Five Most Sexiest Men Alive in Hollywood

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, July 8, 2010 7 comments

I am a self-proclaimed popular culture junkie. Not the most pretentious type, but I know my way around the TV or movie screen. I do not know if I adore these five hot guys for their acting chops or for who they really are. Stop it right there. I don't! muhahaha. I have posted the hottest celebrity women (not in that way!) I would go lesbian for. Now it is time to celebrate the guys I would make out in front of you butt naked.

1. Joe Manganiello
Move over Anna Paquin. You are not going to get my dark and handsome man. He is mine! I have not seen One Tree Hill, so I do not know a whole lot about this sexy beast, but when I heard that he was going to portray Alcide Herveaux in the third season of True Blood, I knew I had to watch him. He has the perfect Mediterranean physique, a sweet yet devilish smile and my hands. I want to see his naked body on a platter now. Hurry up Alan Bell! I want to see some more skin! I forgot, he is also a sweet kindred soul. Ahhhhhhh.

2. Bradley Cooper
I'll be honest. I did not like Hangover. How this humorless movie became a Golden Globe winner is beyond my comprehension of great cinematic taste. But Bradley caught my eye though. Then I saw his devilish, playboy grin and rock-hard abs in the A-Team last month, we made out in my mom's car [insert joke]. He has this boyish demeanor like Brad Pitt, but on a different level. Plus, he speaks fluent French. Bradley Cooper can seduce little old me in French and get away with it......I need a cold shower now! 

3. Alexander Skarsgard
Now hear me out. Why is Alexander of all the sexiest men in Hollywood number #3 on my list? First of all, I decided to not rate these gentlemen from least to best. So you have more of a reason to love me now. On True Blood, his character Eric Northman is basically sex on legs. I guarantee you that in this week's episode, he is going to have sex with Snookie Stackhouse after Bill dumps her on the phone. I will be turned on like the rest of Eric Northman's groupies. I love the part in the second season when he tricked Sookie into sucking the bullet wound on his chest. You saw that undeniable smirk on his face? Muy caliente. He is bad boy material personified and a handful at the least. Alex, you are bad and I approve this message.

4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Man, oh man. When I first saw him play Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy (thanks YouTube), I wanted to sleep by his hospital bed and nurse him back to health. He has fantastic charisma on and off-screen. He didn't need Abbi, he needed me! Down-to-earth and sensitive in interviews, I can still see that bad-boy twinkle in his eyes from a mile away. I guess bad, unattainable guys are pretty such my thing, eh? Denny was such a tease and sweetheart to Abbi......then he died. SCREW U Shonda Rhimes! 

5. Gerard Butler
Last but not least, Gerard Butler. You are a sex god. You know that. But you disappointed me with your womanizing and your "grabbing Jennifer Aniston's ass" antics. You were on top (oh my ^-^) last year. But you failed miserably with your last string of movies, including Bounty Hunter. Yet, you are an amazing kisser, a sweetheart, a bad boy with that deep Scottish brouge (or what is left of it lol), and a mysterious, good-looking kindred soul that projects his womanizing persona when he only wants a little attention from the opposite sex. Gerard, if you needed attention, you could have asked me. *Sighs*......

So here are my picks for the sexiest male actors right now. With new movies, new love interests, and new career changes, these men will more than likely not make it on my list next year or for years to come. Only time will tell. So what do you think? Do you have any one else in mind that should be on this list? I wanna hear it! Comment below.


Mango said...

agree with all minus the last... he makes me nauseous, or maybe just the thought of his movie with Jennifer Aniston. ew ew ew

Lady Mel said...

@Mango The movie was terribly. I thought he could save it but he did not. But he is just..... ahhhh :) ^.^

Lady Mel said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jensen Ackles should be in your list!!!

john said...


Anonymous said...

What about Channing Tatum