Five Female Celebs I Would Go Lesbo For

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, April 7, 2010 8 comments

First of all, I am not a lesbian. But I do have five girlie crushes and I am not afraid to kiss and tell. Some have the whole package: brains, beauty, and brawn, while others I am not too fond of, but I cannot resist their mysterious charms. Here are the five female actresses that sold my heart.

1. Christina Hendricks
Ever since I saw her as the sultry Saffron in the sci-fi cult TV show Firefly, I knew that she was special. Then I saw her in some Mad Men episodes and I fell in love with her femme fatale demeanor and underrated power as the head female secretary in a 1950's pre-feminist America. What I envy the most out of her? Her curvaceous body! I want my body to look like hers someday. I might have to lay low on the fatty foods and exercise once in a while, but that will not happen any time soon. Plus, we have the same first name! :)

2. Angelina Jolie
Lets deal with the facts. Every man and women wants to have sex with her. She is undoubtedly beautiful and well known by some as the Queen of the Tabloids and the woman who took away Brad Pitt from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in late 2004. What I truly admire about this woman is that she is the complete package. She can wield several weapons at once, fight the world of modern slavery, poverty, and violence as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, and still have time to nurse her growing football team. Who can juggle all those life commitments and still have time to film a movie in Venice with Johnny Depp? Duh, no one.

3. Charlize Theron
If I were an actress making it in Hollywood, I would want to be as confident and sexy like Charlize Theron. She is one of those actresses that enjoys taking fashion and acting risks to prove that she is a worthy human being and Hollywood icon. Theron can wear the most horrendous outfit to the Oscars and manages somehow to creep onto the Best Dressed List. She is a natural beautiful actress and one of the few female celebs that has not gone under the knife to say thin and relevant, thank God! 

4. Jane Lynch
I am now a certified Glee fan and I could not have been one without Jane Lynch's character Sue Sylvester in the award-winning TV musical. I personally do not know if I love Jane Lynch or her character more.Sue Sylvester is literally Chuck Norris trapped inside a woman's body and is relaunching his TV career on a hit TV show. She has the best one-liners on the show and possesses this "devil may care, I do not give a fuck what you say, I am still an elite,  feminist beast" attitude. And she's a cougar too! I'll have what she's having! :D

5. Megan Fox
Some people are going to say, "Christina, are you fucking serious?" How can you possibly have Megan Fox on your list?" Hear me out. Last September, I wrote that Megan Fox was just a wannabe, tasteless actress with only good genetics. I made that comment before I watched Jennifer's Body. I still feel that way, but since that day, she has grown a little on me. She will never be a talented actress until she can willingly shred that bad girl, femme fetal image of hers and find scripts worth meaningful and transformative for her career path. After viewing the movie three weeks ago, Megan Fox has put a magic spell on me. I cannot explain it, but what I do know is that she has this magnetic aura that even the haters behind closed doors cannot ignore.

So there you have it. What female or male celebs would you go lesbo or gay for? Do not be afraid. It is 2010 after all. *sarcasm*


Johana Hill said...

The only one I'd ever contemplating doing is Charlize Theron!

To me, the others ain't all that! ;p

Kara said...

I'd agree with Christina Hendricks, definitely. And yes, I'm totally with you on the YoSaffBrig thing from Firefly!

Lady Mel said...

Haha, I see the slight differences we have in tastes. With Charlize and Jane, it's more of appreciating their acting personas than going lesbo on them. But if the moment was right, I would probably hit that. (If I was a lesbian lmao).

Sounds complicated? lol.

Anonymous said...

I have to negate your statement that everyone wants to do Angelina Jolie. I actually don't find her all that attractive. She kind of looks like an alien. Also, I like when someone's sex appeal is simmering just below the surface and more reserved, not flooding out their pores like her. I'm mean, she's not ugly by any means, but she's definitely not the cream of the crop, to me, anyway.

But I would totally do Megan Fox. That chick is hot.

Lady Mel said...

Lilly, I guess you are right about Angelina Jolie.

With Megan Fox, it's love/hate relationship for me. lmao.

Adgirl said...

Wow what a pair of boobs! I'm not a lesbian but I can appreciate a great pair!

Im still upset with Angelina fro stealing another woman's husband. Charlize is pretty amazing. Ok I'll add her to my list. Megan Fox - too obvious.

Anonymous said...

If you like the character Lynch plays on Glee, then you're in luck. She has been in a handful of films over the past few years and she plays the exact same character in every one of them.

Megan Fox was cuter before her plastic surgery, imo. Might I suggest, Olivia Munn?

Lady Mel said...

@Adgirl hehe.

@Anoymous Oh really? Watching Glee was my first time seeing her on TV period.