More Goals on My Mind

Posted by Lady Mel On Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7 comments

I have many things that I want to do to improve my life. I have tried the goal planning before and I do not usually make monthly goal plans because life is very unpredictable. But I will make a bigger effort to make a monthly plan every month to help accomplish my goals and priorities. By the end of the month, I will cross out the goals I have completed. Here is what I aim to do for the rest of this month:

April Plan
  1. Make sure I schedule and prepare for my BuzzFeed interview! (Yes, I got an email. Yay for me! ^_^)
  2. Blog at least three times a week (4.18.10) and write as concisely as possible. Make sure to create a sense of community and answer comments.
  3. Buy a camera so that I can take pictures of the Bamboozie Festival/concert on May 1st. (Finally getting out the house!)
  4. Watch the entire third season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer on 
  5. Study for the written portion of the Driver's License test. I want to get my permit by the end of the summer.
  6. Practice speaking and reviewing vocabulary and linguistics of the foreign languages that I have started learning in my lifetime: Spanish, French, and Japanese. I will start the reviewing process for 15-30 minutes a day. If it does not work, then 10 minutes each day or every other day. I do not want to feel like I am back at college or high-school. No more homework! I will start with French and Japanese first for now. I want to be fluent in these languages.
What are your goals for this month? Do you set goals or do not believe in goal planning? Also, does anyone know where I should put an Adsense Ad on top of my home page? Thanks.


Andhari said...

Hey.. an interview!!! Good for you. Good luck :)

I would so love it if you start blogging 3 times a always have interesting stuff to say.

Johana Hill said...

Good luck! I don't usually plan ahead. I live day by day. But it's good to be organized! ;p

Lady Mel said...

@ Andhari. Yup, it is this Friday at 1:00pm. Wish me luck! :)

@Johana Organization is good, but people have their own ways of blogging and living.

Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh, wow, I love your list!

First, congrats for the e-mail! Second, I've never really watched Buffy, but the show does look good and Hulu is AWESOME!!!

Good luck on your permit! I can't drive yet, but I'm excited to learn.

And finally, Japanese is an awesome language. I only know a few words, but my wife and I plan on studying and learning more of the language. ^_^!!!

And french is beautiful!

Also, I definitely believe in setting goals. I find they help, as long as you don't drive yourself nuts trying to accomplish them!

Lady Mel said...

@Lariats and Lavender- Thanks! I wanted to keep the list short, simple, and stupid .

Hulu is awesome, but I heard earlier this year that it might start charging people a fee for viewing its shows. I certainly do not want that to happen.

Japanese and French are awesome languages. I took a beginner's Japanese book for like 2 mins one time and was reading it like I was back in college. I'm a Gemini and love to try new things. But now is the time to make commitments. :)

Thanks! ^_^

Lariats and Lavender said...

I'm a Leo! So I'm passionate. I consider myself a hobbyist, I start hobbies and go all out!

I love astrology... Astrology FTW!

Lady Mel said...

@Lariat Astrology ftw. It's almost an obsession sometimes.