Comedy 101: Alphacat Keeps It Real

Posted by Lady Mel On Thursday, December 10, 2009 2 comments

For all of you absentminded people out there who do not get what is happening to this country right now Alphacat, probably known as the best Obama impersonator ever, recently uploaded another of his creative political parodies.

The comedian and YouTube sensation may be a bit biased towards Fox News, but if you could use just leave your biased views out the window (I know it is hard) and take about fifteen minutes of your time to watch the full video, you might be entertained whatever your views are on the political spectrum. So sit back and relax and take this Thriller/President Obama parody for that it really is, comedic gold! Watch it here!


Kittie Howard said...

If the damage Fox News did weren't so serious the organization would be a joke. I have neighbors addicted to their non-stop negativity, this constant harping on Obama...where was Fox News when Bush got us into this mess?? Saying that Bush was totally Great, that's where! Anyway, this is the first time in ages I've been able to pull up your blog...I kept getting a Blogger page that said they couldn't locate your blog...if you don't see future comments from me, the problem's returned...Geek Squad, who set this up, said it had nothing to do with my computer...that it was a Blogger issue...I was in Best Buy and asked them...Merry Christmas!

LadyGaga said...


To try your concern, I recently changed my blog's domain to Maybe that is why you could not locate my blog on the Internet. Secondly, if you want to email me, please just copy and paste my email address and send a message on your AOL, GMail, Yahoo, or w.e account. Outlook is a very trivial program these days. I hate it actually. lmao.