh Jackman- and Neil Patrick Harris for the Emmys I might add- have been excellent choices for awards show hosts as of late.

...That's taking a lot out of me to say because Jon Stewart is pretty much the love of my life. He's hosted various awards shows in his career. I taped his Oscars gigs...and even I can admit there was nothing outstanding about his performances...sigh ;P