Top 4 Things On My Mind

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, February 18, 2009 0 comments

Here is another round of My Top 4 Things at the Moment. Here we go:

1. Has anyone seen the controversial NY Post cartoon, depicting Obama's stimulus bill or Obama for that matter as a murdered monkey? Now, I am a sociology major and the first thing that crossed my mind was the apparent racist symbolism in the picture. Has anyone remember reading at college or high school about the long-held stereotype that black people are out-control, primitive monkeys? The "white" police killing a monkey? White police = dead black men? Is this a possible reminder for "certain" people to try to assasinate our first black president? Or is it just old good political satire? You make a decision.

2. I am applying to the Beckman Center for Internet and Society summer internship! I already have all my references, I only need to revise my resume and create a new cover letter. Wish me good luck!

3. HUGH JACKMAN IS HOSTING THE OSCARS THIS YEAR! I will stalk his sweet ass all night with my eyes. ^^

4. Is the Oscars this Sunday? I wonder who will win? I suppose Heath Ledger, but why? Will he win because of his "superb" acting talent in the summer blockbluster "The Dark Knight" or because he's dead? You decide. I personally think he did a decent job in the movie and that he should not get an Academy Award. Yet, Hollywood likes to be all melodramatic so I guess he will win.I might to a Oscar 2009 fashion critique thread. I am an entertainment guru so I might do it for all my viewers or the lack of them! :P

Until next time. Salut!