Tech Diva: The First 5 Things I Would Do With an iPad

Posted by Lady Mel On Sunday, April 18, 2010 0 comments

As you may not know, you have to shell out a load of cash to get an iPad or any of Apple's amazing products. I also know that us poor folks can only dream of getting our hands on one....maybe two to three years down the road... but as least we get one, right?! Now, if an iPad magically arrived at my doorstep this morning, here are the five things I would instantly do on my iPad:

1. Play World of Warcraft. I would intently use the iPad's touch-screen keyboard to miraculously keybind all my toons's spells and special attacks, so I can finally raid Icecrown Citadel and kill the Lich King. I do not care if it is not humanly possible yet, I want a freaking iPad!

2. Watch my favorite shows and movies during my spare time. What is more relaxing than to watch the Legend of the Seekers or Glee with the touch of my index finger? The pixels of each screenshot emits so much holy light, that I would feel like I was witnessing IMAX resolution without playing the extra $20.00.

3. Create posts and articles for my blog and connect with friends on social media. I would tell my blog followers that I blogged my new posts using the iPad, then continue to brag that I was chosen to be given a gift from the Greek gods of Mount Olympics. Bragging rights is equivalent to street credibility in the tech world. To be the cool cat with an iPad among millions of Twitterers will only get you so far. That is why you must bring along your iPad everywhere you go to draw out every hobo, hipster, and other non-existent person from hiding out in the darkness.

4. View my favorite magazines in HTML5 Format. Since, the iPad does not support Flash (I still am confused with the whole Adobe v. Apple ordeal), I could read Wired, Wall Street Journal, and other magazines and newspapers in the new HTML5 language. I want to experience what it is like to virtually "flip" over amazing, glossy photographs without the hussle of accumulating paper and garbage overtime.

5. Try out the iPad applications. Buying an Apple product is a blessing in disguise. Buying and testing out the thousands of iPhone, iPod, or iPad applications is an even greater privilege (if you have the $$$). Since, I do not possess an iPhone, I am missing out on the cool iPhone applications everyone has been taking about. With that, I would ask my Twitter friends for possible recommendations and research on my own to figure out which iPad applications are the best and coolest around.

What five things you would do first if you had a iPad?