White House Party Crashers Exposed

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, December 3, 2009 0 comments

Lady Mel, the educated woman and socialite that she is, sips her caramel, green tea as she reads the NYTimes newspaper inside her French chateau. Bored and inspired by the White House Intruders Want Money for Tale article in the November 28th issue, she initally decides to invite the semi-famous wannabe couple to her late night talk TV show to try to get the "real" juicy details. But she catches herself and decides that it would even be more humiliating if she wrote a song about them. Several hours later at a friend's studio, she recorded and written a tune on her acoustic guitar that went something like this:

(Guitar starts playing)
Someday, I will remember
What I was fighting for.
But nothing like this shit.
(Screaming) No, no, no!
Nothing like this.
 Nothing like this shittttt.
(Guitar playing faster)
I've seen The Wedding Crashers so many times.
Hilarious movie.
But don't act like Vince Vaughn and Olsen Wilson in realllll lifeeeee.
(Long pause, guitar plays slowly)
Two dumb ass fools.
Media hoards nonetheless,
Ended up in the White House.
Yes the White House.
Wearing their Tuesday best.
Outsmarted the Secret Service
Yes, the freaking Secret Service man! (Screaming)
Dude, where is my national security?
(Deep voice) It's gone out the windowwwww.
Like the rest of this country.
(Guitar plays faster)

So what, they did not do anything.
They just took pictures with the Washington elite,
And shook hands with President Obama.
They crashed the White House, no small feat.

Well they ruffled some feathers.
Creating all this unnecessary drama.
Exposed our lack of national intelligence
They are in deep shit now.
What if they planned to kill the president?
They were just inches away,
Oh wait, the critics did not think about that
Let these media hoards payyyyyyyyyyyyy. (Guitar rift ends)