Hot Guy Crushes!

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 1 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are the guys that either melt my heart and/or intrigues me in some indescribable way:

1. Gerard Butler, the one and only. Need I say more? God damn he's sooo fine and ripe for the picking. Now, I sound like a molester.

2. Hugh Jackman, if you weren't married with a wife and two children, I would totally shag you in your Wolverine costume of course. hehe ^.^

You will begin to see that I like non-American men for some reason. Go figures, moving on.

3. Robert Downey. Jr, charming, fiery yet witty at the same time. Come on, did you guys see "Iron Man"? Yummy. I bet he makes a dashing Sherlock Holmes too. But he is damn married ><.

4. Ryan Reynolds,

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! Why do you are what are you? *hearts* Funny and sexy in one body. I cant take it anymore!

Honorable Mention: Craig Ferguson

He's witty, charming in a cheeky way. Did I say he is flirty too? *sighs* I wish I were a guest on his late night show. :)

I think that is about it for me, NO WANNABE SKINNY HOLLYWOOD ACTORS allowed! I'm talking to you Shiloh LaBuff and Zac Efron.


Anonymous said...

Love all the guys you chose...;)
Wish I knew more about Gerard Butler though. I fell asleep while trying to sit through 300 :0