I apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I was celebrating my birthday with a close friend in the Big Apple! We spend several hours at David and Busters and shopping around Times Square yesterday! It was fun, but then I realized that you need $$ to buy things in NYC, which I did not have a lot of. This experience has motivated me to find a part-time, paying job!

On Tuesday, my department treated me to lunch at iHop and on Wednesday, my sister and I saw "Sex and the City 2" and "Get Him to the Greek" for my birthday. All interesting movies in their own special and unique way, but I will say is that P.Diddy in the latter movie was unfunny and condescending and Jonah Hill looks like a fat guinea pig. Overall, I celebrated my birthday went quite well and I hope to be more open-minded and fearless next year.

In other news.......

Last Sunday, I saw the 2010 MTV Movies Awards and I was quite disappointed. None of my predictions came true. The Twilight franchise took five awards: Best Kiss, Best Male Performance, Best Movie, Best Female Performance, and Global Superstar. I think I have had it with Twilight. I have seen the first two movies. There were less than average movies. The voting influence and power of teenie boopers and middle aged women these days is frightening to my ears. Twilight has made the MTV Movies Award a joke at a time when MTV has become a joke. Surprisingly, Ellipse is coming out on June 30th and I am not look forward to watching it.

I hate Twilight people.

However, I am looking forward to the third season of True Blood on HBO tomorrow night! I AM SO EXCITED and here is why:
  • John Manganiello's Alicide is one hot sex on a stick. Jacob who?
  • This season premieres four days after my birthday. Late birthday present!
  • The show is bringing "sexy werewolves back" on the show, unlike Underworld, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Alicide is probably the sexiest one of them all.
  • The growing sexual tension between Sookie and Eric. I want hot make-out scenes.
  • A possible love quadrangle between Sookie, Alicide, Bill, and Eric?
  • The actors on the show have amazing chemistry together and are trained professionals. For instance, Anna Paquin is an Academy award-winning actress, while Rutina Wesley went to Juilliard. 
  • The show is unpredictable, despite the typical love story. Remember, Maryann's dark influence over Bon Temp in season 2? She was one crazy bitch...
True Blood has it all: great actors, amazing characters, great plot developments, and it has only been two seasons so far. I just hope this season's finale was better than last season's. True Blood is on a whole another level than the Twilight franchise.

Finally, my Picture of the Week!


RAY J said...

Aww cute picture!

You read my post on the MTV Movie Awards, right? I feel the SAME way - it was soooo disappointing seeing Twilight and anyone that was involved in it take home whatever award they were nominated for even though they clearly didn't deserve it. The first movie was dumb, the 2nd was just boring and I really don't care to see the next two...

Hubby and I can't wait for True Blood tomorrow though! You read the books, right? They're sooooo much better than Twilight! I just hope they keep season 3 a little closer to the book than they did with season 2 (The Maenad storyline wasn't nearly as huge or drawn out as they turned it into).

Lady Mel said...

I haven't read the books, sadly. But I love Alicide already! ^_^

I just read your MTV Movie Awards post. I think I wont watch next year's because Ellipse will be nominated. Trust me.

The last 2-3 episodes of season 2 of True Blood were a bit of a drag but I am positive that HBO and Alan Ball will do the books some justice. ERIC! ALICIDE! Call me. ^_^

Johana Hill said...

I was watching the re-runs of True Blood but I lost interest very quickly afterward. Vampires and zombies are not appealing to me. :(

So you did have a great time for your birthday! I'm happy for you! And yes, get a paying job hun...;p

Lady Mel said...

Thanks! But Johanna how can you seriously lost interest in True Blood? Johanna, there will be more hot, attractive guys on the show this season. Be patient. :)