The White Knight (A Poem By Christina B.)

Posted by Lady Mel On Tuesday, April 13, 2010 2 comments

Daughters of Mortals
Go Astray
Am I supposed to look the other way?

Sons of Gods
Go Unharmed
Should I pick up my feet and run along?

The White Knight
With her mighty sword
Pierces the heart of the Jaberwocky
The Red Queen, imprisoned for her intolerance,
Quite unfair and inhumane from the Parliament
But through the Looking Glass
Rules are left broken, bewildering
Our expectations of the human mind.

Children of Men
Are Left Betrayed
Must Pass Through the Looking Glass for a brighter day. 

Alice in Wonderland
Is an Example of True Triumph
All must obey the New Queen,
The Gift of the Lions.

I may be a blogger and college graduate, but I am a writer at heart. What do you like or dislike about my poem? What is your interpretation? 


Johana Hill said...

I truly think that this poem is brilliant! You should write poems more often!

"But through the Looking Glass
Rules are left broken, bewildering
Our expectations of the human mind."

Love this snippet here...;p

Lady Mel said...

hehe thanks. It's been a long time. I used to write more frequently as a child and high school kid.

I wrote the most of it within 15-20 minutes. Just random ideas or w.e. Glad you like it. :)