June Madness: Oh What A Month!

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, June 3, 2010 2 comments

Hey everyone! I know you guys missed me. I was enjoying my Memorial Day Weekend a little bit much. I won't kiss and tell. Anyway, I am here to get back to my current routine. I want to start this month with a question. June 9th is my 23rd birthday and I want to celebrate it the best I can. I want to celebrate it in NYC specially in Times Squares and I hear David and Busters is a cool place. What are your views of the David & Busters in Times Squares and do you know any other interesting things or places I can experience in Times Squares? I picked NYC because NJ is boring.

Here is this month's plan:

                                                                    June Plan 
1. Blog up to two times a week.
2. Write interesting and engaging blog posts.
3. Celebrate my 23rd birthday the best way possible.
4. Look for a paid, part-time internship.
5. Build my resume and skills with the volunteer opportunity I already have.
6. Build my French and Japanese language skills.
7. Lose between 5 to 10 pounds.
8. Study for Driver's License Test.
9. Reconnect with my college and high school friends.

Secondly, lets review with I did last month:

May Plan

1. Blog as least twice a week since I am volunteering now (First day was yesterday! ^_^.) 
2. Network and gain experience as a volunteer worker at the New Jersey Medical Center.
3. Make sure my skills are helpful and beneficial for the UMDNJ/NJMS communities.
3. Prove to Apple retail staffers/recruiters that I am their it-girl (Apple recruiting seminar/hiring event, and possible one-on one interview.) 
4. Go out and have fun!
5. Take pictures at the Bamboozle Music Festival and post them on blog.
5. Practice more French and Japanese.
6. Get something for mom's birthday (5/23) and Mother's Day.
7. Start saving money.
8. Make hard decisions on my own (BF and AR).
9. Study for Driver's License Test.
10. Lose between 5 to 10 pounds. (Less fatty foods, more fruits and vegetables and water)

What are your goals for this month?


Johana Hill said...

You gotta work on that driving license girl! It'll come handy when you get a job. ;p

You were missed! But I know you're 'taking care of business'. Wish you well hun...

Lady Mel said...

Thank you. :D

I'm back.