Your 2010 MTV Movie Awards Preview Guide

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, May 26, 2010 5 comments

This year's MTV Movie Awards ceremony looks quite dull. All of this summer's promising mega blockbusters will be nominated next year, so you will have to watch through an entire two-hour show with tasteless nominated movies like New Moon, Dear John, and the humorless Hangover.

But never fear! I have this whole entertainment experience in perspective. There are twelve categories this year, four in which I feel are the most important to discuss on this blog. Here are my predictions:

1. Best Movie, Avatar: The movie has made over a billion dollars in ticket and DVD sales alone. Secondly, the movie is a cultural phenomenon. I even dubbed it as the "Lady Gaga of CGI film making", yet I still have not seen it. The movie did not win Best Picture at the Oscars, so you already know that it will win for Best Movie because 1.) the fans are the ones voting this time around, not the Academy. 2.) everyone except me saw it so it will win. However, I would laugh out loud if New Moon or Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland won the highest honor of the night.

2. Global Superstar, Johnny Depp: Hands down. He is quirky and sexy. He is a method actor. He is not a douchebagging celebrity that seeks the limelight every chance he can get. He is an ubiquitous and well-respected human being. Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. You are not going to win this. End of story. And even if the Twilight fans pick Taylor or Robert, they could never stoop to Johnny Depp's level as an actor, father, and Hollywood heartthrob. I think I can rest my case.

3. Best Villain, Christophe Waltz: Landslide Victory. The man played an anti-Jewish, Nazi officer (Hans Landa) so excruciatingly well in Inglorious Bastards. The part where he chocked Diane Kruger's character to death was nefarious. Helena Bonham Carter does not even stand a chance against Waltz in this category. Sorry.

4. Best Breakthrough Star, Gabourey Sidibe. Gabby has had an amazing year. She was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, and SAG award for her poignant portrayal of Precious. She was on SNL not that long ago and although I hate the SNL writers for not coming up with better material for her on the show (well SNL blows anyway), at least the American public was exposed to her. Plus, she seems very down-to-earth and unmarked by the social and beauty pressures of Hollywood. Gabby makes me believe that you can be black, big, beautiful, and successful in a world where critics shoved needles down your throat just because you need breast implants or liposuction.

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Aziz Ansari on Sunday, June 6th at 9pm EST/8PM CST on MTV. You can vote for your favorite actor and movie until June 6th here. If 47 million people voted every week to decide the next American Idol, you can vote too.  What are your predictions and will you see it?


RAY J said...

It wouldn't surprise me if New Moon won everything though - Twilight did last year and it didn't even deserve most of them, and every fan seemed to think New Moon was better (I didn't though, I was even more bored with this one than I was the first one, and this was with a drunk hubby watching it with me giving semi-amusing commentary the whole time pissing off the middle-aged ladies sitting in front of us, lol... the only interesting part was with the Volturi at the end).

Here's my votes:

Best Kiss - don't remember who I voted for, but I'm betting it's either New Moon or The Runaways, as MTV seems to love Twilight and Girl on Girl or Guy on Guy kisses for this category.

Best Fight - Ali Larter and Beyonce. I thought this movie was gonna be terrible, but it turned out pretty good and Ali Larter plays slutty white woman so well! lol...

Best Villain - Christoph Waltz, but this is MTV so I could see it going to Helena Bonham Carter or Draco Malfoy

Best WTF Moment - I either voted for Bill Murray or Ken Jeong, but I could see it going to Isabel Lucas cuz this is MTV

Badass Star - I'd like Angelina to win, but I could see Channing Tatum or Sam Worthington or Chris Pine getting it just because MTV fangirls seem to think they're hot.

Best Scared As Sh!t Performance - it's a toss up, as I only saw 3 of the 5, but I'd like District 9 to get something!

Best Breakout Star - I voted for the guy from The Hangover, but I could see Gabourey Sidibe and Quinton Aaron being the front runners for this category

Best Female Performance - I'd like for Zoe Saldana to win, but it'll probably go to Kristen I-Act-the-same-way-in-every-movie Stewart.

Best Male Performance - I actually voted for Zac Efron in 17 Again as that was actually a really good, cute movie (it surprised me!), but it'll probably go to either of the Twilight boys or Channing Tatum.

Best Comedic Performance - Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover

Global Superstar - Uh, Johnny Depp, duh! But with 3 Twilighters in the category I could see the kiddies voting any of them!

Best Movie - Probably Avatar, although the only good thing about it was the cinematics, the plot was basically an extended Ferngully.

Lady Mel said...

"Best Villain - Christoph Waltz, but this is MTV so I could see it going to Helena Bonham Carter or Draco Malfoy."

Why is Harry Potter still be nominated? Grrrr. I want better Harry Potter movies.

I do agree with you on Twilight fans. Haha. Pissing off Middle-aged Twilight fans. What do you 40 year old women see in Robert or Taylor? Their teenage sons? I am not getting it. lmao

Zoe Saldana should win for best Female Performance. She is like the next Angelina Jolie but with better roles.... I love Angelina Jolie but she has to prove to me that "Salt" won't suck.

Are you planning on watching the awards ceremony this year? I will.

RAY J said...

Hey check out this blog post of mine - there's something for you!!!

RAY J said...

I might watch it... I'm not sure - I was so repulsed last year at how Twilight won like EVERYTHING that I think if it starts happening again I might just turn it off and watch something else, lol...

Lady Mel said...

Ty! So much! :D

I'm going to watch this year.