Hi everyone! I know you all missed me.

Ok, so everyone has been buzzing about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg's 100 million donation to the City of Newark. If you have not noticed, I currently live in Newark. I was born and raise in Newark and I am very excited that there are billionaire entrepreneurs out there that are willing to donate their money to the less fortunate. Perhaps Zuckerburg can integrate his social media interface into getting these students to learn and think big. Newark public schools need it, especially in this recession. 

However, I fear that Mayor Cory Booker and his administration are going to mishandle that money and use it for their own purposes. So Mark Zuckerberg, if you are out there, make damn sure you have a thorough business plan to implement that money into the Newark public school system the right way. Newark is known for its political corruption. Newark is possibly the only city in the state of New Jersey that does not have a mall. Malls create jobs. They may not create high paying jobs, but given that 43.6 million are living below the poverty line in this country alone, something is better than nothing, and I think even with the new Prudential Arena, more needs to be done. We have the land, we just have stubborn, greedy individuals in power that have used the politics of fear to blind the public of reality for the last forty years. I do not understand why Oprah Winfrey does not see the truth either.  

Onto other news, I finally got an interview with Apple Retail. Saturday morning! 10:00am. Upper West Side store! Very excited. I have come a long way to not be nervous. I know what I have to do. Wish me good luck and everyone have a lovely weekend! 

Oooo I forgot, this is the picture of the week. I am a fallen soul, an awesome soul, full of passion and dreams.

What do you think about this Facebook announcement? What do you know about Newark politics? What will you do this weekend?


RAY J said...

Ooh good luck!!!

Melissa said...

I'm from NJ too and I think Cory Booker's been making a lot of changes for the better up in Newark. But do you live in Newark? I'm curious to hear what people really think of him -- I'm closer to Philly and more involved in South Jersey politics.

Also, good luck on your interview!!!

Lady Mel said...

@Ray J Thank you! I'm preparing as we speak. ^.^

@Melissa- Born and raise in Newark, living with parents atm ;S due to the economy. In Newark, people are unemployed, Mayor Booker and his administration laid off people from the Newark Housing Authority. He tried to sell the city's water to wealthy companies outside the jurisdiction of the city. The list goes on and on. My parents are not too fond of him. They are like secret Russian spies. They know everything because they have been in Newark for the past thirty years.

But he is not the only mayor in water around here. The previous Mayor had issues too, thats why he just got out of jail.

Anonymous said...

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