Weekly Recap: Your Voice Counts

Posted by Lady Mel On Saturday, April 10, 2010 2 comments

Wow. A lot has happened this week:

Shoutouts: I want to thank my new followers, Johana, Stacy, Cynthia and Randomista, and to everyone else that has read my blog and posted comments. I greatly appreciated it and keep them coming!

Facebook Page: I just launched this blog's Facebook page. Check it out! :) I want to make it as low-key as possible.

Blog Work: I think I have produced some of my best ideas this week. With my new blog layout, my new blogging resolution, and followers, I think I can conquer the world right now.

Job Hunting: This week, I was lucky enough to apply to two great internships I found on ed2010.com and craiglist.org. The first one is the NYMag.com summer online editorial internship and the other is the BuzzFeed.com summer editorial internship. It would be nice to hear from both companies soon. I submitted some of my innovative blog posts as clips. It would be a dream to work for either organization. They certainly need my talents! Wish me good luck on those opportunities.

What Do You Want to Read?: I am giving you the opportunity to choose which topics that I should write more about for next week. Do you want to read more posts that are geared towards celebrity gossip, music, TV, and movies or towards technology? Want to guest post on my blog? If you are not sure, browse through  my old posts and then comment on this blog post your ideas. I truly want to hear with what you have to say. I am always up for new challenges. I will take your ideas and try to balance them out with my own blog ideas. This would be a learning experience worth wild! So comment below and tell me what you think!

Other than that, have a wonderful spring weekend!


Johana Hill said...

It's my pleasure! Besides, you write beautifully. I'd like to read more about technology but writing about anything is good for me. You're a talented writer. And I like the confidence you have in yourself. Wish you all the best! ;p

Lady Mel said...

The self-confidence is getting there. :) It takes hard work.

More techie stuff will be put on my list. I think it will be good to learn more about that field because I am in interested in a future career in online media in the first place so learning more is a gift.

Thank you for the best wishes! :)