Dial 911, The Final Season of 'The Boondocks' is Here!

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 4 comments

Before I talk about my main topic, I would like to promote a good online friend of mine, Ron Calonje. He helped me promote my Alice in Twitterland article for the 2010 Talent Buzz Contest and I want to turn the favor by promoting his two Oakland rock bands, Dial 911 and Shinoco. If you are into indie rock and alternative rock music, these are bands for you. Sign up on those websites, listen to the songs, and help spread the word!

Anyway, let's get back to the program.

I am very excited for two particular TV shows this summer. The first one that I will discuss first is Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks. Many people do not like the show because of its excessive use of the n-word, violence, and its stereotypical portrayal of African-American urban culture. But if you were smart enough, you can pass the superficial imagery and get the real messages McGruder tries to convey in his show such as race, racism, and political/social satire. I personally take some meaningful philosophies from the cartoon, although I sometimes do not agree with him. Everyone has their own opinion about race, including myself.

On one hand, May 2th starts the end of the controversial cartoon series. On the other hand, I am particularly enthusiastic for this season because the last season aired before the 2008 U.S presidential elections, so I want to see how McGruder fits President Obama's controversial win into the discourse. Uncle Ruckus, the self-hating "black" male character on the TV series hates "black people" period, so it would be amazing to hear what he has to say about electing our first "black" president.

I also want to learn what McGruder thinks of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, the health care and financial reform debates, Wall Street's involvement with the economic recession, the GOP, and the Tea Party movement. I know he will address and attack some of these issues creatively and constructively. So, if you love political engagement, amazing martial-arts fights, Japanese anime, and leetness, watch the final season starting May 2, 2010 at 11:30pm on Cartoon Network. The trailer itself is so mind-bottling that McGruder will leave TV programming with a bang!


Johana Hill said...

Never watched The Boondocks but I'll tune in on May 2nd! ;p

Lady Mel said...

It's really good. Try watching the first two seasons first to get a taste of the show on your own. :)

RAY J said...

My husband and I LOVE The Boondocks - we always stop and watch when we notice it's on and even put the first 2 seasons on our wedding registry too (no one bought em though).

One of my favorites is the one where they go to the movie theater - I was still working at the theater at the time and OMG, one of my co-workers was talking about it so a bunch of us went and found it online and watched it and we were all cracking up and referencing just how good a portrayal of it it was with the people sneaking in and all that - hilarious!

Lady Mel said...

@Ray J- Yup, I remember that episode. Probably one of my favorite episodes was when Martin Luther King Jr. came back from the dead and told off those young people at the church. There was so much truth on his words. Not only people of color but everyone has to wake up and do something with their lives. It's 2010. Be industrious. Make things happens. Don't wait, execute.