Top 5 Things On My Mind

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, February 1, 2009 2 comments

1. Hopefully I will watch the SuperBowl tonight and I mean the SuperBowl, I mean the Half-Time Show and the awesome commercials.

2. This weekend, I have been researching about the Yahoo and Google corporate cultures as a part of my job research project. Reading former employees' and summer interns' blogs, Yahoo and Google official corporate blogs, and articles and message boards on has been very useful, but I wish I can find more resources.

3. I am broke and I cannot wait any longer for my checks!

4. I am so excited that the campus website (The Smith Daily Jolt!) that I have helped monitor and administer the past 2 years will launch its new site this Wednesday. I cannot wait!

5.  Can mainstream media leave Jessica Simpson alone? Yes, she has gained some weight, but who the fuck cares?! If she is considered fat, then I must be a brick house. lol.


Mrs. M. said...

i am so tired of everyone talking about Jessica Simpson's weight gain. For God sake's it's headline news on Yahoo and MSN! I mean really. You don't see them calling out all the fat (really, really fat) dudes in the music industry/television/movies. It's blatant hypocrisy. Besides, you can tell she's meant to be curvy. It's just the way she's built. she looks fine in my opinion.

Lady Mel said...
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